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best settings for warzone 3

In this article, I'll be showing you how to improve and increase the FPS and performance of War Zone on your Windows computer. So the first thing that you're going to want to do is just jump straight into the game, like you can see I currently am. We now need to go ahead and click on the Settings Cog in the top right-hand corner, and you're now going to want to click on this option here that says Graphics.

All Right, so once you're on the graphics settings, the first thing that I'm going to point out is that in the bottom right-hand corner we got estimated floor usage, so you can see we got here Target, and then you can see our current usage. Now you're going to want to ensure that you are below this bar here that says Target, so you're going to want to make sure it's about roughly here where you can see my cursor at the moment.

Currently, Modern Warfare 3 is using 5.6, which is absolutely fine. I'm not hitting that Target, and I'm not using too much vram, and there's plenty of room there. So the first thing that we're going to want to do is change some settings within the display. As you can see, I'm currently on full screen, exclusive.

how to get more fps in cod warzone

Now you have two different options here, so we have a full-screen exclusive. I do prefer to use full screen borderless, so go ahead and give full screen borderless a go first, but if you don't want to use full screen borderless, then you can use the full screen exclusive, and what you're going to want to do is change these settings here now, as you can see my display resolution is currently at 1920x.

100 so as you can see there, it's now matched my resolution. If you change this really low, the game is going to look absolutely trashy. You're not going to like the graphics; they are just going to look awful. As you can see, it will be like running the game at a resolution of 700 by 396. So we don't want that we want it to be as close as we can to the actual render resolution, so you could actually bump this down to 95, but I wouldn't go any lower than 95.

how to increase fps in warzone 3

And on the bottom right here, where it says estimated fee RAM usage, you can see it is changing that fee RAM usage as I changed that bar, so like I said, 95 is perfect. Dynamic resolution: we just want to keep this off. I don't really like using a dynamic resolution option, so upscaling this is a great one if you have the option you want to turn this on, and basically just have a play through the options here.

As I hover over each option. I don't know if you can see there the render resolution is actually changing, so just be careful because, like that one there. Intel, you can see the bar dropped quite a bit but that didn't actually change it, so ignore that. I think it's a bit glitched, but anyway. Yeah, so just have a little play through these options, so I'm going to stick with this one here.

So we've now got the F Ram scale target, so you want to turn this all the way up, and you will now notice that your target has gone up. We want to give War Zone as much FRAM as we can, so we scroll down a bit more, and next up, we've got texture resolution. Now this is going to be how good the textures look in the game, so if you want to go with something like normal or low, you can see that the usage went up quite dramatically.

increase fps warzone 3

But you should be all right with normal, texture filter; we can just have that on low; that's fine; dep fulfilled off; don't like that option; anyway, detail quality level; so again, you can go with normal. We don't want the game to look too trashy in particle resolution, and now this can be very low.

Bullet impacts don't need those effects as well. We want this one off. Shadow quality: you want it on low. On demand textures, just leave that on; that's fine, then click on Show More, and you can also increase the cach size. Now let's scroll down a bit more local texture streaming. Just keep that going.

modern warfare 3 best settings for fps

Low if we scroll down more you've now got Shadow quality, so you want to have shadows to basically off or to the lower setting as they can impact the game's performance quite a lot so for example as you can see my bar there if I was to go to ultra you can see that bar is going up quite a lot so let's just keep that very low the next options keep them all off Static reflection ction quality again off you don't want that on, if we scroll down more we've got the final options here so you want to go off on the first option we want to go low on the next option off and then you want to go low or off and then water quality just go off as well we don't need to see those wave effects and things like that, so again let's go across to few and click on apply.

So few here; we've got our field of few now. The higher this number, the weirder the game will look if your monitor can't handle it, as well as the impact on performance. But also, just keep in mind that it will impact your field of view, meaning you won't be able to see as much to your left and right and to the top and bottom, like you can see in the preview image on the right-hand side.

If you want to have this, you can either keep it at 80 or lower it slightly. 75 now, lowering this number again will help improve the FPS and performance, so it does depend on how much your system is struggling. So if we scroll down more, we've got wild motion blur and an absolutely awful setting.

modern warfare 3 fps

I hate motion blur in any game, so straightway off and off for those two options. Plus, you know how it affects. Ever so slightly the performance in the game, so we got film grain you want to turn that off as well, so that's it for the settings with it in war zone, don't forget to head on over to display as well after applying them and clicking on restart shaders.

Or you can right-click on the start menu icon, go to device manager, expand display adapters, and you can see your graphics card there. If you're not sure how to do this, the next thing that we're going to want to do is jump on over to the program that I created called Easy Game Utility. So now that you've updated your graphics card driver, you now need to click on the clean tab on this program, then click on graphics, then click on clean next to AMD cache files, and go okay.

We then want to do the same for direct X Shader cache to get rid of all those old cash files for your graphics. So once you've done that, we can now close down Easy Game Utility. We're done with this program. So the next thing that we want to do is change the power plan that you're using in Windows.

more fps in mw3 warzone

So to do this, which is quite simple, all you need to do is open up the start menu type in the control panel, select control panel, and you then need to change the you byy to small icons, and you're then looking for the power options. You can always search for power options in the start menu. So, as you can see, I've already got high performance selected.

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