News - Bams Is A Liar. Cheating Call Of Duty Warzone 2

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Ladies and gentlemen It's Rick's welcome to a brand new YouTube article. This is my second article of the day. I have to make this article because I saw Bam's response article yesterday. Now, I'm not going to lie. I'm not going to spend too much time editing this article because he does not deserve my time, but before we talk about it, before we talk about his hilarious response article, whatever you want to call it if you haven't subscribed.

As you guys know, we're the most honest Call of Duty YouTubers out there. We are not going to BS you; we're going to be straight-up honest with you. Let's get into it, man. Come on now if anybody doesn't know what is going on here, bams. I don't know if you guys know him; he has 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and all that good stuff, but he was recently banned while he was live streaming, so here is the problem here today.

Ladies and gentlemen He then created a response article last night, 20 minutes long. I was streaming when somebody sent it to me. I was like, okay, I'll watch it. I pull it up. It's 20 minutes long. I'm like, ladies and gentlemen. I am not going to spend 20 minutes of my valuable streaming time because I barely am able to play as it is, but I'm not going to spend 20 minutes watching this man's article because all we have to know is one simple fact, ladies and gentlemen.

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If you do not know this, you are so uneducated. It's time to listen up. Open those ears and clean them if you have to. If you need to listen, if you need a hearing aid, whatever the case may be, listen up right now. If you get Perab banned, If you appeal and your appeal gets denied while you are perab banned Ladies and gentlemen I'm sorry to say it, but you're cheating.

Whoever gets permanently banned within Call of Duty within Activision's Ricochet, whatever the case may be, is cheating. Now, I'm not claiming Bams has an Aimbot or a wall hack or whatever the hell it is; all I'm saying is he has something. Some type of cheating software, whether it's as small as an unlock tool to get unlocked camos or whatever the case may be, I don't care if he has something.


He goes on his article and talks about a shot getting temporarily banned. He talks about another stream. Ladies and gentlemen, it is the worst thing you could have used for your evidence. Bams I'm sorry to tell you if you watch this article, which you're probably not going to, but I'm sorry to tell you that shadow bands and temp bands are different than perma bands.

When you are shadow banned, as we have been four times, if you are temporarily banned, as we have not been temporarily banned, you are then under review. Activision Ricochet, whoever's in charge of that BS cheating software, detecting cheats, whatever the case may be, is then under review. They will review your account; they are temporarily banning you; they are putting you in limited matchmaking, whatever the case may be, to check your account to check whatever it is to see if they can detect any cheats.

Now here's a different story. Ladies and gentlemen, as Bam did not mention, he was permanently banned on the spot while he was live streaming. This means that, without a doubt, within Ricochet, whatever they were doing, they found cheating software on his PC. Like I said again, a lot of people are so freaking dumb they can't hear.

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I'm not saying he's using an aimbot; he's a very good player. I watch a lot of his old clips because, in his article, he wants to think he brought up these old clips. Yeah, you can be a very good player. Hell yeah, you can be a very good player and still cheat. I don't care, but I'm not saying he uses an Aimbot.

I'm not saying he uses wall hacks. I don't watch him enough, but all I'm saying is this: It's a simple fact, ladies and gentlemen; it's facts over feelings. If you are Perma Bann within the game Call of Duty Moder Warfare 3, if you are Perma Ban, you are cheating. I don't care if it's a loock tool; I don't care if it's an aimbot; I don't care whatever it is if you are a perab band; you are using some type of cheating software; and I don't care if it's just to get camos.


I don't care if it's just to get attachments; you're a cheater, and you deserve to be permanently banned. I am at the state right now, just like I feel like the rest of the K Community is: if you are cheating in any type of way, you should be permanently banned and not allowed to play the game ever because it is so bad at this point that cheaters are taking over the game.

That is a waste of time. It's a waste of money for normal, natural, organic people to play this game because it absolutely ruins it for the normal players. It's time to wake up. I'm sorry if you're a Bam's fan. I'm sorry if you really think he's legit. I'm not saying his aim or his amazing skill are not legit; they probably are, but all I'm saying is that he got caught.

He got caught, and he makes a 20-minute article not even talking about the facts within this, not even showing or even talking about what really happened. He shows old clips. Like I said, I don't care about your old clips. You can be good and still cheat. I don't care if you show a handcam. I don't care if you show anything else.

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You can still cheat. And it's as simple as knowing this is a Perma ban, which means they're cheating. There's no such thing as a false Perma ban, and he also talks about getting false reports and mass reports; thus, that gets him a Perma ban, ladies and gentlemen. That's not how it works; you will get temporarily banned you will get temporarily banned just like Natea and all these other people have, and then when they review your account and see you're not cheating, they will then unban you.

All I'm saying is that I don't care; he's perab banned; it's proven now; there's no excuse for it, obviously. He has something on his PC; they did an update to the Ricochet stuff, and they were able to find new cheats, which he probably didn't know about; thus, he got caught before he could take them off his PC.

It say simp as that it's as simple as that, ladies and gentlemen. And the fact that I had to make the article to explain is because it's a shorter article than his; it's about a third of the time of his, and I literally can explain more within my time than he did within his whole entire 20-minute article.

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It's a waste of time watching his article; he got Perab banned. That's all you need to know. He uses the worst examples of people getting temporarily banned because that's not the same as a permanent ban. Temporarily banned means they're reviewing you; shadow banned means they're reviewing you if you get banned permanently; you have cheating software.

It is as simple as this, BAMS is cheating somehow someway in order to get permabanned. Just another top content creator who thinks he is untouchable, BAN THEM ALL ACTIVISION.
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