News - Bams Gets Exposed By Activision. Cheating Call Of Duty Warzone 2

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Ladies and gentlemen, it's Rick. Welcome to a brand new YouTube article. I am crazy excited to bring you guys this article today because, once again, we are proven correct. We are proven right, whatever you want to call it; we are the most honest Call of Duty YouTubers, as I have told you guys in the past.

Let me tell you that right now, pause, but I'm very excited to bring this article to you guys. Come on, let's get 100 likes. Let's go now again before I get into it. We're going to talk about the gameplay real quick. This is from my stream. I was playing with viewers, and if you guys don't know if you play with viewers or if you play with people with a lower K than you, no offense to my viewers.

I love my viewers to death, but if you play with people with lower KDs, you play in these lobbies that are not the best. I'm not going to lie, so I'm going to be straight with you. Like I said, I'm honest. This lobster is kind of a dog. We go absolutely crazy, and I had to make sure I didn't wear a hat because now I'm wearing a hat to cover my eyes because I'm cheating.

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I guess another [__] claim, so I made sure I didn't wear a hat during the stream. I'm going to continue not to wear a hat because I guess somehow I'm hiding my eyes because I'm cheating. You know it is what it is, but let's get into the [__] article. We're not worried about the gameplay; the game play is just there for you guys to see my wonderful, beautiful face as well as my beautiful gameplay against total [__] bots.

Let's get it. As you guys know, we claimed that Bams was cheating the wonderful Bams man, the guy who claims he is a false Perma band, which makes no sense. But we are proven right once again, and I can't wait to show you guys these tweets that Charlie Intel posted based off of what an Activision rep has said, so starting off with the first tweet, this is from Charlie Intel.

Like I said, it says if you have been permanently banned in Call of Duty, Activision has stayed that permanent bands are final and there are no false permanent bands. Hey bams, Perab bamed, whatever the [__]] we want to call you now, what are you going to say to that? What are you going to say about being falsely permafrost?


Activision literally comes out after you have claimed that you were false Prim Band. After many other people have claimed to be false, Prim Bandn, what are you going to say? What are you going to say right now to everybody's face? Your 1.2 million subscribers. What are you going to say to them?

Are you going to apologize for being a liar? Are you going to claim that you are still falsely and permanently banned? Are you the one and only one that guy, or are you going to be that guy, or are you going to be a man? Are you going to drop your nuts to the floor like they're supposed to? Are you going to admit that what you did was wrong?

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I don't care if it's just an unlock tool. Are you cheating? All right, just admit it. I'd rather you admit it and be like proven a [__]] like we already know you are, then you to continue this act to continue this act that you are the only one that's been false perent. I need you to come out and just tell your subscribers the people that donate you the money—the people that you have stolen money from over the years—and you need to tell them the truth because they deserve it, and this goes out to not only bams but to anybody else that claims they were a false perab band over the past few days.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's the other tweet for you guys to look at. I got another great tweet here from Charlie Intel, a man from Activision, and team Ricochet. Over 58, 000 accounts were banned yesterday in Call of Duty across War Zones in Mod Warfare 3. They stated to be wary of bold claims made by cheaters trying to sell subscriptions to their Wares team.

Rday has been launching a series of targeted cheat vendor enforcements, resulting in over 58, 000 detected accounts being banned yesterday. More band waves are expected. You were caught in a band-wave bam. You were cheating just like we [__] knew you were stopping the [__]] stop lying you have. 1.2, million with 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, you have worked hard and been amazing over the years, and I'm not going to deny the fact that you have so much skill that you are actually insane at the game.


I'm not going to deny it, but what I am going to deny is your false claim of being falsely banned. That's no such thing, brother, and they actually come out and say it because people like you top content creators who think they're Untouchable continue to say that these bands that all this [__] is all because of mass reportings on your account.

Sketch that's what shadow bands are. That's what temporarily bands are used for so they can review your account, and after they see that you are clean, they wipe the slate, clean it off, and then you are now unbanned, unemp banned, unshadow banned, whatever you want to call it, but no, brother, you, my friend, were permanently banned because you were cheating.

Ladies and gentlemen, we know how Activision runs. We know that if they wanted to make this guy unbanned, they would. Now, I'm not going to lie; I'm guessing bams. I don't watch this guy. I don't give a [__] about him. All I know is that I heard he's back, and he's playing again. He probably has another alt account.

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Who the hell knows? But all I'm saying is this, ladies and gentlemen: Activision is the type of company to expect them to be unbanning these top content creators because the top content creators, with all these million subscribers and all these viewers, might want to unban them because it helps their business.

It helps their game out because more people are going to watch them play their game and possibly get more sales get more bundle sales whatever the case may be, but no, they are backing up their claim. They are continuing to say that this guy is a liar. That's basically what they're saying. They are out here literally claiming that bams this bum ass [__] this baby back.

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Whatever you want to call him, he's literally lying through his teeth; he's lying to his supporters, and we all know that he's now stealing. From his supporters because we are then having all these people that support him, all these subscribers, all these people on his Twitch subscribers, all of whom are giving him money for being a fake ass, and I know this guy's probably not going to see this article, but bams.

I'm letting you know, you are a liar; you continue to lie, and just like all these other top content creators, these top streamers—whatever you want to call them—they are also lying; they are going to be caught too. You're the first of many. I hope to God this is the start of something we have been craving and have been wishing for over the past.

Activision is getting tired of Top Content Creators stating they don't cheat even after getting BANNED for cheating in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FALSE PERMANENT BAN! Get this in your head ladies and gentlemen, time is up for these cheating hacking streamers, the cod community is sick of it.
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