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Gemini is back with another Banger article, with Waro Mobile now being globally released. A lot of people will be looking for the best guns, the best weapons, and the best items to use in the game to gain an advantage on the battlefield. You're going to be looking for the meta weapons, and obviously your boy has you covered.

There are a lot of articles on YouTube covering things like the best weapons from previous seasons and whatever. I'm going to show you guys how to update the most current and best meta weapons in the game simply by downloading an app, which is an official app that everyone uses to get the updated meta for War Zone Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone Mobile.

I'll drop the link for Android and iOS. In the description, and they are also on Twitter. The link will be in the app itself; it's an official app. Nothing sketchy, and as you can see, you have a wide range of every single meta weapon or every weapon, the best build you can find for each weapon, every single one of them, so you don't need to go ahead and look and try to pause articles and all that; it's literally at your fingertip and on your phone.

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It doesn't take up a lot of space on your phone, and you can just use it on the go. This app is called War Zone Meta, and as you can see on the right-hand side right there, this is what it looks like, and as I said, it's user-friendly and easy to use, you know. Pretty straightforward if I do say so myself, you know, and yeah, that's basically it, so now that you have obtained your meta weapons, those are the weapons that you're interested in.

I am going to show you guys how to unlock those weapons in Waro Mobile and the best way to level them up pretty fast. Let's get straight into it. As you can see, I already have the Brewing LMG, which is currently the best long-range meta, and also on Rebirth Island, the shorter mid-range maps. It works on both maps, you know, and you can see me rocking the Priceless camo on it as well, which I actually obtain within 1 to two weeks of playing Modern Warfare 3, but you don't need Modern Warfare 3 to unlock these weapons or unlock this camo because Waro Mobile has implemented their own unique way of unlocking these weapons and also unlocking the camos for each weapon.

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I'm going to show you how, so if you direct your attention to the bottom left-hand corner of the screen where it says store, you click on the store button. And where it says Arsenal store you click on that you're going to be greeted bu a pretty uniform list of all the weapons and items that you can unlock in the game you're not seeing anything for me because I've already unlocked everything as I said I've been playing this game for over a year so basically I've unlocked even the most brand new weapons I've already unlocked, right so, you're not going to see anything here but, these weapons or items are unlocked using Arsenal store points right and you obtain these points simply by just playing so while you're leveling up your battle pass or leveling up your profile you earn this Aral points or Arsenal coins to unlock each item or weapon so now that we have established.

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How to obtain the meta-weapons How to obtain the weapons in the game. I'm going to show you guys how to obtain the XP so you can level up your weapons super fast. If you go ahead and click on the XP section on the top left of your screen, you're going to see a drop-down that shows three different categories of XP.

You have the rank, which is your player level or your profile level, and you have a weapon, which is pretty much self-explanatory, and a battle pass for those who purchase it. This isn't unique to just Waro Mobile; obviously, for those who have history playing Wars Cod Mobile and other games, a lot of games on different platforms have incorporated this into their systems.

We're going to be focused on the weapon. XP section, obviously, as you can see, we have a list of different durations at each XP. Last, we had 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 1 hour. And if you check mine, you'll see that I have a total of 189. One Horor token you can use multiple times at once, so it builds up, so if I were to use three tokens at once, it would equate to 3 hours total, and you got to get going as soon as you activate the tokens because the timer won't stop even if you stop playing.

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The timer won't stop until it runs out, so bear that in mind, as I can see as I said I have 189. Token You might be wondering, How the hell did I get 189 tokens? I am going to show you guys how to do that, which is pretty simple. You don't have to do anything special; just click a button, and that's it.

Now, how I obtain these is by simply watching official Call of Duty League matches. official Call of Duty league matches It's nothing sketchy. This is the official Cod League on PC. A lot of pros are involved. My two favorite teams are Nysl and Optic Gaming. Optics Gaming being my number one favorite team, shout out to those guys absolute beast off of players absolute unit, but anyways, to get straight into it, all you got to do is link your YouTube account that you're going to watch Call of Duty League on to your Activision account.

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It's legit, nothing malicious, and you also have a two-factor authentication section that you have to go through in order to link it. So, it's pretty safe, right?, and you can do your own research. If you're uncomfortable doing this, you can do your research and decide if you want to do it, but it's pretty legit once you have subscribed to them.

Obviously, you want to subscribe, and you want to show some support by just clicking on the event. League, Schedule: Once you have loaded into this schedule, you just click on the Call of Duty League logo up top, left. And if you scroll down, you will see that there's an ongoing tournament, obviously the Miami Heretics Major 2.

This might be all gibberish to you guys, so I'm just going to focus on what's important to you guys in this article, and that's watch and earn. If you direct your attention to the top right-hand corner, you will see that it says, Watch and earn. You can legit earn all the rewards that you see right here just by watching; you don't have to even be interested in just a banger phone or something; you know that you're not sure about using a throwaway phone.

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Have it Watch The League logs to your YouTube account, of course, which is linked to your Activision account, and I'm going to show you guys how to do that as well. If you already have an account, all you have to do is link it to your YouTube I've already done that, right? Once you have already linked it, right?

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