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Ladies and gentlemen, it's Rick. Welcome to a brand new YouTube article. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make a article yesterday. We were stupid busy, and I mean stupid busy. We had to go all the way to the wedding venue and taste all the food and all that good stuff for the wedding next year. It was a busy day; let's get it, but we are back.

We have Call of Duty gameplay here. My boy Zo gets the MGB nuke. Here we're playing a 10 vs. 10 MH pit. The spmm is completely non-existent; in this game, play in this game mode, whatever you want to call it. But hey, before we get into the article, we get to the topic as the title. Whatever you want to do, I mean the [__]] we are doing.

Let's go now. Today we're going to be talking about malicious reporting within Call of Duty Mod Warfare 3, and I feel like a lot of us have experienced this; a lot of us know somebody that does this, and it is insanely out of control because this is what is causing so many people, so many good players, so many real natural players to get shadowbanned, so I got a screen screenshot here.

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I got a screenshot here from Activision. Whatever you want to call it, this is the definition of what they call malicious reporting, and this is what it says here. I feel like a lot of these bum asses these babies back—all these people that stink at this game that claim everybody's cheating within every single game.

I think more of these people would be temporarily or permanently banned. I don't know about you guys, somebody. I know quite a bit of people that would do this, and they're not banned at all. It needs to be ramped up to the point that the whole point of this article is that this has become a problem within the toxic Call of Duty community within the toxic Call of Duty world that we are living in.

Ladies and gentlemen I'm sorry to break this to you, and I've said this in past articles, and I've said this all the time. The guns, the movement, everything in this game can be easily understood, easily used, and make it look broken as [__]. It is not hard to make your gun have no recoil. I mean, the guns already basically have no recoil at all if you haven't used the MCW and are thinking that's hard to use, and that gun has a ton of recoil.


I'm sorry, brother, you sucked at the [__] game. I mean, you're an absolute dog. You might want to hang up the [__] controller and go find a [__] job. I mean. It's ridiculous i mean, what are we doing anyway? Let's get back to the article, but I'm just saying that, ladies and gentlemen, as I've stated many times before, malicious reporting penalties need to be ramped up and they need to be taken.

Seriously, people like me, people with actual normal skill that only are around a 2kd, who are obviously not cheating and are obviously just decent at the game, play this game quite a bit. We are actually affected by this BS because, yes, when I play with viewers, I'm not going to lie, or when I play with people with lower skill-based matchmaking, the lobbies are a lot easier for me.

Yes, I absolutely destroy them. Yes, I do. I'm not scared to admit it, but like I say in these game plays, before I even show the gameplay, I always say, Am I playing solo? Am I playing with somebody? Why is the lobby so easy? Why is the lobby so bad? Why is the lobby so hard with all this good stuff?

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I'm always honest with you, as you guys know, and I'm the most honest YouTuber in the [__] community, but ladies and gentlemen Just because you get absolutely destroyed, just because you get absolutely baby-back-bitched by somebody else who is somewhat better than me, somewhat around my skill level, whatever the case may be, that doesn't mean you report them just because you get destroyed.


And there are so many people who have messaged me, saying they have reported me. As it says, within their actual definition of malicious reporting. My gaming experience is going to get affected, and possibly make me even Shadow banned now I'll never be Perma ban like all these other top streamers who are baby back [ __ ] because I don't cheat and I'm proud to say that I'm proud to always say that because that's not what I do I don't believe in it ruins the game and I'm not a [ __ ] baby back [ __ ], but getting Shadow banned does take a long time to get through 5 to seven days they got to review your account and they reviewed my account four times before I've gotten unshadow banned and then while that time being shadowbanned you were playing in these lobbies where people who are obviously cheating, are in there and it makes the game actually unplayable.

Unless you have another account now, I don't have the money, however. I don't know how to use that other account. I've never looked into it, and I don't care. All I do is have a viewer account. It was wonderful to give it to me to be able to play while Shadow Band was playing the other time; it was phenomenal.

I love the guys so much for that, but all I'm saying is that this, ladies and gentlemen, malicious report needs to be taken seriously because this is a problem. I've always said that it's as easy as this if you have a terrible under. We can make it even as low as under 10% if you are somebody who has so many reports and none of them are successful.

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You should not be able to report anyone. No matter what, they should take away the report option for you. They should take it away for good. Ricochet everybody that is involved, so much quality time it will'll allow Activision to actually focus on the actual cheaters and the actual game itself, then all this false reporting just because you get baby back [__]] in the game and you're mad at the guy you report him, it saves everybody time.

I don't know why I'm not running for Activision right now. I don't know why I'm not the CEO. I don't know why I don't have a job right now for them; they literally need to find me. They need to find this channel. I don't know if we need a freaking hashtag to hire Rick or #make Rick the CEO. I don't know what we have to do, but, ladies and gentlemen, it's as simple as that.

I mean the [__] We don't want to talk about fair use now that it's a article game. I don't have fair use. I'm not able to even say what I want to say. My first amendment's taken away. I'm not even allowed to tell somebody they're a baby back [__]] in the game without being reported in voice chat banned.

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We're talking about in Fair years get the [__] out of here. What are we doing? I apologize for the lack of article on a Sunday. We've been busy, like I've said. I hope no one other than that man has a great, wonderful day.

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