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Insane, especially in Tier 3, where the vr11 takes out Mega Abominations in about two or three shots and any other hvts in about two shots, where the Wonder WF took a little bit longer with the Mega Abominations. But with everything else, it still took about one or two shots, so within today's game, we're going to be going in supercharging the ray gun and testing it out and seeing if it holds up against the vr11 and the wonderf now because we are doing the supercharge glitch, we will need to have a legendary a tool in order to go ahead and supercharge these weapons, and then we also will need to make sure that we either have a self-revive or a dog bone, so I will go ahead and put a dog bone on just so that we can go ahead and get revived because we don't actually have a self-revive.

And that's pretty much all the requirements that we need to make this work, so without further ado, let's just head straight into the game and see how the R Gun performs once it is supercharged. Within Modern Warfare 3 zombies, you're looking to unlock the new Modern Warfare 3 cam, such as Interstella or Borealis, hard-locked, or play in bot lobbies where you guys can level up your guns and unlock camos rapidly, get all the best schematics, or even instant delivery of pre-made accounts.

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Be sure to use the code first. 5% off Okay, so we're now in the game. We are going to go ahead and pop both of our Wonder Weapons. Okay, so now that we've gone ahead and got our jugut kill streak, we're good to go and supercharge these weapons, so it's really easy to do if you guys don't know how to do it.

I've shown you guys a few times already, and now that this has landed on you guys pretty much. I just want to make sure that you go down so you guys can go down by a zombie or full damage or anything like that. I don't have a scorcher, so I can't die by full damage, so I'm just going to have to let myself go down by one of these zombies, and then essentially, once you guys go down, just either use yourself to revive or get your dog to revive you.

Once you guys have gotten back up, you want to go ahead and throw down both of your weap weapons. Once you guys have thrown down both of your weapons, go ahead and interact with the dragon kill streak. You'll see the same weapons on the floor over there, and then once you're out of this dragut, your weapons will have been duplicated, and they won't have a rarity; you're going to be able to go ahead and throw on that legendary AA tool.

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Go ahead and pack-a-punch it to tier three, and then your gun will be supercharged, because not only does it have the power level from the pack-a-punch level three, but it also now has a power level from a legendary tool, which you otherwise wouldn't have been able to put on the gun. As you guys can see, we no longer have a rarity on the weapon, and we can go ahead and throw on that legendary tool on both of the weapons.

Now this is where you're going to want to go ahead and use your golden armor plate and stuff like that. So now that that's done, all we need to do is go over to the pack-a-punch machine and pack-a-punch our weapons, and then we will be supercharged. So before we head over there, we're just going to go ahead and grab all of our perks—every single perk except for Tombstone.

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Let's go ahead and pack a punch: one, two, three, and now we're pretty much good to go. Go, Wao So we had a lot of stuff right in our faces. Just there, we do have a regular Abomination. We are going to be able to see how the supercharged ray gun actually performs against him, and as you guys can see, once you guys supercharge the ray gun, it pretty much takes one or two shots at all of the zombies.

Now, the ray gun without the supercharge will still take one or two shots at the zombies, but what it will do is make a lot more crawlers. Okay, so we just make sure we don't die. My God, as you guys can see, the ray gun isn't that powerful against the mega-abominations, but I would say that the ray gun itself isn't actually that powerful of a gun anyway.

I mean, it definitely is a good gun. It's really good at crowd control, but it's never really been the best gun to use in the game. But when it's supercharged, as you guys can see, it does do quite a lot of damage quite a lot of damage and I've said it before, but just in case you guys don't know if you guys are running solo and you guys do have a dog.


I would highly suggest running the healing aura, power up, because with healing aura you can use it and it will actually revive the health of your dog. As you guys can see, our dog's health is really low right now, and if I had healing Aura, I could pop that, and his health would go back to 100%. So it's really good to use, especially when you are using solo, and especially when you do have a dog, because sometimes that dog can die, and with the healing Aura, you're obviously just going to be stopping him from dying.


Now that's all taken out, let's go and deal with our disciple. Before we do that, we are going to quickly refill. Let's see how fast this disciple will die. We need to try and make sure that he doesn't heal on us because obviously, when he heals on us, we can't get that much damage on him his health isn't really like going down that fast, but it does look like it's going down a little bit slow, let's go ahead and grab this so that we can kind of take out all the zombies that's around us, our dog is on that mimic which is good but now he's finished with him he's on this disciple now, thep will definitely die it just might take a few shots so as you guys can see his health isn't really like going down that.

Fast, but it's still going down nonetheless. Just that it will take a bit of shots, it will take a little bit of work, but because you have so many bullets with the ray gun, it's not that big of a deal. deal, we got a flawless crystal from that. Have you guys had any flawless crystal drops for a while, because I haven't?

That's pretty damn good; I'm not going to lie to you. You, he's about to shoot his eye. Let's see if we can take out an eye while it's open. I don't think we got it. One. I take out this disciple; we're going to go down okay, so our first down bit of a silly down, to be honest, because I did see it happening.


I could have probably prevented it, but I didn't, which is my bad. Let's try and protect our dog a little bit as well so he doesn't get killed. We do have more dog bones just in case we need them, but ideally, I don't really want to use more than one dog bone per game. We have a mimic here. So let's take out that mimic that is dead.

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