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Let's go through a bunch of the operators you could claim for free for the season 3 Reloaded update, including the new Blue Monster Energy operator. We'll break it all down, plus much more content is releasing in This article is first off here.

New season 3 reloaded reveals this week!

This week should be a pretty big week for Call of Duty, as we're about a week away from the season 3 Reloaded update.

It's either going to be Wednesday, May 1st, or a bit later, on Wednesday, May 8th. I did a whole article breaking down all the content we're getting for multiplayer. War Zone, and finally, some zombie content here. It's a decent update. Nothing too crazy, but there's some contingency content. I'm looking forward to that article breaking down all the content that will be linked.

Potential black ops gulf war reveals expected soon??

I would say for season 3 Reloaded up until season 4, is a potential Black Ops Golf 4 teaser, reveal, and maybe some type of tie-in into MW3, in terms of a mini event or a war zone event or something like that. So really quickly, a big leag came out recently from Insider Gaming that went through that it'll be revealed in War Zone fully, but there's going to be an initial reveal for Golf War before the Summer Games Fest in June, and of course June is going to be.

Around the end of season 3, reload to the beginning of season 4, so around that time there is a chance we do get some type of mini teaser or reveal in the game, or maybe just on their Twitter or on their YouTube channel, a mini teaser trailer may drop, etc., so I'll be sure to update you guys on that. I just want to make you guys aware that is a very likely possibility here for the end of the reloaded update into season 4, and of course, this week as well, we're getting another Prime gaming pack here for MW3, but also for C Mobile as well.

New free mw3 prime gaming pack releasing

New free mw3 prime gaming pack releasing

I'll break that down on the channel when it does officially release here, but I decided I'm going to give you guys all the codes here I get for Amazon Prime, so stay tuned for that article.


and A quick reminder: shout out to my partner, You4GM, if you need cheap cop points or rare unlock codes. ZX, Master Camos, and much more There's a bunch of stuff over there.

Another teaser for soap ␜the hawk␝ operator skin!

This is kind of crazy, First off, this one isn't available just yet, but I had to mention it because today again, we have another teaser, The Hulk Operator, from War Zone Mobile.

It is so insane to see so many teaser trailers showing this operator's skin and what's funny, and I mentioned this in a previous article. I found it kind of weird that it's all War Zone Mobile promotions. I mean, of course, if you guys don't remember. This soap, The Hulk Operator, was going to be a potential reward for Task Force 14.

modern warfare 3

One event where you choose a faction and grind challenges for that faction, and whatever faction won amongst the entire community, those are the rewards everyone got, so of course the shadow company side of things won there, and the soap. The Hulk Operator, that weapon camo, and everything else was just gone.

And that was it. They developed all that stuff for no reason, it seems, but then we got a leak in MW3. Itself of soap the hawk in the game as a usable operator, so we thought maybe it's releasing very soon, but now we're in April here, almost getting towards season 4 of this game, and this skin is still not out here, so they keep on teasing it in War Zone Mobile.

My suspicion again is that it's going to be a War Zone Mobile free reward, and then maybe we'll be able to use it in MW 3 and War Zone, but right now, if you guys don't know, a lot of the War Zone mobile rewards that are supposed to be usable in MW3 are just not usable whatsoever. The golden Phantom operator is one of those operators from War Zone Mobile that we should be able to use here, and a lot of people.

I'm pretty sure, are not able to use them whatsoever, so we'll see very soon what ends up happening there. I would rather the Hulk Operator just be a free daily login reward in MW3 itself, but again, I'll update you guys on that and.

Free safeguard operator unlock for season 3 reloaded

Free safeguard operator unlock for season 3 reloaded

Also, we have the safeguard operator. This came out randomly, and a bunch of users wor war zone main menus here, where you had a bunch of easy war zone challenges and got a large decal, a sticker, and, of course, if you completed all the challenges, the main Safeguard operator skin, which I did a whole article on because I got all the challenges on my account for some random reason.

I unlocked the Safeguard operator, no unlock tools, no hacks. I mean. I just got it randomly, and that's it there. I have the Safeguard operator now, and the theory is that people were getting it if they had a new account, but of course my account, which I've had for so many years now, is definitely not a new account, and I got it here, and I don't think there's favoritism as well.

I'm not a big YouTuber. It's not a big deal for them to give me the Safeguard operator and advertise if everyone can't get it; it just doesn't really make a lot of sense there, so it seems like it's just super random. Have you not seen these whatsoever? Have any of your friends in real life gotten this?

Blue monster energy operator bundle unlock!

Blue monster energy operator bundle unlock!

very soon, and of course, another big promotion is coming up very soon for season 3. Rel loaded it's the new Blue Monster Energy operator collaboration here. This one is honestly pretty cool; it's the same type of BBQ skin we've been seeing for all the Monster Energy collabs here, but with a blue look.

I think the blue look is really cool, and we're also getting other weapon blueprints and cosmetics as well, so here's a full preview. Of all the content we're getting, first a war zone infill cutscene look operator looks sick there. This one here looks like a weapon blueprint that goes with a previous Monster Energy collab, but maybe they'll just give it to us in this new one here.

Another one that fits the theme a bit more is a blue, gray, and black look. We have a chrome claw charm here that looks solid, and a sticker as well. Unleash the Beast, a blue version of that, and, of course, other stickers. Here, they're showing some old ones as well, but you have some new ones.


Of course, the blue themes are the new ones: the cold rotation colon card and the Arctic drip emblem there, and then a vehicle skin that looks like the old version, but there probably will be a new blue Monster Energy vehicle skin that releases, so. A solid pack overall, and in the files of the game, this is a free pack here, so I guess again we're going to get some more free Monster Energy operators, cosmetics, and stuff like that, which I think they just want to promote the Monster Energy brand more.

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