News - New" Zero Recoil M4 Loadout Is Broken Warzone 3. Best M4 Setup - Warzone 2

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youtubers 33 kills with the M4 assault rifle from war zones 2 and MW2. This thing is still absolutely insane. The article is going to give a quick shout-out to.

Zero recoil m4 setup

We're going to rock the new compensator muzzle, and we're going to put on the Zin compensated flash hider for enhanced vertical and horizontal recoil control and enhanced fire stability.

This shortens your radar pinks, meaning you aren't going to show up on the mini map for as long while running this flashhider. Consider this muzzle a mixture between a silencer and a recoil attachment. For our second attachment for the M4 setup, we're going to put on a barrel, and we're going to use the high tower 20-in barrel for enhanced bull velocity, range recoil control, and hit-fire accuracy.

For our third attachment for the M4 setup, we want to control the recoil, so we're going to put on an underbarrel, and we're going to use the Breu heavy support grip for enhanced gun kick control, g sway, horizontal recoil control, and fire-aing stability. This is going to limit that left to right shake that left to right recoil that is hard to control, and it's going to make this thing very easy to use, with our fifth and final attachment for the M4 setup we're going to put on a magazine and we're going to rock the 60 round mag for the enhanced magazine ammo capacity, just simply because the stock mag is not going to be enough and you're going to need the 60 round mag when using the setup finally jumping on board with our fifth and final attachment the iron sights aren't the best on the M4, so we're going to rock an optic and we're going to use nothing less than the Jack glassless.

Brand new optic for that Precision S picture and that enhanced fire Amy stability because this thing gets rid of the majority of all the visual recoil and makes this thing a straight laser beam. With that being said, this is my new M4 class setup.

M4 gameplay starts

M4 gameplay starts

over, kill confirmed, we located the, we'll be seeing you little, brother, we'll be seeing you no ha hating Carl, awake just don't really have game plays. Me and Carl both don't have games, but at this point I'm about ready to say, You know what I'm incoming, and I miss Kenny Ches brother so much if we look good.

Yeah, I think you could hit like a head shot or chest shot. It's really good, though it kind of lacks range. Sometimes I need to get some gameplay here. Chat, give me a sec lock in real time. Out, they stay down. I have a portable radar, but I want to save it for these two guys on the left. They look good, but there's a flaw.

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