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To win in the war zone, you need the correct loadout, so today I'll be showing you the top five best ARs with the fastest ttk. With the first one being an honorable mention of the BP50, this thing actually goes insane. Crazy on Rebirth Island still works very well on the bigger MK, but it is a more close-range AR.

best class setup mw3

I know I have a scope on it, so it seems a little bit weird, but just trust me, try it out, and you guys will see the power behind it. This thing is absolutely insane, so we do have the spirit fire suppressor in here. You could swap this out for maybe the Jack BF. That will reduce the recoil the most but then you know the mobility is going to be a little bit slower overall the spear fire is going to be my favorite on there you could also add the compensated, flash hider that's going to be a little bit better if you're trying to play very aggressive, since there really isn't any Mobility cons but we still get that recoil, control since we do need a little bit more damage range for that's like the thing that kind of holds this weapon back is the lack of damage range you're on the lower nine heavy barrel you guys can see it's still going to be pretty bad but it's not going to be nearly as bad plus we do get some recoil control and then the optic that I've been really liking is the DS farsight.

11 The Coro Eagle Eye is also pretty good; you could even use the Jack Eyes glass one; that one would be very good on this thing, like Rebirth Island, and then we got the 45 on mag since, you know, if for your primaries you kind of always need a magazine on there, then for the stock, we got the Mo 40 stock.

I was going to, you know, maybe add like an underbarrel or maybe the high grain rounds to make it a little bit better at longer ranges, but this Mo 40 is so hard not to run, like, look at that recoil control, with really not losing anything whatsoever, and we even get mobility and handling like this is seriously one of the best attachments in the entire game, and so definitely rock this exact BP50.

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You guys should be able to go crazy if you do want to make any changes. I would probably take off the muzzle. Maybe you can add high-grain rounds or something, but you guys should do well with that. The next one that we are going to be going over this going to be the SVA 545. SVA is very good. Keep in mind that it is a little bit better if you keep it in semi-auto.

Although maybe you do worse with semi-auto, then I would just have it in full auto. Basically, you got to hit the first two shots since it's the a94. It's going to fire the first two way faster than the rest of these shots, hence the reason you kind of want it on that semi-auto. So again, we are going to be adding the spirit fire suppressor; this is the best like a suppressor or muzzle for a war zone typically.

I will use, like, maybe the Zemp compens flash hider unless the overall recoil control is very good. In this case, this gun has no recoil, so we can add the Spar Fire to the barrel to maximize that damage range. We are going to be adding the Precision Barrel. Keep in mind that the SV just got a damage range buff, and so now this thing is going to be way better than it was before, but velocity is going to be over a, or almost, a thousand, which will feel like you're playing on a better ping than hit registration.


Is going to be better. This is seriously probably like my second or my go-to AR; I just try to mix it up, Bo, and I don't really like rocking the same thing if I'm trying to do well. I typically throw in the SVA or that SOA for the under. We are going to be adding the brew and heavy, and you are going to see this on a lot of the builds in this article since the brewing and heavy are going to be the best under barrel for that recoil control since you get aiming.

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Auto stability and gun kick control, as well as fire and aiming stability. I do like how we're getting like that horizontal recoil control, but I don't even really care about that; it's mostly for the fire and aiming stability and that gun kick control like it's actually crazy when you try out a different underbill that gives you recoil control then you go back to the brew and heavy you'll notice there is way less recoil like I can beam enemies across the map with my eyes closed it is insane how overpowered the underbill is for the optic I'm going to be adding the Jack glassless.

This one is very clean, and I like how it gives us fire and stability; furthermore, it brings down that recoil. Overall, though, use whichever one you want. You can use that DS4, Site, or Coral's Eagle Eye; that one's pretty good overall, though I really like the Jack glassless optic for the stock.

We are going to be adding the main V6 stock. This is just going to give you a lot of recoil control without really hurting the weapon. I know I don't have a magazine on here, so. I will take off the magazine. I'll take off the stock, and add the 45, but if I'm playing solos or something like that.

I can really get away with running the main, like it is super satisfying with the main; it's just, you know, in the war zone, you kind of need some extra ammo, so that was my bad. I do play solos somewhat often, so that's why sometimes you know I don't really need a magazine for that. You guys should be able to do well with this again.

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If the recoil is a little bit heavy on the gun, take off the muzzle and then go over to the stock and add the main V6. I would just rather be off the radar and be a little bit more stealthy now for the next gun that we are going to be going over. This is going to be the number one gun in the war zone right now.

The S SOA is this thing—very crazy, a little bit of a slow ad, but there's going to be no recoil. One pro tip: make sure you aim with that left stick. Make sure you always strafe to track the enemy; don't use your right stick to track the enemy, and then once you start doing that, you'll notice that there is way more aim, which makes it just way easier to be those enemies, to which we are going to be adding the Z-comp flash hider.

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I tried out the other muzzles, but there was a lot of recoil on this gun, so I kind of need to add the flash hider. Jack BFB also works pretty well, but then the mobility was way too slow, and the Jack BFB now brings down your BL velocity by like 15%. It's already pretty good on this gun, but if it's my primer, I usually like to have it at least at 800 m/s.

Overall, the Comite flashhider is going to be the best for the B. We are going to be adding the Dozer 90-long barrel just to maximize that damage range and that overall recoil control without really hurting the mobility. Too much i did want to add maybe high-grain rounds to this build, but there's just a lot of recoiler where you kind of need to add the Brew Heavy for the magazine.

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