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Ladies and gentlemen, it's Rick. Welcome to a brand new YouTube article. I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter. As you guys could tell, I did not post a article yesterday. I had people over for brunch, then I had to go to my family's house for Easter, then I had to go back home and take care of the dog.

It's been a busy day, but what we're going to be talking about today is that we're going to be piggybacking off of one of the short index articles in a way, and we're also going to talk about how aim assist is not OP for Call of Duty controller players. I don't have anything else to say other than what you are doing.

Yeah, all right, let's talk about this man. So Shorty Index created a wonderful article talking about quick-spotting snipers using aim assist on the controller. Now, a lot of people have twisted his words. You know, it's YouTube. A lot of people love to do that. A lot of people love to just watch about 50 seconds to a minute and a half of a article.

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I mean the [__]. You doing so shorty index was explained within this article that if any one of these snipers quick scopers, whatever the case may be, turned off their aim assist, they beat absolute dog ass at this game, and I kind of agree, man. I turned off aim assist just using an SMG. And let me tell you, it took me about two or three games to actually get Down to Earth on what I was going to be able to play, like how I was going to be able to do it because it was difficult.

I didn't know how much I relied on an assist until I turned it off. Now we'll talk about whether I believe an assist should be in the gate for control players and all that, but I'm just saying snipers and shotgunners. If you guys had no mist, goddamn, you'd be absolutely screwed. Shotguns might be a little bit easier, but snipers, man, have fun with that.

You guys would be in some big trouble now. I'm not going to lie if you are using a shotgun. If you are using a sniper, I really would not give a damn if the assistance was automatically taken away. I'm more worried about the shotguns. I mean, I don't give a damn about snipers if you're going to be sitting in the back at the spawn.


I'm just not going to go your way; it is what it is, but I like to move up. I like to run into buildings. I like to go in and attack with my SMG. And when I get people with shotguns flying around and they get it, they rely on the assist to shoot at you. Goddamn man, zero skill is needed for that, but again, here's what I'm saying about this: not everybody needs to have aim assists, but ARS SMGs and LMGs for controller players need to have an assist.

I don't care what anybody says, PC, Xbox, or PS5. I don't care who you are; anybody who is using a controller must have aim assist with those weapons. Remember something, ladies and gentlemen: for all you PC players that love to talk [__] about how an assist saves everybody, you can always do one simple thing.

You can always do a simple thing to help your game out, because I know if you're complaining or bitching, you're probably dog ass at the game anyway, but there's a simple task: Go to GameStop. Go to Walmart, go to Target, wherever your nearest convenience store is near you. Get a PS5 controller. Get an Xbox controller.

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I don't care what it is; it's going to come with an automatic little plug-in charger. Plug it into your freaking PC and start playing it with a controller if you're really going to care that much about aiming to assist. If you really think that it's going to help you that much or help other players that much, why don't you use it yourself?

I want to see how well you actually do with an assist on your AR SMG. I really want to see how much better you do, because one thing I'm looking at right now is that I really do think you're going to be a dog ass. I really do. I really think you're going to be terrible. I think you're going to be lost.

You're going to be like a little kid in a store, absolutely lost, looking for his mom. I mean, come on now, the reason I believe controller players need to have aim assist is because, if you look at the damn controller I'm looking at right now, it's got my wonderful control freak on it. You have very little movement with this joystick.


If you move it a little, your gun's going to move a lot. If you move it a lot, it's going to fly. If you move it a little, it's going to move a lot. Still, it's not a little small movements you can make whereas mouse and keyboard you can make as many small or big movements as you want cuz one you have a whole entire desk in front of you have different settings within your mouse you have more settings within the game to work with controller we have very little we have sensitivity, and ads sensitivity that's about it that's about all we can work with now can we move a little slower Yeah, but who the hell wants to do that?

This is 2024. We're not about slow [__]. We're about to go fast, and I'm not going to lie, man. I turned off an assist, and like I said, it took me two to three games to get a lot better at it, but when I first turned it off, holy hell, it was very, very difficult. You got all these PC players in the game, all used to the mouse and keyboard, ladies and gentlemen.

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I don't care what anybody says. The majority of players that play this game are on console. For the majority of players that play this game on a console, you want them to hook up a mouse and keyboard for a freaking controller-based game. Are you kidding me? Getting it out of my face makes no sense.

It's a simple fix, ladies and gentlemen, and a simple reality: controller players need to have aim assist. I'm sorry if you are really offended by that. I need to help you out. We need to take you to your local family doctor. I don't know if you have insurance or not. I will put you on my insurance for one day and an hour.

Maybe, whatever the case may be, I will put you under my insurance. Let's go, and I will make sure that you're okay if you really get offended by people using controllers within the game that's meant for controllers. I'm sorry it's meant for controllers; all right, it grew up through consoles. PS5, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox X, whatever the hell it's called now, it grew up with that, I'm sorry.

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Congrats brother I don't know what to tell you. You grew up playing with a mouse and keyboard. I'm sorry, I did not. I am 24 years old. I barely have time to play this game as it is. I barely have time to make articles. As it is, why the hell would I take time out of my day where, in the very limited time I even have to play article games to make articles, whatever the case may be, to try to learn the mouse and keyboard?

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