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10 things mwz needs

Say what you want about Modern Warfare 3: Zombies. It's a very mixed bag for a lot of people. Many of us enjoy it and think it's an interesting twist on the zombie formula, and many of us think it's nothing more than a steaming pile of trash. I thought of 10 things that Modern Warfare Zombies needs to reach its fullest potential.

Let's get right into the first thing here, which is something to do with stashed contraband weapons. We have 20 slots for these bad boys, and it feels like way too much for something that I don't really hear a lot of people use in Zombies, which in DMZ is a different story, but in this it's just not really relevant, or at least not all the time anyway.


Maybe you want to stash that one really cool custom weapon you found, or maybe you want to take home the awesome variant you found off of that boss in the Fortress. But other than that there's nothing to do with these things you already start with a free weapon in short slot and once you get two of them unlocked you're never going to touch these Contraband weapons again you're probably wondering what the solution is I thought of and I don't, have one am I the only guy that doesn't use Contraband weapons am I just cursed to be so good at the game to never need to, probably not, it feels so odd that there's all of these weapons sat there and I have no use for them so maybe some way to break them down or sell them and use those for points to take into the next match or maybe add a scrap currency to the game like in Cold War zombies anything that can make me feel good about getting rid of all these weapons, realistically.

Something this game needs so badly in my opinion is an injection, of Easter eggs which sounds like some kind of drug when I say it out loud but you know what I'm saying I feel like we need an update, or something that is going to plant a ton of side Easter eggs into this game things to do things to find things to solve that's going to do nothing but benefit the game and make the world feel more dense because right now it still feels like a war zone map and that's a huge issue I have with the game and I know I'm not alone in that and yes it does look slightly different but right now it's just a war zone map that's got a purple tint to it truly Innovative, design my eyes wept tears of pure joy it was simply, breathtaking.

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So some Easter eggs to make this feel a bit more like an actual zombie map would be really fun for everyone to find, discover, and do, and it would go Leaps and Bounds when it comes to establishing itself than just the color purple. Not only would it change the way it looks, but it would also make the game so much more fun, and if the story is lacking like it is in this game, then I say they need to double down on the game play; we want more to do than just camo grinding and challenges, and speaking of the lack of story, we need better storytelling.

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Right now, the main plot for the game is so surface-level; the details of the cutscenes go hard and everything, but the actual meat and potatoes of it are the substance. Behind it, it's just not there; it's nowhere to be seen except for that one part in the Act 3 cut scene with, you know, who they got their spatula and chef hat and cooked quite hard for that one, but I also think that all rides on the fact that it is Samantha and it gets as excited because of that, but other than that.

I feel like they could do so much more isolating the Samantha part; it doesn't even feel like there's many moving parts or I'm learning more about the characters. Zak Kth's motives outside of being a mustache-twirling villain—I guess I'm saying they could up the anti a bit more and make the characters feel a lot more in depth.

What's a good way to do that? You ask more, love, and add more radios. Make them actually listenable, because every time you do try and listen to one, you hear Green or Herrera start talking, and it's like, Just leave me alone. Guys, I don't think the readable Intel from the Cold War was the way forward either, because trying to read all those made my eyes drop off.

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They need to go back to the whole show. Don't tell me the radios are fine if you could actually listen to them more and they had more of them and were saying more interesting things, but also don't be afraid to show us things. Put hints and clues around the map; really, let us piece this together and discover the law and story.

I'm not saying it has to be Warhammer scale law, but some more would be nice onwards and upwards to the fifth thing a player trade system has got to be a thing a way to secure. Giving weapons, points, perks, or anything like that to other players and not having to worry about those damn vultures coming and taking things would be a really nice quality of life update that I could see being really usable.

Being able to prep before raids or going across the river to Tier 3 or even Tier 4 by being able to safely efficiently trade items and points to one another would be really cool instead of having to worry about dropping things and then they despawn on the floor, you can't pick them up, or someone comes and steals them because they're Call of Duty players, so of course they do that kind of thing, which would be a very appreciated quality of life change.

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The next one I'm about to say is one of my favorites on the list, so dive into it: public transport. Okay, when I say it like that, it sounds super boring, but listen. Hear me out, much like how DMZ had a train that could take you around the map and was also full of loot. I propose that we have some public transport in the game so that players can get around, and it might even have some loot on it if you get there first in the form of a train like DMZ, or better yet, a huge transit bus.

I say more. Treyo should just put me on the payroll now. The concept of that sounds so fun to me, and it feels like such an obvious thing now. I do know that there are vehicles in the game that you can just drive, but this is straight-up fun, and you can efficiently meet players to either join their squad or invite them to yours.

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It could rotate around the map to make sure everyone can use it and get to the other side of the map or into a different zone at their leisure, and it would be a good excuse to get tedb, and for any of you slamming your fist down at your desk or on your phone demanding a story explanation for it, it leaked out of the dark ether.

There are only two things I'm certain of in this world; one is obvious. Water is the best beverage in the world, and the transit bus and Ed need to come back at some point to number seven. I think a zombie fortress would be a really cool idea, and I don't mean strongholds. I mean something as big as the mercenary fortress, but as an undead equivalent.

Here are a list of things that I feel need to be added into or changed within Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies so it can reach its full potential.
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