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I completed the day-long R individual rewards operation. Day R has been here for a couple days now, and the top reward is the ghost bloody. Reaper is all right, and I know the first article I made when I saw the event requirements. After understanding the game a little bit more, I decided to make this article 100% open and transparent with you guys.

I will show you my stats, and I want you guys to know exactly what you're getting into, how much time you can expect to spend in the game if you want to unlock that skin, and how long it took me. Couple different ways you can go, so let's go with the stats first, and I'll show you my combat record with the BR.

I spent 16 hours in BR since the game launched, so remember that the event started on the 22nd, but the game launched on the 21st. So I did play before the event. I did stream for about 3 hours, or something like that—maybe 3 hours and a half or maybe two hours and a half—but I did stream on the first day.

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I played a little bit of multiplayer, and I also played off-stream for about 4 hours, so you could say I spent 20 hours on the game total, and probably out of these 20 hours, probably 17 hours were on the event. It is what it is—17 hours or something to unlock the Ghost Skin. It could be less for you guys if you're better, because honestly, I'm not super good at the game, but I always find some ways to get what I want.

Right now, how did I manage to get 300,000 points that fast? I got like 120K. You might want to check out how I did, but I was playing alone pretty much for the day, and I got 120k alone, so first things first, I recommend going for the boost early. You still have 7 days to do that, so if you want to try to schedule your time and go for the skin.

What I would do first is go for these boosts, especially For the contract boost. I would say farm boosts until you get the big 50% ones for contracts. Once you get these, just farm contracts like I did today on stream to farm these boosts. I recommend doing research and just focusing on opening all the supply boxes.

Go into all the buildings right at the start and open boxes. If you die, go to other buildings and open boxes. Just focus on opening boxes. Don't worry about the kills. Don't worry about anything else, and when you open these boxes, you might get some boost cards. Go for them until you have the big ones.

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Solo, and that was my strategy all day. It's right at the start to go for a contract; the easy ones are recon and scavenger. I usually go for a recon, and I will go right at the start and not worry about anything else, straight to the contract, even with a pistol, and nothing else I would go for the contract.

If you die, you die fast, and you can start another game if you get the contract; it's like 2K points, then open some crates and go for a second contract. If you can get a second contract, that's awesome. And then, if you die and there's not a lot of contracts left, just lose your goag and start another game for real guys.

There's absolutely no point going for wins or kills because you might not even get that many, and it's a lot of time you waste that you're not gaining event points. Once again, that's why I'm open with you guys. I only have five wins in 16 hours because I absolutely don't care about wins. If you watched my stream today for five hours, I lost a lot of gags.

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I was just giving it up to start another game faster. And yeah, I really don't want to camp for five minutes at the end to try to win. If it's just going to give me one more kill, there's no point, so usually when I respawn, if I knew there weren't a lot of contracts left. I would just go aggressive and try to get either a kill or die, and then you start again.

Now, doing that, I would average, like, 20 plus 5,000 points per hour. Like I said today, 5 hours, 12K, so it's more than 20K per hour; it's maybe 20-25K per hour, and it's totally possible for you guys. Of course, you can mix it up. You don't want to burn out. You have S days, but just make sure you keep an eye on what gives you points.

ghost bloody reaper warzone

So you know now that you want to play some multiplayer. You want to go grind some camos. Have fun but just remember, kills don't give a lot of points, but you get more kills. Now one more thing I want to add: after going for one or two contracts at the start, if I knew the game was pretty dead, I would look for a buying station.

Before I'm out, I would try to spend money and buy a UAV, use it, then buy some mortar strikes, precision strikes, or whatever. Spend your money on score streaks and use them just to get extra points. Every time you use the buy station, you get 45 points, and then, using kill streaks, you get 60 points.

That's 100 plus you can get. By just spending your money instead of wasting it, you can get 200 to 300 extra points. Open a few more crates if you can, and that's it once again. It's up to you guys whether you want to go for it or you don't want to go for it totally; it's a personal decision. I've seen mixed comments.

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Some guys say it's not worth the grind because it's a first-person game and you only see your hand anyway. I mean, whatever your reason is, if you like it and you want to go for it, just saying you have 7 days left is plenty of time if you pace yourself and you play a couple hours every day. Again, if you already started, depending on what's left, it's your decision and it's your judgment, but just so you know, you might expect to spend 16 hours in the game or less if you're better than me.

You get more kills if you have friends and you want to play these big 20-minute games, man. I played with a friend, we went for vehicles, and contracts after contracts after contracts, you can get 20K, event points in a game, but again, you need a good partner and you need to know what you're doing.

But that's it for today, guys. I hope that was helpful. I hope it's going to help you make your decision. I want to know, but that's it. I hope you guys enjoyed smash. Like and subscribe for more.

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