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best mw3 settings

Today it is time for you to have the best settings for Call of Duty: War Zone because Rebirth Island is back, and with that being said, let's hop right into the controller settings. This is just going to be a run-through of the controller settings that I use and also some of the recommendations that might not be exactly what I use that you can obviously try out as well.

So to start off with the controller settings, it's pretty simple. I play on the button layout tactical, and I do not play flipped, so that means I can drop shot with my right stick if I click it in, and personally. I think drop shotting is one of the most effective ways to kill enemies in this game, and I think it's the easiest way to kind of control your aim while also dropping, so I think drop shotting is really important.

best settings for mw3

Though I play on tactical personally. I just like it a lot, but that's all a matter of preference for what you really like yourself, and then if you keep going down here, we're going to talk about dead zones really quick just because this is probably one of the most important. Things when it comes to just aiming and just controller settings and depending on the controller that you have obviously is very important, so as you can see right here we have the test stick dead zone that you can obviously test your dead zone which I'm about to explain in a second but I play on left stick minimum and basically what the left stick minimum and the right stick minimum means is the minimum amount of force or pressure on your stick that actually activates, like you know the response of the controller as you can see that I have it at zero but if I were to go all the way over here and just put it to 20 really quickly which I think might be the default I'm not too sure I think 20 is the default though but regardless.

best settings for warzone 3

This red circle right around the left stick right here means that you would have to push your stick past this point to actually make it activate, so if we click the test stick Dead Zone, you can see that when I'm touching my left stick, it's actually starting to move, and the only way it's going to activate is until I actually push past that pressure point, and now it's actually going to start activating, which means it's just going to be a little bit less responsive for most people, especially when it comes to movement in War Zone when you're playing on Autot tactical Sprint.

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If you want to put the left stick minimum, basically as low as you can go until you're not moving on your own, of course sometimes controllers will have worse dead zones than others, so depending on your controller, anywhere from zero to five is a pretty good recommendation. Sometimes you have to up it a little bit more and if you kind of get higher than 10 you probably need a new controller but regardless of that we're going to go over here to the left stick Max and this is also something very similar so you can see here that I have it at 65, and you can't really see cuz they made it a red background I don't know why they did this but this red line right there where the tip of the arrow is pointing is the maximum, of my left stick Max so what that means if I was trying to get my character to move forward as fast as possible to hit the maximum amount of speed or the maximum amount of pressure that you can hit it would have to reach to that red line instead of all the way out here so you can see this red line if I put it all the way to 100, it's all the way out at the very end so basically that means you would have to put your stick all the way forward.

To get that full effect of the left stick Max, and when you're obviously playing on auto-tactical Sprint and you're working on your movement in War Zone, which is a very movement-heavy game, you kind of want to have the most responsive with the minimum and the fastest way to obviously get that maximum, as you can get the lower you get, though you have to be careful because, again, some controllers cannot handle it.

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65 is kind of pushing it. I would recommend 75 or 85; it's still just a little bit better than 100, but at the end of the day, it's really not that crazy if you do play at 100; this is probably the most optimized. Version of your controller that you can get a lot of pro players as well in War Zone and in the CDL, also play with these settings things obviously as tuned up as they possibly can for the most response so that is what those left stick minimum and left stick maximum is kind of mean and it's the same exact thing for the right stick right stick I play on six I can definitely go way lower with my controller but personally I just like the way it feels on six I've always played on six celum plays on six and he is one of the best aimers in the CDL, specifically, a lot of people do play on zero, 1 two three it kind of just depends on really what you want your responsiveness.

On your right stick to be and depending on your controller of course, but when you are testing this, the one thing I will say is that every time I give advice on this channel. I'm showing you what I'm using, but at the same time, if I were using zero. I have seen some creators recommend zero, one, two, or three.

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Sometimes that's just a little bit too responsive, for the Casual player who only plays a few hours a week right so that actually might not be for you too whereas six seven or eight might not be a bad thing to just test out and see if you like it it's not all exact settings of what your favorite content creator or streamer, just someone that is recommending, settings to you gives you as much as it is personal preference and I'm just giving you like kind of what I'm doing and also explaining it so six is my perfect like medium for me I've played on Lower I've played on higher but I do think I just play the best when I am on six with this controller specifically, if I get a new one I'm obvious going to have to probably change it up but either way that's what I rock I don't touch the right stick maximum because you do not want to mess with that when it comes to the aiming, stick when you're obviously tracking people with the right stick and all that and then left trigger zero right trigger zero because I want the most response.

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As for when I want to aim in and shoot as much as possible, that is in my controller settings, which are the dead zone settings for Rebirth Island. Now let's move over to the aiming settings. I play on six vertical sensitivity and six horizontal sensitivity. That is almost everything—every single CDL.

The BEST Warzone 3 Rebirth Island Settings Season 3 Update. It's time for you to have the best settings for Call of Duty Warzone because Rebirth Island is FINALLY back.
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