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youtubers 33 kills with the brand new AR, the BP50. This thing is absolutely insane.

Bp50 meta setup

right guys, board the class for today's article for my new BP50, Loadout. Starting off with the muzzle attachment, we're going to rock the VT7 spe fire suppressor for enhanced recoil control, velocity damage range, and because it makes you undetectable by radar because we are rocking a suppressor, therefore not showing up on the mini map.

Jumping on board with our second attachment for the BP50 setup, we're going to rock a barrel, and we're going to put on the heavy barrel for enhanced bull velocity and range gun kick control, recoil control, and firey stability. For our third attachment, for the BP50 setup, we're going to rock a magazine, and we're going to rock the 45-round mag for the enhanced magazine ammo capacity.

best bp50

And when it comes down to it, this is the only downside of this BP50. It's so good but it needs a 60 round mag right now if it ever gets it it'll be meta but for now the 45 round mag is what holds it back just a little bit still makes this gun so freaking good to use jumping on board with our fourth attachment for the bp50, setup we're going to rock a stock and we're going to rock the four bear heavy stock for the enhanced recoil control, and gun kick control it kind of keep this recoil to a minimum and then finally for our fifth attachment, a lot of people don't like the iron sights on this bp50, so for this article we're going to rock an optic we're going to run the Jack glassless optic for that Precision s picture fireing, stability just because it basically gets rid of all the visual recoil.

Now, in my opinion, I love the iron sight. For those of you guys that like the iron sights as well, you should take the optic off, you should run under the barrel, and you should run the Bro heavy support grip. It makes this thing an absolute laser, but for the article's sake and for everyone that doesn't like the iron sights, we made this article with an optic for you guys.

With that being said, this is my favorite BP50 class setup.

Bp50 gameplay starts

Bp50 gameplay starts

Mark, What's this guy doing? What are these guys doing? Dead G's dang it, that was a good game too. I'm using it. I'm using it. It has a super bad feel, like Jah H. Look at how she walks; you know it's real.

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