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1660 super warzone 3

So recently I did a article on how you can get more FPS on a low-end PC for Windows 3, and you guys loved that article, but today we are extending that article. Like what we haven't discussed in my last article, we are going to discuss it over here right now. Today we are going to discuss everything that can make your low-end PC run this game more smoothly, as you are running it right now.

So without further ado, let's start the article. So before you open the game, there are some settings that we need to configure in Windows. This article is going to be an optimization on a Windows PC. If you're using some kind of Linux or something else like Steam Deck, sorry for that. Maybe in the future I will make a article on that, but for now we are going to use my gaming PC, which is running on Windows 11 Pro 64bit, and it is updated to the latest update that is available for my PC.

Before we open the game, we need to go to the settings in the window. You can click on the start menu and search for the settings. If you're using Windows 11, the process will be similar, but the options will be available. Places can be different, so first go to the settings. It opened on my second screen, so I went directly and searched from here.

best mw3 settings

Gaming If you're using Windows 11, you can go to the game settings. Our game mod over here is directly in the setting; there is a gaming section over here. You can click over the gaming section, and there will be a game bar. You can turn it off if you are using a low-end PC, so I use the controller sometimes.

I do use this game bar, but the main thing that we are going to use over here in the graphic tab is that it might appear in the related tab as well as in the game mode. You can go to the gaming game mode, and you can enable this game mode in this game. This game mode does help a little bit, so you can enable it, and you can also go to the graphics from this related app, and it will appear.

It will be like a system display, and the graphics here for different games that are installed on your system will appear. Over here, we need to go to search for Call of Duty, and while there are two Call of Duty HQs, they are available over here because I have installed my game on Steam and on Battle Net as well, so that's why it's showing twice.

best warzone 3 settings

If you have downloaded your game on Battlenet or on Steam only, then it will appear as only one Call of Duty HQ. If it's not available over here, you can go browse and add any file from here; it will be available, so you can click over here and go to the options, and you can select it on high performance; by default, it will be pre-selected.

best warzone 3 settings pc

On high performance if you if you are using a desktop PC if you're using a laptop it might be in a power saving or it might be set to balance mode so if you, want to get more FPS just click on the high performance mode and as you can see this shortcut is from the steam version of the game and this is from the Battlenet version of the game don't worry the process will be same why I have installed the two version there is a very simple reason behind this there we had a texture issue on the Steam and we don't have a texture issue on a batt net so I do play on the battle net as well and I do play on the steam as well you just want to play Won, download it on the battl net it will be more life saving if you're not using any kind of SSD, all right you are pretty much done over here So the next thing is that we need to optimize your CPU usage, and already I have made a article on this particular topic; if you haven't watched it yet, please go and watch it because that is going to be very handy for CPU optimizations.

So I suppose you have already watched that, and you have done those steps correctly. The next thing that we need to do is related to Call of Duty configuration. Don't worry, I will not tell you something that can break your system or that can break your game. Don't worry about that; every step is safe, and you can apply it personally.

I already applied these, and I'm getting really, really good results. So the next step is that you need to go to the file explorer. You can go from this PC or my PC if you're using Windows 10, so you can go from here. If this icon is not available over here, go to the start menu and search for Explorer, and it will be File Explorer.

gtx 1660 super

Just click over here, and then this window will open. It might be a different window for you; it might be the desktop that downloads all documents. Don't worry about that; we need to go to the document folder from our left side. Go to the documents and then search for a call of duty. Click on any folder and press C on your keyboard, and it will navigate to the Call of Duty folder.

Open the Call of Duty folder, then the players folder, and then search for Option 3, COD 23., CST. Don't worry if. CST is not available. If CST is not visible, that might be the case. If it is not visible, go to view and go to the show option, then show file name extension, so that might be the case.

It might look like this for you. Don't worry about that. These are the same file; it will be available in the players folder. You need to right-click on this file, and you can open it with any notepad or editor. It might be the notepad, plus it might be the simple notepad in my case, so now you can maximize it, and there will be a bunch of different settings.

gtx 1660 super gaming

Please do remember not to add any other settings except two settings I will recommend because this might break your in-game settings, so what we need to change will be available over here. Here in the top lines, that is called thread count for handling the job queue, or that will be labeled as render worker count; it will be in the parentheses.

For myself, it was previously mentioned as four. Now, what you have to put over here depends on your model of CPU. For example, I'm using Ryzen. 55600 so you can search for your mod CPU model on Google, and you can go to the manufacturer's website. I'm using an AMD Ryzen 55600. Let's go to the AMD website, and here are the specifications.

gtx 1660 super warzone 3

We are going to check out two things: Number of CPU cores; it has six CPU CES; and number of CPU threads Remember my Ryzen CPU, 55600? It has six cores and 12 threads. That might be the case if you're using anel, for example, I5 12 400f. If, for example, you're using an Intel, you can search over here and go to the Intel's website, and you need to check two things: the number of CES and the number of threads, so we have a total number of CES six.

And remember, in modern CPUs, in cases 12 gen and up, it might be the case that you have some performance scores and some efficient scores. do in the render worker count is put the number of threads, what your CPU has; for example, my CPU also has 12 threads, so now what we have to do in the render worker count is put the number of threads, what your CPU has.

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