News - Warzone: Major Movement Updates, New Gameplay Changes, More Leaked

New warzone, mw3, & cod 2024 leaks revealed!

New warzone, mw3, & cod 2024 leaks revealed!

We've seen some new files added to the game code in the back end, and they were ultimately data mined as they usually are, and they give us some very interesting insight into some future updates. Within this article specifically, we're breaking down some future content updates across MW 3 in War Zone that could be kind of interesting, but also some more information on Call of Duty 2024.

There are a lot of files within War Zone and MW3 now because it's all through the Call of Duty HQ app or whatever that directly indicates certain things for Black Ops 6 or Black Ops Go 4, whatever you want to call it, and it indicates, potentially, some very significant changes coming to the movement system and to general gameplay, as well as lots of very curious things to discuss in this one as we go through it all.

New warzone & modern warfare 3 content & gameplay changes leaked

New warzone & modern warfare 3 content & gameplay changes leaked

It's always really appreciated, and it does really help grow the channel. So first up, a couple of new things that we could keep our eyes on for some future seasonal updates here in Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone For whatever reason, the most recent season 3 Reloaded Title Update included some new files referencing, some streaks, and coming to multiplayer.

And one of them is a little bit more standard. We haven't seen as many new kill streaks drop throughout the year this year as we've seen in years past, but the Reaper drone from Modern Warfare 3 is one of them. It's kind of like a mini-AC130. In and of itself, that was actually found in the files, so that could be a new incoming kill streak SL score streak, whichever one you like using there for a future seasonal update, potentially season 4, season 5, season 6, so that's one to keep an eye on, though I find it rather curious.


It's actually the DNA bomb, which was the nuke equivalent for advanced warfare. Now we've seen several different things from Advanced Warfare return this year, either in the form of weapons or other callbacks for the Nostalgia Factor, but I find this one to be a bit interesting because we already have the nuke in the game, which obviously you can go through, and you can get your gun streak in multiplayer and call in the nuke if you want.

However, adding in a DNA bomb is basically the same thing, so is it going to be a full-on new skin? Is it going to be like a bundle? Hey, if you buy this Advanced Warfare throwback bundle, if you get a nuke, it actually turns into a DNA bomb, or would it be its own separate thing? I have to imagine it's just a skin or some kind of update for it that just changes the look and sound of it, but certainly something to keep an eye out for another piece of new content we've got for MW3, and War Zone is actually a new aftermarket part, maybe for the most interesting weapon yet, the RL 80.

Now, you may recall a couple of seasons ago when we discussed some one-off leaks that mentioned potentially a new aftermarket part coming for the RL 80. But then nothing really ever came of that. We saw all of the other aftermarket parts that were leaked alongside that drop, and the RGLS didn't do well in season 3 Reloaded.

The rgl aftermarket part in the files was updated a little bit more in waiting that yes, a new update for the rgl would be dropping and it's going to change the way that this behaves, in some form now what an aftermarket part could be here. I've got no idea Maybe instead of grenades, it shoots off smoke or it shoots out stuns or something like that; that's just a little bit more obnoxious, but yeah, the RG80 could get a full-on aftermarket part for a future Weekly Challenge Series, so that one could be either very fun or very obnoxious depending on the route they go with it now.

New cod 2024 (black ops 6) movement & gameplay leaks

New cod 2024 (black ops 6) movement & gameplay leaks

More importantly , as I alluded to at the start, we've got some new Cod 2024 leaks that were found as well, and all of these, in my opinion, provide for either some really cool potential changes to movement within War Zona than also in multiplayer in Black Ops 6, but also just general gameplay changes.

2024 leaks

Some of these mechanics could really change how the game flows and feels now. Keep in mind that I should say this at the start of every article, but especially when it comes to Cod 2024 leaks. This stuff is just leaks, and we're so far out from seeing the gameplay and actually having hands-on with it, and we're even further out from seeing the war zone integration that these things could be scrapped, altered, and adjusted in many different ways, so until it's 100% officially confirmed at Call of Duty next or at an Xbox event or something like that, definitely take this stuff with a grain of salt, but movement There's a couple of New Movement updates that were referenced in the files recently uploaded to Call of Duty 2024.

Specifically or project curus, which would mean it would apply to multiplayer, for sure if it were to come to fruition, but also likely to war zone as well, given the fact that for the first time ever, a Treyarch title and the war zone integration are being developed on the same engine, which means a lot of what's going to be similar in multiplayer is going to be similar to war zone this year, which is going to be very interesting to see play out, but we obviously have our slide cancellations.

black ops 6

There's also been talk of dolphin dives that we've talked about before with Cod 2024, leaks, and rumors, but now the newest movement mechanic that's been talked about in the files is some kind of juke. Whether it's a specific button prompt that would only work if you're in close range. Left Right slide on your analog stick or something like that, obviously very far out from actually figuring that out, but a Juke movement system coming could be very interesting for the overall movement meta, and then right alongside that, another update to movement that's been mentioned in the files is actually the ability to do a Crouch.

Sprint so I imagine this would just be a much faster Crouch movement speed. It wouldn't be as fast as a general sprint or potentially even an attack sprint speed, but it wouldn't be as slow as your general crouching, where you're pretty limited in how much you can actually move around there. You're kind of a sitting duck if you're crouching right now and trying to strafe or really move anywhere in the war zone, so the ability to crouch sprint would certainly, you know, add another level of potential movement metas there that could be really beneficial in certain areas on the map.

black ops 6 leaks

If you're trying to navigate through tight spaces or trying to take cover in certain areas, being able to sprint out of that and then transition that into an attack sprint transition that maybe into a slide could be really cool for the overall movement meta as well, and then finally, another new mechanic that's been mentioned in the game files is what I would essentially consider to be a human shield.

New WARZONE INTEGRATION Update Leaks Reveal Some BIG Gameplay Changes coming in the future.
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