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now this right here is the updated method on how to reverse boost in War Zone and Modern Warfare 3, and the point of reverse boosting is to get lobbies like they used to be back before skill-based matchmaking existed, just like in the OG Call of Duty, where you can have easy casual lobbies, or if you do run into sweats, at least it's more casual, rather than how skill-based matchmaking is now, where you just completely play against other people, just like rank play now.


I'm not saying that you need reverse boosting, but it does completely change the experience when you play Call of Duty with reverse boosting. It really does take the lobbies back to how it was in the old Call of Duty, and it just makes a better and more fun playing experience. And then, not only that, it is another good way to get better so you can keep being on top of the lobby and get used to that, so when you're in a non-reverse booster in a regular skill-based lobby, just keep staying on top and get better and better, as shown right here in this article.

I'm going to be showing you guys the reverse-boosted Lobby.


I'm going to be showing it for both modern Warfare 3 and War Zone are going to start off first with the Modern Warfare 3 method because Modern Warfare 3 reverse boosting just works way better than War Zone. I suggest doing the Modern Warfare 3 method over the war zone method, but I am still going to show the war zone method, and especially now that rebirth is here, it actually does make things better before we get into it if you guys want any nukes, or any camos on your account, or any unreleased bundles that's in the game.

I will be leaving a link to the Discord. Make sure you check it out. This setup applies to both Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, so what you need is a console or a PC as your main account, the account that wants to get the reverse-boosted lobbies, and then you will need a second console or PC. So you can have a second dummy account.


You need a dummy account and your main account to be able to reverse boost now for your second system. I highly suggest it be a console over a PC because you do need to be able to use split screens. PCs do not have split-screen consoles. Try to really do this with a console at your second to really get the full effects of the reverse boost now as your dummy account; it just needs to be any level one account.

It can be a new-made PlayStation account or a new-made Xbox account, or it can be an alternative dummy account that you don't use; it just needs to be any account that's level one and has no kills or deaths. You know low stats, all those types of things; it needs to have all those; it needs to be the most negative KD; everything because all you're doing with this verse is boosting, and for both War Zone and Modern Warfare 3, so this is the low level stats.

cod mw3

This is the high stats. All you're basically doing is going into a game with your low-level dummy accounts. That's low; they're playing in their low-level lobbies in their low-level skill-based matchmaking, and all you're doing is on your high-level account with high-level stats. High KD, high kills, high score.

And what you're doing is joining these level one accounts and getting the experience of playing against level one, or at least new players, and that right there is reverse boosting. It's as simple as that, and to continue the rest of the setup, make sure you go to Social and add yourself. Add your Buy accounts.

Add both of your dummies, or at least your main dummy account that's going to be hosting this, and also, if you look at the dummy screen. I'm now adding my second reverse Boost account, and these are just dummy level one accounts with nothing but kills on them, just being used for reverse boosting; they're not being used for anything else, just reverse boosting, and then after you add yourself, go to player actions.

And then add your Buy account as a favorite. That way, on your friends list is the first account to pop up, and you can join it as fast as possible. From there, you are all ready to reverse boost, so let's go ahead and get into the method for Modern Warfare 3 reverse boost.

Mw3 method

Mw3 method

What you need to do first on your dummy account is start up the game mode that you want to play. Let's say I want to play Small Map MOS Pit. So what you need to do in your main account is go ahead and hover over the join party option.

Join the party as soon as your B accounts are in the lobby. And also very important, make sure that there's a spot in the lobby to be able to merge your account, so if it's a full lobby, you're going to have to back out and retry again, but if there is a spot, you see how this lobby is N9 out of 12.

If there's a spot, it will eventually merge you into the lobby. Now if it doesn't merge you into the lobby, you're going to have to just retry, which means it was already a spot someone was probably already connecting, but for the most part, it should connect you in just like how I got connected in right here, and then now on your Bot account, you need to click Circle and then leave without party.

cold war

So Circle leaves without a party. That way, your bots don't spawn into the game, so no one can get free kills on you, and they're now in the lobby, ready to reverse boost for the next game, all right? You guys, here we go. We got a reverse-boosted lobster, and I'm not going to show this lobster for too long because there is already a nuke game.

Play, how, like, is this lobby boosting the lobby? My teammate already has a chopper. This is the beginning of the game, Three Pieces. You know all right, but I'm just going to show you guys the method again on how to do it, so remember, on the bot account, go ahead and start up the game mode that you want to play, so let's play this time.

I want to play six stars all right, so the bot is now in the game, but it's 12 out of 12. In some cases, when you're in the lobby, you could wait until someone backs out, but sometimes that doesn't happen, so you're just going to have to leave Lobby and just research for another game, so now I'm doing a small map MOS pit.

I'm going back to this game mode, all right, and I'm now in the game. And I join, but this Lobby is already 12 out of 12 Y, and it doesn't look like nobody's backing out either, so remember, on full lobes, just leave Lobby dang, and at the last moment somebody left that Lobby, all right, so the bot in the lobby now, and I join fast, it's 11 out of 12, so that means it was just one spot, but let's see if it works.

yep and I got merge so now you guys see the lobby is 12 out of 12 and remember don't forget with your bots click Circle. Leave without partying; that way, nobody's getting free kills, and then from here, you're all good to enjoy your reverse-boosted lock.

warzone no sbmm warzone and mw3 reverse boost method. In this video, ill be showin you How to DISABLE SBMMREVERSE BOOST in WarzoneMW3 FULL GUIDE.
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