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arzone mobile the recruit event

It's called the recruit, so in today's article, we're going to check out the event, how it works, and how to complete it fast because we got some really cool rewards to grab for free, so let's get into it before we start. Download the game for free. As for the rewards, we're going to start with the rewards because this is the final reward for the event: a ghostly operator skin.

It's beautiful, and for the total number of episodes you need, remember that the Red Ghost event was 300K; in 2 weeks now, this is 100K in 8 days, so it's much faster, and you also have more time if you compare the requirements. Okay, but also, look, I did almost 30% of it in 30K. 29K in about two hours today on stream, so it's also going to be less time-consuming.

And here's how it works: to earn event point one, you get points for damage. We didn't have that at the event before; we had points for kills. Now you get points for damage and assist; in V, it doesn't work in multiplayer. Also, open supply boxes, so these three can be boosted by earning a boost, you know, when opening supply boxes.

So I will say one thing right now: you don't need to go hard for Boost on the first couple days, because it's not necessary. Like the previous event, which was such a long event, the boost would matter over a period of like 14 days, but now that it's just 8 days, it's not going to make a huge difference.


Also, the contracts cannot be boosted, so you can go for contracts if you want; it's 300 points each, but you get paid for getting into the action. This time, go for kills. Go for assist, go for combat; it's where you get lots of points fast, but also, this is what I did, okay, like I'm going to show you right now.

I did some plundering in this game mode. You get paid for buying UAVs. At the buy station, you buy UAVs, use them, buy another one, use it, and spend all your cash whenever you can. This is a new game mode this season called Plunder. It's 10 minutes, but it lasts more than 10 minutes for me. I thought it was 15 or 18 minutes or something.

free mace operator

It's an event where you go for cash, so complete contracts get killed. Go grab some cash drops, and then I would go to the station and buy, like, five, six, seven UAVs, and just spam them until I'm out of cash. I'm not trying to win; I'm trying to get points for my event, so one should open all the supply boxes because they give points, but they can also give you some boost.

Then go for contracts because they're still 300 points, you know, so I would go for contracts non-stop for 18 minutes, and I like these quick, easy-to-recon ones, and then in between. If there was a buy station on my way to the next contract. I would go and spend all my cash on UAVs. uavs uavs, and that's what I did today for 2 hours straight, and I got 30k points, which I would get on my first game, 7K.

I played a couple games between 4 and 5K. My last game was 8 8K plus almost 9, 000 points, so I think this is the way, and probably my last game was more because at some point you start getting more boost, so the more you play, the more boost you get, and then everything you do gives you more points.

free mace skin

You know, that's how it works, so tomorrow I'll get even more if I play the same two hours. I'll get more points for my damage, more points for my assistance, and more points for opening supply boxes. Now one more thing: it's not just these events you collect that you're going to see; they're Bruiser Badges.

If you go back to your main lobby and click on the store, there's a new store in the middle called the event store. And there's more; you can span your tokens or your badges and grab the stuff that you like. You got some guns, and you got a Vehle skin here, which is also pretty cool, but look at the big reward here: there's a Mace skin, Pinnacle, and an operator skin, so it's pretty badass.

I like that one; however, it costs $25, so you're going to ask how you're supposed to collect $25. There's only 10 available, so here's the thing. We are going to get new events every week, and probably you're going to be able to get more Bruiser badges next week and the week after, so I would say.

season 3 warzone

Maybe for now don't go spend on that calling card or the sticker on the first week; I would definitely. Save. For the operator skin first. And then go for my second favorite, and then go for my third one, but I would definitely go for the operator skin first, because usually they're pretty valuable, and you don't know how long it's going to be there.

I don't know if it's going to be 2 months or just one month, and I don't think it says. So I would definitely save for the most expensive stuff first, if you care. And then, and then, see what's next because the store could refresh at some point and you don't know if it's going to be back, so yeah, if you really like it, go for it first.

That's my tip for you guys, and I think that's going to be it. I'm excited for that. I can't wait to see what's next, but anyway, that's it again. The new season is live. Go check it out, guys. It motivates me to play more, especially if you have rewards to grab, and especially if they're cool rewards.

I hope that article was helpful; smash like if it were subscribed for more, and again, shout out to the Wars on Mobile team for sponsoring today's article, guys.

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