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Ladies and gentlemen, it's Rick, and today I'm bringing you guys a brand new YouTube article, but before we get into it, let's try to make this article get 50 likes; that's a five, and that's a zero. Let's try to get it out there so everybody can see what I'm talking about. Let's get into it now. In today's article, we're going to be talking about something that I have really been bothered with Call of Duty.

Now, a lot of people are going to say it's another negative article from you, Rick. It's another article talking [__]. Yes, it is because we have some issues that continue to be a problem, and I'm not seeing many people make articles on this, so I'm going to make this article so everyone can see it and make sure that everyone knows that what I'm saying is actually happening.

As all of you guys may know, you guys remember that update where War Zone was completely broken? You couldn't even get into a game, and the people that were in games couldn't even get into loadouts. That was a huge issue because everybody was waiting for that update, which I believe was the season 1 reloaded update.

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Now the problem and the reason I'm making this article is to remember how long it took for that update to happen. It took hours; it took a long time for simple fixes to get fixed, but guess what was happening? Guess what was working throughout that entire time and still being pushed in people's faces after every single multiplayer game in the Call of Duty [__] store?

You could still go in there you could still go buy your battle pass. If you didn't buy it, then you could still go in there and get any camo or operator bundle. You could look like a [__] fairy. You can look like a damn superhero. My God activation Stam games, you guys saved it overnight, you guys worked your ass off late at night, that does not matter to me; it should have been fixed quicker.

The update came out around 11 or 12 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Are you kidding me? It took over 12 to 15 I don't even remember how long it took them to fix a [__] bug. To me, that seems like it's an issue with them. It's an issue with them not testing out the update; it's an issue with them not overlooking and looking at the coding, making sure everything is correct so nothing's broken.


It's an issue that they are treating this as second, compared to the Call of Duty store. I will get this game for free in the future. But when I pay $70 for something, especially a article game that's a [__]] DLC, I expect it to work perfectly. This has been second on Activision's mind since the Call of Duty store took off.

Now, I still do not understand why the Call of Duty store has taken off. I still don't understand why people still use their hard-earned money to give it to these bombs, but for some reason they still do. But the main problem I have is that there has never been an issue with the Call of Duty store.

There has never been an issue that lasts longer than 5 or 10 minutes with the Call of Duty store that will always be up and running because if that's not running, they're not making any money, but of course if you go to a gun or if you go to a camo, that's in the game something you did not have to buy, and that's broken where you literally cannot unlock it because the system is bugged, whatever it may be, that will not be fixed.

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The game has been out for 3 months, and we continue to have these simple problems that are still not fixed because Activision does not care about those camos that were put in the game for everyone to be able to get, which does not make them money. I'm telling you guys, ever since Fortnite came out, or we can even say advanced warfare, when you're able to buy a bunch of [__]] supply drops and all that stuff to make your guy look cool that you literally can't even see other people can actually see, that's when Call of Duty started going downhill.

They only care about money; they only care about that stuff because all that does is make them richer, which makes sense, right? If you're working for the company, if you're the CEO, they'll. I guess, become smart men, but all I'm saying is that as the community, we continue, for some reason, to praise these people for what they're doing when, in reality, what they're doing is mediocre at best.


Yes, the game has so much potential. I'm telling you guys right now that I will be the only one who will be as honest as I can be with you; everybody else is going to make this as crazy as can be. I'm literally going to be straight-up honest. Let's go this game has the potential to be in the top five in my book.

Now some people are going to think I'm crazy, but just listen to me, man, if they have the maps created at launch instead of this recycled [__], it'd be better because the new maps they were putting in are actually kind of decent and it shows they have potential to make decent maps. The other thing is that in this game, the movement and all the mechanics of the game are great.

Yes, it's a recycle. Of mod Warfare 2 2022, whatever you want to call that [__] bum ass game, it's a recycle with just added movement, but the gun play feels so natural and good that it has that potential. But when you have a company that only cares about the call,. That's when you have a company that does not care about the game play, does not care to fix easy fixes, and does not care to add new stuff until a release or season update comes out so they can make money off of it.

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That's when you have an issue within the game, and that's somebody who has played this game for years as somebody who has done this for a long time but now finally has a YouTube channel and will actually make articles on this I have a big issue with this, but a lot of people don't take it as seriously with me, and that's okay, but I got it in my mindset, man.

Anything I do, I want it to be great. Anything I put my time into, I want it to be great; whether it's sports, whether it's my work, whether it's my family, or whether it's article games, it does not matter to me. I want it to be great, and when I see these simple things that can be fixed and they're not being fixed because everything is money over everything right now, that's when I have a [__] problem, and if you don't, you are part of the issue.

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I am sorry if you do not think that this game needs any fixes or if you do not think that people need to start standing up and voicing their opinions or using their wallets. To form an opinion on something, you are part of the problem, which is the problem with the Call of Duty community, and they are part of the issue with this; they are so divided that we have some people that love the Call of Duty store; they love what Activision is doing because they love this.

Activision in Modern Warfare 3 does not care about the gameplay in itself. They only care about how much money they can make off the store and how much they can get you to spend on dumb bundles. We need to start getting smarter and realizing what they are doing.
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