News - These Overhaul Content Updates Would Forever Change Warzone 2 Zombies



Let's break down the MW3 zombie overhaul updates that would change the mode forever. The first one here has been leaked out several times before and seems to be coming very soon.

Pvp mode coming to mw3 zombies

It's the PVP mode in Zombies, which is very similar to DMZ, but here are the details on it. Apparently it's going to be a map event in zombies inside the normal ekhan.

Exclusion Zone, which can mean it could be activated like a story Xville and infilled into the new match or map with PVP enabled. I mean, we really don't know the exact way this is going to start here. Is it just a randomized event like the rebirth island strikes, for example, that happens randomly, and there's a rare chance of that happening on rebirth in War Zone?

modern warfare 3

But for zombies, here is PVP, like this super rare randomized thing where every couple of games every couple of days you could randomly have this activated, and then all of a sudden you're fighting real players, so we don't know exactly how it's going to work there, but there have been so many leaks about it, and it seems to be coming very soon with a lot of DMZ style missions as well as DMZ features.

All coming to zombies, which is unfortunate; it's going away from what zombies really are, but as we know, Trych is no longer working on MW3 zombies; it's going to be IW Sledgehammer. All different developers, and they're more likely to bring back DMZ features into zombies, which is what it is there.

I'll be sure to update you guys on that, and that is a very big overhaul change there. If that actually happens, that is a major change to zombies, completely changing the way it is played here right now, which is again kind of crazy. We'll see very soon official details on that before we go any further.

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More upgrades needed to grind for in zombies

More upgrades needed to grind for in zombies

You guys have a lot of great ideas. I want to integrate you more into future articles or anyone watching the article, honestly, but the first one here is pretty interesting. They need to add upgrades or something to grind for. In the beginning, the grind for schematics was perfect, but once you got all of them unlocked, you had to wait days on end to even use them, which is a fair point here because at the beginning, you had all these schematics so much to grind for the story missions as well, but now it seems like there's nothing else to do.

Obviously, we have new arcs every season reloaded, but the schematics are getting less and less interesting. I would say that there's just not really a reason to continue to go into zombies and grind for stuff here, so having more things to grind for more upgrades would be cool now. What exactly are those upgrades?

I don't know. I mean. I'm not saying it should be impossible to get, but you should have to really grind a lot to get these top-tiered perks here because it should be a huge reward for doing a ton of different missions. Easter eggs, etc.

New round-based zombies element added to mw3 zombies

New round-based zombies element added to mw3 zombies

Etc Another interesting idea here is that they should have added round-bas mode entrances via the bunker doors, which are scattered across the map. You complete a task and open access to the bunker, then load into a round-bas mode. 30 waves Two mini bosses and one final boss to add something from the old days are artifacts, which unlock a new bunker door entrance in the next match.

Five artifacts during the round-base mode Terminus will enter in certain rounds to stop you. That is a super-unique idea. I kind of like that there, because it's not exactly round-based zombies, but a different, you know, offshoot of it, and it's more like a round-based zombie outbreak style mode where there is an ending and you could complete it by, you know, fighting that final boss, which almost reminds me of like Extinction.

But with 30 rounds in the middle of that, that's a super interesting idea. It can make MW3 zombies so much more interesting and add so much more depth to the mode overall. It's not traditional, round-based zombies; of course most of us do want just normal R-based zombies, but for people that want another new edit element to zombies that changes things up a little bit and has a round-based vibe but still is kind of different, this would be a sick idea for MW3, zombies specifically, and would be a major overhaul, so I don't know.

Rebirth island as a round-based zombies map

Rebirth island as a round-based zombies map

I Like that comment there, this one here is just obvious: you could easily turn Rebirth into a round base map. All you have to do is link the bunkers together via tunnels and add a center bunker underneath the cell block. That's a cool idea, but it's like you don't have to do that because Rebirth Island was literally mob the dead; you just have to have the main prison, the outskirts of the prison, and expand it a bit more, and that's a round-based map just like Blood of the Dead, mob of the dead, or, you know, in this case, maybe a bigger version of both of those.

Maps there in MW3, zombies. I mean, Rebirth Island is literally in the game; it's in the War Zone. I'm not a developer, and I don't know how difficult that is for them to do, but it should be relatively easy to just give us rebirth, make it a nighttime setting, bring it to zombies, have some doors, whatever perk machines.


Pack-a-Punch, etc., mystery boxes, and that's it. It's a round-based experience. I feel like that would be so easy to do and that would be pretty fun for a lot of people, but I guess they don't want to do that because zombies isn't a fully supported mode; they care more about War Zone and MP, and Trar is focused on go-war zombies, so it's unfortunate.

But it is what it is; their rebirth would have been so sick. Mob of the Dead in MW3 zombies, and for that matter, a lot of the other previous remakes as well as previous maps that you would still want to see remade here Transit and die rise buried as well; I mean, maps we haven't seen remade or remastered.

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