News - Call Of Duty: Warzone 2 2011. Act 1 Mission Hunter Killer. Full Gameplay #2

In position STV Team 4, this is metal 01 radio checking the blind over. Roger 01, we have you in a 5x5 phas line. Echo Secure: We have executed authority; we're 1 minute out of copy; just don't start the party without us. Roundu The seal team should be up ahead. I see the sub's on the Move intercept window are closing fast.

Roger that led the way, watch your sonar ring are laying, mine eyes on your sonar, mine keep it. Mine's armed clear up good job we'll prep the fill. Going explosive, hit it. Overlord, this is Metal 01 Sub, which is surfacing and commencing assault. Roger 01: To continue with our primary objective, we need control of the subs and to secure all rights.

I got the launch keys. Overlord, this is Metal 01. I sent checkpoint Neptune over the Roger 01 copy. Neptune, I have the missile key, and I'm accessing the launch codes now. Grid coordinates follow Tango Whisky 05, 6; 28 coordinates confirm firing on the Russian Fleet; and 30 seconds Frost get on the wet Overlord mission complete: all Eagles countered for Roger Medal 01 missile strikes confirmed on multiple Russian hard targets in your AO; all primary threats neutralized.

Good work team, best one for the books, easy day, Overlord, stand man.

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