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Backing at it with a brand new Call of Duty article here guys, and this article is how to play War Zone Mobile with a controller. And the process of playing War Zone Mobile with a controller is extremely easy. I'm going to break down everything right here on how to connect to War Zone Mobile with the controller, but it says wondering how to connect your controller to play War Zone Mobile.

Here's everything you need to know about War Zone Mobile's controller support, including how to play with a Playstation, Xbox, or backbone controller. War Zone Mobile introduces the iconic Call of Duty Battle Royale to Mobile, bringing the return of the Beloved and rebirth maps. The mobile adaptation of War Zone will also feature multiplayer, with four traditional modes, including TDM and dominance, which will be played on fan-favorite maps like Shipment and Shoot House.

Well, all that neat touch control may turn off many players, especially those who are used to playing with a controller. So here's everything you need to know about how to connect and play with the controller on War Zone Mobile. Can you play War Zone Mobile with the controller? War Zone Mobile will have full controller support at launch, so you'll be able to play the handheld version of Battle Royale on your mobile with the controller of your choice.

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This includes, but is not limited to, the following controllers: PlayStation 5 dual sense and PlayStation 4 dual shock. Xbox wireless and Xbox Elite controllers, And backbone one: this was revealed by Activision in their blog post on March 8th, 2024. Waro Mobile will have plenty of accessibility and settings, as well war zone mobile also featur customizable controls, as the official post read.

Just about every element in the controls interface can be customized to your liking, including the extensive Hub adjustments, detailed controller settings, and graphical options that prioritize performance. Graphics or balance mix It's important to note that most of the functionalities in Call of Duty: War Zone Mobile, like choosing a playlist or changing out a loadout, are still controlled by the touchscreen and your device's native controls, so that means your device-based controls and not your controller.

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So don't be alarmed if it isn't working outside of the game. So that pretty much means, guys, to click your playlist and click your loadouts, you still have to click the touch screen. Controllers won't work because Waro Mobile already supported controllers during the limited release, so it isn't a surprise that the full release supports them, plus you can already officially play Call of Duty Mobile with the controller, how to connect controller and War Zone mobile Connecting your controller to War Zone Mobile on a portable device is as simple as pairing Bluetooth.

However, if you like more details, here's how to connect your controller to War Zone Mobile. How to play War Zone Mobile with an Xbox Controller: Enable pairing on your Xbox controller by holding down the pairing button on the top of the controller for 3 seconds. Head to the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device and make sure Bluetooth is activated.


Locate the Xbox wireless controller in your mobile's Bluetooth settings and connect. Open War Zone Mobile on your phone and press a button on your controller once at the main menu. At last, a message that says controller connected should appear, meaning you're good to go and enjoy War Zone Mobile with your Xbox controller.

Our second option right here for PlayStation is how to play War Zone Mobile with the PlayStation controller. Here's how to connect PlayStation controllers to War Zone Mobile. This method works for both dual shock and dual sense, enabling pairing on the controller by holding the create/share button and PS logo button.

Once the light bar blinks, turn on the Bluetooth on your phone in your mobile's Bluetooth settings and search for new devices. You should either find a dual sense or dual shock wireless controller in the new device setting, so as long as you have not connected the controller before, connect to the controller and load up War Zone Mobile.

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The last option on the home screen is to press a button on the controller, and a controller-connected message should appear. Now, guys, break down how to connect to the backbone. How to play War Zone Mobile with a backbone controller. Download the Backbone app on your mobile device. Connect your backbone controller to your mobile device.

Follow the setup on the Backbone app. Once that's done, load up War Zone Mobile, and you're good to go. This is how to play War Zone Mobile with the controller, so it's pretty much how to access all controllers: the backbone, PlayStation controllers, and Xbox controllers. You should have no problem connecting with either, but we'll be breaking down every single thing for War Zone mobile and Modern Warfare 3 season 2 reloaded.

This Video Is On How To Connect Play With Controllers On Warzone Mobile Xbox, PlayStation Backbone, I Explain Everything Within This Video About Connecting Your Controller To Warzone Mobile Just Listen Up Closely To This Video. Hope You Enjoy This Video.
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