News - These Weapons Make Winning Easy Warzone Mobile


In today's article, I will be showing you the top five most overpowered weapons in War Zone Mobile. Subscribe, and let's get into gun number five. I guess you could call it number five. I'm not ordering these based on anything; they're all really good guns. We have the Ram 7. It's an extremely strong assault rifle.

It outclasses most other ARS at medium to close range, but don't take my word for it. We're going to check out the stats. This might look a bit confusing, but I'll explain: At the bottom, we have a range in meters from 0 to 50 m, and then on the left-hand side, we have time to kill. From half a second to 1.1 seconds, these three colorful lines are all different assault rifles.

At the bottom, of course, we have the Ram 7. It's the orange line here, and then when you hit the 55 M Mark, it takes a bit of a jump, but that jump is only going to even its kill time out to these other assault rifles until it takes its throne from 46 M onward, and then when you hit the 55 M Mark, it just gets blown out of the water, but you're not going to really want to fight people at the 55 M Mark in the first place if you give this gun.


I think this undoubtedly proves it's still the best assault rifle here. This is my rebirth, Gunsmith. It's more aggressive, with more recoil, and here is my Verdansk one; it's going to be more controllable and have a bit more range for our next weapon, the Bruin MK9. This is one of my favorite guns; it has no recoil, a good magazine size, and a good kill time.

It's also extremely easy to use. Of course, it's an LMG. We're going to pull the LMG stats on the screen right now. These are the top three lmgs, and as you can probably guess at the bottom, this orange line is the Bruin MK9; it's going to consistently kill fast all the way from 0 m to 38 m faster than the two best lmgs behind it, and then it's fallen off for a couple meters until we get to around 46, and it's just going to stay consistent all the way up to 55, so it's an extremely good gun, especially at range.


We have the RAM 9. It's an extremely powerful SMG, and I know it was just nerfed, but it's still very good. Let's take a look at the stats. This is going to be in comparison to the two other best SMGs. As you can see, the kill time from 0 to 10 m is the absolute best, and it falls off a little bit until you get around the 14 M Mark, where it just takes over, and in my opinion, it's consistently the best close to medium range SMG.

Around 31 m, it's not going to be great, but that's the reason you have another gun to use at this range. You should probably pull that one out. But anyway, here is my build for both maps. This is consistently the best, in my opinion, for the next weapon we have, the Hoger 556. You probably heard that name before from Call of Duty Mobile, but this is actually not an LMG; it's an assault rifle, and it's one of the best long-range ARS in the game.

So here's the graph: This is the list ofthe top four best ARs, and at the bottom we have the Ram 7. Obviously, it's going to have an extremely fast kill time up to 31 m, and green right here is going to start to contend with it after 31 m and then become dominant from 55, and onwards, this green is of course the hoger, meaning that the hoger is going to be just a consistent.


A better long-range assault rifle option So here is my gunsmith for rebirth; it's obviously more aggressive and harder to control, and here is my gunsmith for verdance. Last but not least, we have the WSP. I would say this gun might be a little bit underrated right now, but for how strong it is, it's easily my favorite close-range SMG.

Let's pull up the graph. This is our top four SMGs in the game, and obviously, up to 10 m, they're all pretty comparable. Of course, the Ram 9 is going to be doing the best, but then you see a giant breakout here on this green line, and that's going to be, of course, a WSP 9. It's going to be the absolute best time to kill up to 18 M, and then it's going to bounce back to reality and contend with these guys until it makes another slight breakout, and then it falls completely off after 28 M, which is understandable because it is an SMG, and I'm not going to be trying to beam people too far away, so honestly, this doesn't really matter to me too much.


I think this gun is extremely strong. Here is my gunsmith. I'm going to be using this for both maps, and that's it for the top five guns right now.

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