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how to grind camos in

If you're new to the game and don't come from a console or PC, it looks pretty complicated, but after watching this article, it's going to be super simple, so let's jump into it before we start. Download the game for free. First of all, learn how to navigate around the menu. You want to go to Gear Up at the bottom, okay?

Gear Up is going to bring you to your loadout, and when you equip any gun on your loadout, there's this little wrench on the right, the orange button. Click on that, and there you go. You got your attachments tab at the bottom, and you got your appearance tab on the bottom right. This is where you want to go to check out the camo tab, so once you click on camo, There's a lot of stuff here, guys.

First, you get weapon mastery. Then you get a completionist. And then you've got all the camos. Let's start with weapon mastery, because this is the easiest one. If you click on weapon mastery, you'll see four base camos for every gun, and when you click on the camos, you'll see on top how to unlock them.

how to unlock camos in

Let me show you now that I didn't do this one. The first requirement is to get level two with that gun, and then get 50 kills with the next one. I need to be level eight, but I'm only level four right now, so I couldn't get my hip-fire kills to count. I need to get to level eight first, and then I can start doing my hip-fire kills.

If I do them now, they won't count, and so on and so on. For pretty much every gun, you need to level Max first. To make sure you can do all the challenges, when you unlock base camos, they will go in the all camos tab, and you can then use them on any gun. Let me also show you that on that gun.

I did unlock the skull jumble and the heat waves right, so if I go to my SMG now appearance camos and all camos. I should be able to find the skull camo that I unlocked here skeletal, and then this is the colorful one right so I could equip it on my SMG that is just level four now. Same thing for the heat when I unlock that one on an AR, but then I can use it on my SMG too if I want, and vice versa if I start grinding this SMG and I unlock the green skull camo.


I can then use it on my AR if I want to, so I think that pretty much covers it for the weapon Master the base camos. Each one has specific challenges, and then they go on the all camos tab, and then you can use them on any gun. Priceless, and you have Interstellar to start working on your gilded camos.

You need to complete all base camo challenges, and then you'll have some challenges; they're not all the same for all ARS. By the way, for this one. I'd have to get three kills with one mag 10 times, then if I unlock my guilded. I need six gilded to start working on Forge, so I would have to unlock gilded on six different guns, and then I could start working on my Forge for this gun.

After you complete 36 Forge, you can start working on Priceless, and if you have 36 Priceless, you get Interstellar, so that's the way the road to Interstellar is gilded: time 6 to get forged, time 36, and then times 36. Okay, now if I take a Modern Warfare 2 gun from the cast, you can click on its appearance.

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And you'll see they still have four weapon-based camos, but the completionist camos are different. If you get gold and you get plattinum, then it's polyatomic. And the last one is Oran, so different sets of completionist camos from Modern Warfare 2 Guns and Modern Warfare 3 Guns Now this is where it gets weird.

Okay, let's check this gun on the base. I did not complete a single one. My gun is leveled, I think seven, so I could start working and get some kills and stuff like that, but then if I click on completionist, it says I have already completed all the base camo challenges. So this is going to raise the question of exactly the base camo challenge; we'll check it out, but that being said.

I don't need to do that with the Modern Warfare 2 guns they already unlocked, and I can already start working on gold, platinum, etc., so if I want. I can take this gun and get three kills without dying 10 times, and I will have the gold camo that works for a bunch of guns right now, then platinum.

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I don't need all the gold. It says get zero gold, you can't start working on platinum right now, get 25 long shots, and you get platinum, then 25 head shots. But then you need 51 polyatomics to get Oran, so that would be: It's pretty simple to go get all 51 guns and polyatomics, and you'll have Oran on Loed.

Now the real problem is the Modern Warfare 3 guns, because I finished one gun today. Okay, before recording the article, I finished all my base camos on the Ram 7. Then, if I click on completionist, it doesn't say that my base camo challenges are complete, so I did a bit of research just to make sure, but in Modern Warfare 3 to start working on Gilded.

You need all the base camo challenges, but it says out of four, so it's for that specific gun. Before you start working on the Gilded Camo, you have to unlock all four challenges. For this gun, not all the guns in the game, so I did all four challenges for that gun, and still I didn't have the check mark for completing all Bay Camos, and it doesn't say out of four in War Zone Mobile; it just says all.

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So I did some more research, and I know there were some Camel bugs in Modern War Forever Three, and what they said is that I was using a camo on my gun when I unlocked all my challenges. When I grinded that gun, I was using a camo, so they say maybe remove the camo, redo the challenges, or just restart your game.

I did restart my game. I removed the camo. I restarted my game, but I still don't have the check mark, okay? So the other fix could be to redo my challenges. I know I got to get like 25 long shots maybe again, but to sum it up, usually. To grind the completion on MW3 guns, you just have to do all four camos for that gun and then go to the completionist and do that one challenge for gilded, which is three kills with the same mag, and I did a bunch also, but it didn't count.

warzone mobile camo grind

And then, once you have done your homework, do that. By the way, it's on six ARS, right to do the forge. You need to do six guilded SMGs on ARS, and then you have to do six guilded SMGs to get four SMGs. But that being said. Priceless is 36 total, and Interstellar is 36 total, so I'll definitely be working on these challenges because I'm a camo grinder and I enjoy it; I just need to find a way around that bug.

And, hopefully, it's just a bug, right, and that will be it. MW3, maybe one more thing is the completion is camos for MW2 guns you cannot put on MW3 gun so if you unlock gold on the M4 you cannot put it on the ram 7 and vice versa Interstellar will not work on MW2 guns; however, the base camos are universal.

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