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Contracts are a big part of the game, and reading the comments on my YouTube articles, I realized this. A lot of us, maybe most of us, have never played War Zone before on PC or consoles. Most of us come from other mobile games, and it's our first experience with War Zone, so it's important to know what they do, how they work, and all that.

So today we're going to cover everything from start to finish. You can download the game for free. So let's jump into it. What are all the different contracts, and how do you complete them? Also, I'll go in order, from my favorite ones to my least favorites, from the easiest to the hardest at the same time.

First of all, as soon as you start a game and then you exit the cargo ship, you're going to have your mini map and all your green icons you see there; they're the contracts available on the map. Now you see a lot of these because it was a plunder game, but in normal V, maybe they have fewer or you have fewer opportunities.

But this is the first one I got, and they have different icons. You have this little flag there. This is the review. The contract is my favorite one. I think it's the easiest one, and it's super fast to complete. To start a contract, you have to find it so you can mark it on your mini map and then run it.


It's going to tell you the distance, and when you have it, it's going to be on the ground, and you will have the logo of the contract on the tablet. Now, when you click on it, it's going to start the contract. It says the contract started, and you get XP. Just for starting the contract, even if you don't finish it when you start a Recon contract.

All the other contracts become gray, and there'll be one green icon on your map; it's where you have to go next to finish the Recon contract, usually. The reason I like these contracts is that they're not very far, and you have time again, like they're going to show the time on the top; it says 3 minutes and 30 something, so I think you have 4 minutes to finish.

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Usually, it's less than 500 m to the objective. Now, when you get to the objective, there's going to be like a base there, like a satellite, With a crate and a laptop, all you have to do is stay nearby—really close. If you go too far, you're going to see the blue bar; it's going to disappear. And when you go all the way, it says Recon complete, and you get cash and event points for completing the contract.

And you get XP, as well as player XP and all the things that go with that, so yeah. Recon is super easy and super fast, and then you cannot start two contracts at the same time, so when you start a contract, you have to finish the next one. scavenger, My second favorite is because of two reasons: first, it's fast, and second, it's easy.

Usually, you don't have to go very far for those three reasons. But why is it not my favorite? Because sometimes you have to look for it. Basically, how it works is that when you start the contract, you have to go to the next crate, and the next crate and the next crate will spawn supply boxes, and you have to go open them.

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This is the contract again. To start a contract, you have to just click on it. In the scavenger, it says locate supply boxes, and you're going to see them in the top five minutes, and you have to locate three supply boxes in order for them to appear in your mini map to get Go to the next one now and check what it does with the time.

When you locate one, you have to click it, and this is where they got the scavenger logo on them. When you click it, you're going to see the time update back to 5 minutes, so you have another 5 minutes to go to the next supply box. When you get to the second box, it's going to do exactly the same as when you click on it.

It's going to say next crate located, you get another 5 minutes, and it says two out of three on top also now. Just find the last crate, and it's going to complete the contract again. You get all the stuff in cash. XP event point, Usually, and all that now, the next two are kind of similar; they are Bounty and Most Wanted.

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So they're like the opposite of each other, Bounty. Are you going to mark a target on your mini map? Is it going to have a green circle with a target on it? You see that green circle on your mini map, so this is an opponent nearby that you have to chase and kill, and you have a time limit, so if you are able to find and kill your target before the time expires, it's 3 minutes here.

Well, once you complete the contract, you get the XP event points, cash, and all that. If the target evades, he will get the contract completed after 3 minutes if he's still alive. Now you don't have to kill it yourself if one of your teammates kills the target. is going to complete the contract, and you will see that's going to happen right now.

One of my teammates killed the target, and it's over now. Most Wanted is the other way around; you see that red crown, so if I take a Most Wanted, the whole map will see a red crown, and they're going to try to chase me. The reason I don't like these two that much is that they're a bit long, sometimes 3 minutes, and it depends on your gun skills but also the game mode, so they both have pros and cons.

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If you take these targets in solos, when you're going to try to find your bounty, you're one. That's good if you're confident in your gun skills, but if you lose well, it's maybe game over for you if you play squads. Well, you might respawn more often, but you might find yourself in a 1 vs. 2 vs 3 situation so that's the problem with the most wanted and the bounty.

Is the risk going to end your game, or are you going to find yourself failing the contracts more often? Some guys like to grab cars for Most Wanted. You just grab the contract and run around the map in a car for 3 minutes again. 3 minutes for me is too long. I think you should do the shorter ones.

Recon is the fastest scavenger is good unless you have to, spend a lot of time looking for the crate sometimes they're on like big buildings and all that, so yeah, my favorite two, my least favorite two now the last one, is the supply run. The supply run icon is a little stopwatch. Is that how you call it, and when you start the contract, you have I think it's 2 minutes and something like just over 2 minutes to complete, so these are pretty easy to fail.

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Because usually it's a pretty big distance you have to cover, like it's easy itself; you just have to go from one place to another, but you're short on time, and usually it's pretty far, 500+ meters. You kind of need a car guy for that contract if you want to succeed often. You're going to have to grab a vehicle first, then go start the contract, and then rush to the next spot because, again, 2 minutes to cover 500 m is pretty short, especially if you have to go around stuff.

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