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Makarov's tracked Forky's daughter to Berlin; if they find the girl, it's only a matter of time till he gives up the nuclear codes. We have her exact location. Triangulating now Isa cell phone snipers just intercepted a call from her, pinging you through in three seconds. Yes, my security is dead.

They're coming for me. Stay calm we're on our way to you now. Where are you exactly close to the floor? On which side? I don't know; there's a building across the road. The sign on the roof says, Rorf, please hurry; okay, put the phone down and don't move; we'll come to you. Athena is still with us.

Keep your weapons tight, and don't throw any. Shots, it's an we got to get the hell out of the Kill Zone move, head for the building, Metal 01: We've lost contact with the German division commander. What's the status on the ground? The tank column is down, and we're getting overrun. This AO is lost.

Covered you're clear granite Keep moving, contact, yeah, t9s on the road. Overlord, we have Russian tanks firing on the Gran position, requesting a fire mission. Solid copy 01: The air corridor is clear for our A10s to commence gun runs. Medal 01: This is Valkyrie 26 in the airspace, and the answer service is standing by for you to mark the first.


Out, Gran it, Gran it, they're gone. What the hell, Overlord? The Granite team is down. I repeat, Eagle's down. We're going after Athena's affirmative. Sandman Link up with the German tank column south of your position and proceed to the Target building over solid copy. Sandman, look up; we need to hit the Got some casualties here, grab their patches and tags, get sburns in here, and get them out.

Roger, that's onx team. Overlord This is Metal 02; I need an evac for three casualties. Coordinates follow seven Romeo 8:51 copies of 02; we'll send in a sar bird for Evac. It was not a good day. It's an ambush. We got to get the hell out of the kill zone. Move the head toward the building. Medal 01: We've lost contact with the German division commander.

What's the status on the ground? Take it down. We're getting overrun. This AO is lost. You missed your last one. Say again, they dropped the damn building on us. Sandman advises an immediate pullback to extraction. Point negative Overlord, we are going for the girl. Her beacon is still active.


You'll need to move fast. Berlin is falling. We'll maintain ISR over, through,.

CALL OF DUTY . MODERN WARFARE 3. Realistic graphics. 1080p 60 FPS.
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