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Give I stopped shooting. I sto I'm uninstalling for the love of God; please, I'm shooting. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Rick. Welcome to a brand new article, and as you can tell from the beginning of this article. I guess from the intro, if you have a hard time understanding what this article is going to be about.

I don't know if I need to get you to the doctor. I don't know what needs to happen, but we need to talk about something right now, right here. Talk to me. Whatever the case may be now, let's get into this baby. Come on, there is so much more than ever within this game, and I feel like I cannot be the only one.

More than ever, I have continued to have gunfights where I stopped shooting because I felt like I put enough bullets into them because I have muscle memory. I have muscle memory with the guns I use. I have a muscle memory of how many times it takes to shoot somebody and kill them from a certain range—close range, medium range, long range—and yet somehow, somehow.

I continue to lose the gunfight. You think you put enough bullets into them, and then you stop shooting, you turn around to go find somebody else to [__] up, and then they end up [__] you up because you're a dog at this game. There is no way it's only me because this happens almost every single match.

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I'm not going to lie, and I do this all the time, especially when I'm on a streak, but I just don't understand it because as I continue to play this game. I play this game a lot, ladies and gentlemen. I have no life other than my full-time job. When I get home, my fiancé is still at work. I'm playing this [__] game because I am a nerd.

I'm addicted it is what it is, but it seems like in almost all these gunfights that I'm getting into. I get better within the match as I do better within multiple matches in a row because somehow, for some reason, my guns start to have less damage than they normally do. I'm not blaming Activision.

I'm not blaming Eomm. I'm just saying it somehow. When I shoot somebody five times like it normally does with the ram n, or when I shoot somebody a couple of times with the MCW, a couple times with the baz b, or a couple times with the striker, somehow I'm not missing any shots. I end up having no kills there.


I think I get the kill. I turn to go find somebody else, yet the guy's not dead, and he shreds me because, for some reason, he's not dead after all the bullets I've hit in the past. I don't get it, man, and I feel like there's no way that I'm the only one that has this problem if you do have this problem.

There's a muscle memory in everything that you do in life, and I have a muscle memory with this game. I play a lot of it. I know the gun's damage, I know how many bullets it takes, and sometimes when I see the kill cam or I see how many bullets it takes to kill me, my bullets are. It takes two more bullets than everybody else.

What is going on here, I mean [__]? Yesterday as well. I could probably find it in my stream. I'm shooting a guy five times with MCW. I remember every single time I was shot by MCW, it always said five hits to kill me, yet when I shoot somebody five times, it takes two more to kill them. They're still running around, sliding on their asses, jumping like bunnies, and I'm here looking like idiots.

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What the hell's going on? It's a complete joke, and I don't know what the hell is going on here. I need somebody to tell me: Is it okay? I don't want to blame that because I don't know if that's even the [__] thing. All I know is that the only thing I do know is that it comes into play when I get put in a lobby with absolute bots on one team and absolute sweats on the other.

That's the only thing I do know for sure, but with this gun damage, man, it is pissing me off because it happens more than I've ever experienced in my life, only in this game, and we've had 150. health problems before, and I never had that problem. The only problem I have is when I'm shooting a guy five times up close and he's not dead.

When I shoot a guy that many times with the ram in the beginning of this article and he's not dead, I know this gun more than anybody in the world. I'm telling you, I use this gun way too much. A lot of people tell me Rick uses a different gun. I'm like, No, this is my gun. I'm going to use it because it's my favorite gun.


It feels the most comfortable in my hands in the game, and my pixels You know what I'm saying, but I know how much damage and how many bullets it takes from certain distances to kill somebody, but when I shoot this guy that many times and he's not dead. I'm about to run down that alley to go find somebody else, and I end up dying because he doesn't die from my bullets.

That's [__] up Activision man I don't, and I don't know what you're doing over there, because if this is you messing with the algorithm, if this is you messing with the damage because of how skill-based matchmaking works, whatever the case may be, that is [__]. For some reason, we're in the time of the world of the gaming experience.

Can you believe it came into the games? We are now dealing with this within Call of Duty, where we have to help the baby back. Make them be able to survive gunfights longer; make them be able to have better teammates than the other people because they stink so bad. That's what we've come to within Call of Duty.

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We are inconsistent, as [__] Activision is inconsistent, as [__] When it comes to everything within this game—gun damage lobbies, skill-based matchmaking, everything—whatever you want to talk about it, it doesn't matter. We can even add on inconsistent servers because that comes into play with skill-based matchmaking, but the most I'm seeing is this gun damage [__] that continues to happen.

We're even seeing it within [__]. private matches I don't know what the hell is going on; we were playing a private match yesterday. It takes four shots to kill, and the next time it takes over six, what the It's the same shot. It's the same spot. You're hit-hitting them. What is going on here?

Activision I need you guys to stop taking a second to breathe in that corporate office of yours, wherever the hell you guys are. I don't care about you guys looking it up, but take a second breath. Pull up Rick's YouTube channel. Watch that beginning clip and tell me how, when you watch my previous game plays.

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I fry people on shipment at the same distance with fewer bullets, and how somehow that exact same medium distance. With the same gun and the same attachments, why don't I kill that guy in the first clip? It makes no sense. I'm banging on this brand new desk, man. I got this desk on Facebook Marketplace, brand new.

The damage of Guns in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 continues to be an issue. Whether it is EOMM or SBMM at work, Activision continues to be a big issue when it comes to this BS of helping terrible players.
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