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best controller settings warzone 2

Welcome back today! We're going to be jumping into my best controller settings here for War Zone 2. I personally play with a Scuff controller here on PC, but these settings will be entirely good for everybody that uses the controller. So, of course, my target input device is going to be the controller.

Obviously, my button layout here is just going to be kind of the default Warzone button layout. I haven't changed anything to alter it; I don't believe that is necessary. After that, you know, I don't have the bumper ping on my stick layout, which is on default, and my controller vibration is on.

I've had it on literally since I've been playing Call of Duty, so for me, it just kind of feels like it's just natural for it to be there. Effect: This is something you should 100 percent have. You do not want any of that haptic feedback; you don't want any pressure or any sort of resistance when you're trying to pull on those triggers.

That does not need to be a thing, especially on Call of Duty. Maybe some single-player story mode games would be good, but not for this. A lot of pro players tend to play on something that is kind of lower, like maybe a four to a six somewhere in there, and they have some of the best accuracy. In the entire game.

best settings warzone 2

I believe a six gives me the perfect amount of ability to turn and flick around on people, as well as not having me overcorrect and kind of go way off because if your accuracy is not going to be on point, you're going to be kind of missing shots left and right, especially with the re-quel being as low as it is with some of these builds.

I would highly suggest you lower your sensitivity, and that does lead me to my next thing here, which is going to be the sensitivity multiplier, which mine is 0.8, so when it's at 1.0 when you're aiming in, that means you get a hundred percent of your, you know, six sensitivity. For instance. I lowered it so that I get, you know, 0.8 of that six-six sensitivity right there, and that allows me to even when I'm trying to snap onto somebody, it slows me down even a little bit more, making it so that there is less of a possibility for me to overcorrect, overshoot, or miss something.

best warzone 2 controller settings

I don't believe it is necessary to alter that in my vertical amaxes. I mean, since some of you guys are going to be asking me, it's going to be standard. There's no reason to change that, either. Now my aim-down-sight behavior is going to correspond to that. That's where it shouldn't naturally be.

I changed Zoom's shared input. This is just, you know. Sprint tax print Focus. Automatic Sprint: This is on automatic; tactical sprint: This is a huge thing, so we have it off automatic. Sprint and automatic tax Sprint means that by holding forward on my stick. Just keep in mind, though, that if you are trying to use a shotgun, this will probably be a little bit cumbersome because you're going to want to sprint, and with shotguns, you're mainly hip firing, and that doesn't work too well.

best warzone 2 settings

Your equipment behavior is going to be on hold; your weaponound activation ads plus melee I'll just leave it at that. Reload, behavior: what you want to have this on is prioritize and interact, so if you're playing something like multiplayer, tapping to reload is going to be the way to go. You always want to be able to have that on, but pretty much for war, you want to be able to prioritize and interact.

AKA, so that when there's something on the ground you're running by, you can just, you know, tap square if you're on PlayStation or, I believe, X if you're on Xbox. I believe on Xbox. Just to, you know, get all those plates back in. I'm now moving over here to the advanced category, and I also want you guys to keep in mind that I'll have a couple other settings here at the end that aren't necessarily controller-related but are still super incredibly beneficial to have, so I'll show you guys that later, but the advanced category here at Target aim assist is, of course aim assist type is Black Ops.

Black Ops is definitely the way I'd recommend going if you guys are going to consider changing it from either default to Black Ops. Do not really mess with precision or focusing; those are the two things you really don't want to mess with. Ops tends to be the best, most consistent, and sometimes stickiest aim assist, which is kind of ridiculous.

best warzone 2 settings controller

I mean, well, it's been Call of Duty for a long time; they kind of alter it just ever so slightly, but the linearity here is like, literally, no matter what you're doing, the input on your stick is going to be the same as it is in game, so if you're trying to build that muscle memory or something like that, this will be a pretty solid one for you, but I personally roll Dynamic, and I'll explain this here why.

So what it actually says here is the reverse s-curve mapping for fine and rate control, so what this means is that when they're in the graph, there's going to be an S curve on your stick input, so little movements are going to actually have a really fast movement acceleration. So that means that even if I have a six-six sensitivity, it's not like I have to really yank my stick over as I would on linear; I can just minorly hit it, and that means that I will actually move significantly more, which can be really beneficial.


I'd say it allows you to make those snappy, flicky plays, obviously. Will probably be the best aim-response curve type you can use: linear, Is not bad by any means, but dynamic is definitely the way to go if you want to be the best Call of Duty player possible. My ad sensitivity multiplier here is going to be 1.0, and then my ads tend to have transition timing on instant; you always want it on instant.

The more snappy you can be in this game, the better. Custom sensitive presume is just on op I don't believe you need a custom sensitivity; per Zoom, you guys can alter it if you really want to. I just leave it on because I want the same universal, aim assist, or aim sensitivity pretty much per Zoom.


I don't really care, and I also don't really use a lot of those optics; I rarely snipe, so it's not really going to be that beneficial to me, but some of you guys can, and I guess you can match that if you really want to. I leave it off my input. I sometimes have that issue with my controller, but I can then use my mouse to do those fine tunings and kind of take my controller out of the equation.

The default is 0.15. I moved all the way down to 0.5, especially. After playing extra fine. I felt how slow and sluggish it was and how much of a kind of, you know, dead zone I had, and I kind of gradually moved it down, and the more I move it down, the more obviously you're going to react quicker, and I'd recommend for you guys to do that and to try to get used to it if it's not a point 15 slowly, move it down to like, you know, a 0.10.

Today I go over my best controller settings for warzone 2, these warzone 2 controller settings will help you improve greatly and drop more kills per game.
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