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With the global launch of War and Mobile right around the corner. I thought I would make a quick but detailed guide on how you all can prepare yourselves for the launch of War and Mobile to give yourselves an advantage over everyone else so that when the game finally launches on March 21st, you're going to be able to hit the ground running.

Now, my first tip—I'm sorry it's bashfully obvious—is just to try to get access to the game and get your hands on it early before the game actually globally launches. If you don't know, Wars of Mobile has been in a regional launch phase for the last like 12 or 16 or 18 months. It's been out for a really long time in a few different countries.

I believe the ones that're available right now are Malaysia, Australia, and Chile. Norway and Sweden, and there might be one or two more additional countries, but it's basically only available in like five or seven countries in the world. If you live in one of those countries, you can actually just go to the IOS app store or the Google Play Store, download it, and get playing today.


But if you live outside one of those app stores, you're going to need to use a VPN or use an account or a third-party app store to get access to War Zone Mobile, and then use a VPN to play the game before the game actually launches. But by far, this is the biggest way to get ahead of everyone else.

You're going to be able to get the mechanics down, you're going to be able to get the map knowledge down, and obviously, just get a feel for the game because every mobile game, even though it's a shooter, and you might be amazing at Call of Duty Mobile, but Wars Mobile's own engine might make the sensitivities a little bit different.

The movement is obviously different from other Call of Duty mobile games or other mobile shooters, and so the biggest thing is to just try to get access to the game. I do have a tutorial from a while ago that's still relevant; all the details are the same, and everything still works on how to download War Zone Mobile, so you can go ahead and watch that.

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I'll leave a link. There's nothing else out there that's really going to come close. The other alternative is that if you can't get access to War and Mobile, you can just do everything that I'm saying in this article on a PC or console because, as you all know. War and Mobile is going to be cross-progression.

So any progress you have on your PC or your console account, you will have that exact progress—all those weapons, all those attachments, all those characters—ready to use on day one for War Zone Mobile. So everything I say in this article is mainly for account progress and things to work on outside of the game, so if you can't get it on your phone, but if you have access to a copy of the game on your PC or console, you could still do everything on your PC and console and just have it ready for day one of Wars at Mobile, but for those of you who can get access to Wars at Mobile before the global launch on March 21st.

Well, then there's a few things that I've outlined that I think if you focus on these, you are going to put yourselves in a great position to be much further ahead than everyone else on their first day of Wars of Mobile, and one of the most important things I think to do right now in Wars of Mobile is to start leveling up your weapons.

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War Z Mobile has a very interesting weapon leveling system where you don't just use the weapon to level it up to get attachments and to make the best loadout possible; sometimes you actually have to level up different weapons. In order to get certain attachments for various weapons, like in order to get an attachment for weapon A, I might have to level up weapon B to level 20.

To get an attachment for level 8, it's really weird and kind of confusing. I'm not a fan of this system at all, but I can get it. It kind of makes you use all the different weapons in a certain class, or just kind of have a general feel and understanding for the game in order to really unlock as much as you can within the game, so knowing this, it might be much more difficult to get the desired load out you want, and so having these next 3 weeks to go out there and grind multiplayer, or Battle Royale to get these weapon levels, and these attachments unlock set on day one, you can just be grinding these lobbies with the best weapons, which is probably a good idea.

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Now something I absolutely hate doing on the first day of playing a new game is getting my heads-up display dialed in because every heads-up display just always feels a little different. You're never able to copy over your old HUD from, let's say, Cod Mobile, where you play day in and day out. You're never able to just copy it over and put it right into War Zone Mobile.

You have to reconfigure; you have to take the buttons and the settings they're giving you to make the most of them, so if you're able to get War Zone Mobile early, then take this time to dial in your HUD. If you've already played mobile games before and you have a layout, if you're a three-finger player, four-finger claw player, or tablet player, whatever you play, do your best to get the most comfortable you can with your heads-up display, because for the first week people are just not going to know how to play Wars on mobile.

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There's probably going to be a ton of new players who are getting used to mobile gaming or getting back into things, so you can really take advantage. In these first few weeks of War Mobile, if you already dialed in and have that muscle memory from the first few weeks of practice. I will be coming out with a detailed heads-up display guide within the first week of War Mobile globally launching.

Something I don't think a lot of people are going to take advantage of during these first few weeks, or I guess these few weeks leading up to the launch of the game, is that right now nobody really has like a grind squad, and what I mean by that is typically when these games come out if you're someone who really.

If you really love gaming and you're really passionate about it, you know you've had days where you play three, four, five, or even more hours. Heck, there are days where I've played 24 hours straight, and those days are made so much easier when you're able to play with teammates or you're able to play with squadmates.

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Whoever you've played before, you know they're competent; you can communicate with them; you can laugh with them; you can bang with them. It just makes gaming so much easier, or gaming for long periods of time so much easier, and one thing that's really hard to do is when a game globally launches.

Everyone's trying to find a squad, especially if you're a really good player. People are always reaching out to you, trying to get your attention. Hey, come play with me. You need one for a team. I need one for a team. It is an absolute nightmare for someone who has done global launches for games.

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