News - Invisible Gun Glitch "update" On Modern Warfare (warzone 2 After Patch Glitch)

after patch

So recently, about a week ago. Without further ado, let's get started. Now I hopped in a game to basically confirm that the first glitch doesn't work anymore, and I checked on my old weapon that I made invisible, and one is completely visible and the other one is somewhat invisible. Half like it's half visible and half not, so yeah, y'all are definitely right about it being pretty much patched, so basically.

I just got another basic weapon, and I chose an AR because it has way more optics than you know a shotgun has, and I was just messing around putting different optics on it, and this time I have put an Aries clear shot optic on the weapon, and the Aries clear shot can be used on. I'm pretty sure. Assault rifles and maybe DMRs and more, but it doesn't have that on the shotgun.

If you haven't seen my previous invisible gun glitch article, then you don't have to worry about what I'm saying, but if you have seen that this time we are using the Aries clear shot instead of the tempo clear shot that was working for the glitch on the shotgun in the old glitch article. So just basically do what I'm doing right here.


We're going to be selecting the Aries, clear-shot optic on the weapon. If your weapon doesn't have this type of optic, then I don't think the glitch is going to be able to work on that gun. Okay, so this is where we're going to be activating the glitch. We're going to need you to save the mod or save the blueprint.

Right after you put the optic on it, just call it anything. I call it my TT or something like that, and you want to select another optic. Right after, if your optic doesn't change, don't worry; you're doing a glitch. Right now, at the bottom left, once you put the optic, it's going to say you have two attachments, but you only have one; you know the optic.

That's on your weapon, so if it says two, knowing that you only have one optic on top of your gun, that means you did the glitch 100% correct. And basically, you just want to fill in the rest of the attachments on your gun that you like or feel comfortable using. After that, I hopped in a match and basically selected my gun that I did the glitch on to see if it was working 100%.


And as you can see, my gun is completely invisible, and I did the glitch correctly. So this optic that I'm using, the air re-clear shot, is still usable for this glitch, except for the Teo clear shot that I had on a shotgun. Now i want to give you this warning. We're on the road to 500 subscribers.

And to the people who have recently subscribed to me, thank you. I really appreciate the support, and I hope that these articles are very helpful to you. I hope you have fun with this glitch, guys. I'll see y'all in the next one.

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