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War Zone Mobile is finally here, and for the first time, everyone can go to the app store or Google Play Store and download the game, so that means there are going to be a lot of new players hopping into Verance. Inside the goolag, you get to see one other player who has also died. The winner of this 1V will redeploy back on the battlegrounds, and the loser will be dead.

But don't worry; even if you lose the game, there's still a chance for you to come back, and we'll talk about that later in the article. The gag map is very small, and it is symmetrical, so you and the opponent have the exact same thing on both sides. Obviously, in order to win, you need to kill the opponent.

However, if the opponent is very hard to find or they're camping or hiding, you can actually win by also capturing the flag that shows up in the middle of the map. Let's talk about care packages, unlike pubg mobile, where care packages have a really powerful crate weapon in war zone mobile. These care packages are called loadout drops, and what's really cool about loadouts is that you get to customize exactly what's inside.

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You can set exactly what type of gun you want, the attachments, the skin that's on the gun, and everything else about your loadouts. Loadouts are very important because, honestly, the loot that you find on the ground isn't that good. If you're going to be successful in War Zone Mobile, the best way to do it is to get to your loadout and get your very strong weapons.

You can also set several different loadouts so that depending on the play style or how a certain match is going, you might want an LMG, or you could pick a sniper rifle, or maybe it's close range and you want to go with an SMG. You can have multiple loadouts selected, and you can pick whatever you want.

As soon as you get to your loadout drop in your inventory in War Zone Mobile, all of the different guns have their own levels, and you can grind the guns to max them out. As they level up, you unlock more and more attachments. One of the best ways to grind these weapons is obviously by playing more, but you can also level them up by playing in the multiplayer modes, which are much faster, and you'll get way more kills in War Zone Mobile.


You can also use things like XP tokens to get double experience for an hour. If you've ever played TDMs in Pubg Mobile, you're kind of familiar with a system like this, where all of the guns are in Pubg Mobile. You can level up by grinding TDMs, and they also unlock attachments as they level up. That is a similar system to what loadouts are in War Zone Mobile.

Number three are buy stations, so these buy stations are a lot like the token shops we have in Pubg Mobile, but one of the biggest things about buy stations in War Zone Mobile is that you can buy teammates back. So, like I mentioned before, if you lose your goolag and you're dead, your teammates can still go buy you back from a buy station, and they can buy you back as many times as they have cash.


But don't forget, when buy stations are in the zone, they'll disappear. Buy stations are also very important because you can buy important equipment such as gas masks and self-revivals. If you're out of armor plates or ammunition, you can buy armor plate boxes, and you can buy munitions boxes. Number four self-revives, so something that's new in War Zone Mobile is that when you get knocked, you can actually revive yourself.

This item is for one-time use, so once you've self-revived, you're going to need to find another one in order to complete a second self-revive. Now here's a pro tip: if you see your teammate is down and they're using their self-revive, you can actually go over and finish the revive for them. That way, it will save their self-revival for next time.

Number five armor plates, just like shields in Apex or any type of game that has an overshield, act as a first line of defense when you're taking bullets. These are going to be the blue-dash lines next to your health bar. In order to knock an opponent down, you have to first shoot all the way through their plates and then shoot all the way through their health bar.

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You'll see these blue hit markers that indicate you're shooting their plates, and then you'll see a broken plate icon, which means you fully cracked through their plates. When you hear a player say that they've cracked someone, that means that they've broken through their plates, and that opponent needs to now put new plates in, and like I mentioned, yes, you can put new plates in, so if an opponent shoots your plates, you can put some in to try to regain your armor.

In the middle of a crazy, chaotic fight, making sure you keep putting your plates in to try to maximize your health can be a very important thing. Also, it's good to note that when you start the match, you start with only two of the three plates, so one of the first things you want to do in war mobile is always find a plate as soon as you can and put it in so you're always at maximum health.


Number six is kill streaks. These are important items that are very powerful and can turn the tides of battle. Some kill streaks are things like an air strike where you can call in a plane to fly in and shoot a particular area on the map; another one is the mortar strike where you can call in bombs on a certain part of the map to try to flush out enemies or knock them; other kill streaks can give you a tactical advantage, such as a UAV.

This is often something that people will buy from a buy station which will tell them where nearby enemies on the mini map, uavs are a very essential part of War Zone because it helps you understand where the enemies are and if you're an aggressive player it also helps you understand where you need to go next to keep getting kills, and even better is an advanced UAV, which can show you the exact realtime, locations of enemies on the map you can either find an advanced UAV which are very rare or you can call three regular uavs at the same time in order to trigger an advanced UAV, you can only carry one kill streak at a time.

Number seven is field upgrades. These are items that can help you out when you're in a pinch. For example, the Munitions box can help you resupply all of your ammo. When you put a field upgrade down, all of your teammates can actually use it. Another one is the armor plate box, which you can resupply if you're out of plates.

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You can resupply your plates with this field upgrade. There are other field upgrades too, such as this small deployable shield that you can use to protect yourself from enemy fire. Number eight is weapon mounting. You'll notice that when you run around the edge of a wall or the edge of a fence where you're standing, there will be a mounting button.

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