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youtubers 32 kills with the meta one-shot sniper, the XRK stalker. My brand new build has insane ad speed with insane bump velocity, making this thing a one-shot headshot up to around 80 M.

Xrk stalker setup

All right guys, to board the class set up for our brand new XRK one-shot sniper, starting off with a muzzle attachment, we're going to go over and we're going to rock the Mammoth 50 suppressor for the enhanced damage range, pull velocity, and enhanced recoil control while keeping you off the mini map because you are undetectable by radar because this is a silencer.

best xrk stalker class

You look at the detailed stats, and this is going to get you the best damage range and bull velocity. For a sniper, whenever we run this muzzle and when we pair it with our barrel and our ammo, it's going to give you the best bull velocity possible and the best one-hot headshot distance. For our second attachment for the XRK setup, we're going to run a barrel, and we're going to put on the fishing 60 barrel for enhanced bull velocity and range aiming out of sway and fire aiming stability.

When you take a look at the detailed stats of this Barrel you're also going to see that it gives you plus 23%, effective damage range minimum damage range and buol velocity, again the muzzle pair with this Barrel pair with our next attachment, the ammo is going to make the bullet velocity on this thing absolutely incredible meaning that you don't have to Le the scope or the reticle or your bullets as much as you actually think you have to once you get used to the setup for our third attachment for our xrk stalker setup we're going to go over we're going to rock the 50 cal high grain rounds for the enhanced bull velocity and enhanced damage range again making this thing's bull velocity through the roof because it puts the damage range at a 15%.

And it has a UPS Bu velocity of 15%, but putting it at 1,246. M/s, this thing basically hits scan all the way up to its one-shot potential. With our detachment for the XRK stalker, we're going to run a laser, and we're going to run the SL Razer Hawk laser light to enhance aim walking steadiness and tack stance spread.

Sprint the fire speed and aim down sight speed, and then finally, for our fifth and final attachment, we want to make this thing. Speedy, we want to make the ads speed extremely fast, so we're going to go to the stock and we're going to rock the no stock for the enhanced aim-down sight speed. Sprint the fire speed, movement speed, and aim walking speed.

With that being said, that is my brand new XRK, stalker. Class it up.

Xrk stalker gameplay starts

Xrk stalker gameplay starts

I didn't have it turn up loud enough. This guy I killed in the game is Hades Boy, PoBoy, and he said my skin is so hard to hit. With the two heads, he said, Please take it off. He said you can't; I can't hit you, bro. Me Snipes are getting me moist; yeah, I miss being able to hit him consistently.

I just don't snipe anymore. This guy said he was going to run my pockets in the game for sure, brother. It's insane chicken. It's insane it's actually terrible for the game you want me to be in. I just rushed my shot. I thought he was going to. I thought he was going on high alert. Come to the door.

Man, thank you; I appreciate it. I hope you have been good. Brother, why do you use these classes in ranking? You can't snipe at rank. Well, you can't use a one-shot sniper in rank, or, I should say, gas. Hey, quick batt me I got a game play on the line. I'm out of here, buddy. I'm out of here.

I have a game play on the line for YouTube. I'm out of here. I ain't fighting.

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