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It's chamber here, and today we will be doing an FPS optimization guide for War Zone 3 and Modern Warfare 3. At the same time, we're doing this at the start of season 1 just so that everyone can get as much FPS when the game releases. This will probably be very true for the remainder of this game as well, so if you're coming back a couple months later, don't feel like a lot of this stuff is outdated.

The most important thing to focus on with your PC and getting the max FPS is just having really, really good hardware, so you really need a fast GPU bound in any game. You do not want to be GPU-bound in any game, especially a competitive title. That's really going to be a massive, massive issue, so something like that.

I hate to say it, but if you have a high-end CPU, you need a 4090 or a 7900 XTX. You can get those for a lot cheaper too, and they seem to be getting a little bit better for CPU. It looks like the x3d CPUs, if you're just purely gaming, are going to be the way to go. You might run into some issues, though, which is why I'm very hesitant to recommend those to a lot of people, so honestly, getting something like a 14.


Any, 3, 000 series or 6, 000 series and up, gpus from Nvidia and AMD, respectively, do have resizable bar enabled you need to I would recommend it at this point just keep it enabled for everything and then you going to do to disable it if you really want to but most games it is going to be a benefit except for this game let's just see so go to General, on this tab go PCI resizable bar as you can see it does say that it is enabled on everything so why am I saying to disable it though and what are you going to do to disable it so for me, what I'm going to do is I'm going to leave it enabled in my BIOS, leave it enabled in Windows, and everything go to my file explorer go to my documents.

Call of Duty players now I only have Modern Warfare 3 installed now Modern Warfare 2 sucks it's trash so I just leave this the only part of the game I haven't downloaded you're going to go options for. Cod 23, cst, and we're going to go through a couple of settings. Setting 1.2 for the article memory scale is what I found to perform the best, but the difference is like nothing if you have like 8 gigabytes.

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Maybe if you have like a 4 gigabyte vram card, you might have some trouble here, but that's about all I've noticed about your thread work account. This has been very interesting for the longest time. I recommended half your course plus one, so I have 1300k. I have eight performance cores, so I was used to running five.

Bringing this to eight actually did boost my low significantly—not a bunch but just a little bit, so I set this to eight. So for anyone who is on an Intel CPU with ecores, efficiency cores, as you can tell, I have 24 cores technically, 8 R Performance, 16 R Efficiency. I'm just going to recommend setting it to those PE cores.

Amounts for my AMD users, you can still try half plus one. I know some people in the A cores are having really, really good performance with seven; that's what I noticed as well when testing. But we can scroll down, and all this stuff a lot of this stuff is just, honestly, personal preference, like audio.

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I don't recommend capping your FPS in the actual game itself, using something like the River Tuner or the Nvidia control panel, or any of those. None of this stuff really matters here. I did try and test it; none of this really boosted my FPS at all. It's about the same: make sure you're in full-screen exclusive.

Sometimes this does change, like when you kind of open up the game, which is really weird, but just set it back and you're fine. Don't use vsync in the game; if you're going to use vsync, use it in your graphics control panel. That's what I found to perform the best. A lot of these quests, like texture and all this stuff, are personal preferences; obviously, the lower it, the higher the FPS will be.

If you can't use any DLS or frame generation, this will add a significant amount of input delay, even though your FPS will be higher. Frame generation is just false. And here we have the really important setting that enables optimization when a resizable bar is supported by uploading more data to VRAM.

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By default, this is actually set to true, and a lot of people would be like, Yeah, I want that. I want more data in my VM. But for some reason, this is causing really bad lows and stutters. I do offer a PC optimization service. But what I noticed was that when I set this to true for him on a 1300/1400k and a 3090, because he was so GPU-bound, getting the extra GPU FPS really was important, so you might want to test this yourself using the built-in benchmark, but for 99% of people, actually.

I'm going to recommend you set this to false. You'll notice that the game feels just a little bit better. That was one thing I really did notice, and I did like that too, so I'm going to recommend it to more people. If you want to, you can do it. You're not looking at the FPS counter, though. Look at the feel of the game.

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For some lows, use something like cap frame X if you can. That's what I'm going to recommend for that, but honestly, the only three settings you really need to change in here or upload GPU heaps are to change this to false. And then 1.2 article memory scale and just work account to what I was talking about earlier, peor for Intel for AMD set it to like seven probably on a 8 core and like five for a six core here we are now in Modern Warfare 3 so obviously this might change a little bit with the new update but just go to The Graphic settings, go to full screen exclusive I'm going to stay in borderless right now just because I am recording just cuz I don't want to mess anything up though stay in full screen exclus though for most people honestly the difference now on FPS isn't that massive but hey.

For reflex low latency. I did find that it does perform the best; it gets a slight boost in the lows, but they're so close that it could have a margin of error, so do whichever one you honestly prefer. I do use Plus Boost, though, because I like to mix g-sync with vsync, and you need Plus Boost to properly cap your FPS and get the smoothest gaming experience.

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There's a couple articles back like the smoothest gaming experience or something honestly using gsync and vsync, especially in a game like this. I would highly recommend custom frame sets to Unlimited in the game. Different versions of frame rate capping are available, such as the Nvidia control panel or the Riverton statistic server.

I found that a custom frame rate in here just ruins your lows, suckers each if you use this cool I don't, upscaling SL sharpening I only use. Fidelity FX just for the extra sharpness cuz I'm lowkey blind. I mean, you could use image scaling with Native, but I just like using this because it's just pure.

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