News - The Solo Player Struggles Call Of Duty Warzone 2. Huge Rant

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is Rick's welcome to a brand new YouTube article. As you guys know, we do one every single day. I hope you guys have a great Monday ahead of you. It is currently 6:00 a.m. Central Standard time within the United States of America. I just got done with my workout, my chesticles are [__] pumped, I'm feeling great, I'm dialed in, and now we are making a YouTube article as planned.

I'm using this gun, and I'm going to go full blast on these hoes, but as you guys will continue to see within this game play, you're going to see the continuous problem within Call of Duty Moder Warfare 3, but this one is four different [__] problems. Here you're going to see number one longbow, number two knife, number three stuns, and number four spawns.

In one single [__]] game play where I am solo queued up, we have level 450s out of the max within this lobby. That's all I'm facing in this game. You're going to continue to see it. You're going to continue to see me. Unfortunately, there's no mic audio because I'm dumb as [__] and don't know how to turn on my audio within OBS.

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But this is what we're going to talk about today: Call of Duty's issues that don't want to be resolved. Now the biggest issue I have with this game is not the long bow. You know, everybody's trying to tell me that the long story was nerfed. Everybody's trying to tell me that it's not as good. I'm getting one tapped with this.

It is what it is; everybody's telling me it's not a problem that somebody can run like [__]. Usain Bolt with the knife Everybody's telling me that the revenge spawns aren't that big of a deal. You know it. Just know where the spawns are. But the biggest issue I have right now within this game Within these small maps, because I love playing small maps Don't get me wrong, I have ADHD.

I love and crave the feeling of fullness. Blast gameplay at full speed. Everybody's flying around the map with normal guns—not [__], but it's constant action. You know these old MW2 maps that they wanted to give us for some reason, even though it's Call of Duty MW3, yet we have no MW3 maps except for Dome.


They wanted to give us all these old MW2 maps that play like [__]. dog [__]] Everybody hides in the building; everybody hides in the back of the spawn, so these small maps are the only thing that make this game playable for me, but when I'm running around. I'm starting to get flashed upon flashed upon flashed.

Yet everybody says, Stop bitching, stop whining. Rick wears a gas mask. [__]] I have a gas mask in this [__]] class, and if you try to tell me that a gas mask is going to help me within a stun within a flash grenade, you have no idea what you're talking about. Even with a gas mask, it does nothing; it does zero effort; it does absolutely no good for me because even if I get hit with it.

I have to end up starting to run, like I have no idea how to use my feet. If I get hit with a flash, I look like Helen Keller has no idea what the hell she's doing; that's what I look like even with the perk that's meant to help me get away from all that BS. The fact that we have no cooldown for grenades for tacticals is an issue.

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The fact that every time you die Within these small maps, you can just spawn and throw a stun, spawn and throw a grenade, spawn and throw a tactical throw, or whatever you want to throw. The fact that you can throw unlimited amounts of that is an issue. It continues to be an issue. It continues to be a problem.

Why are you biting something that's part of the game? It's part of the game. Rick, why are you being a total whiny ass because you guys don't understand? Okay, the fact that you are just going to spam that over and over and over the fact you're going to spam smokes, over and over and over, is dumb; it's a baby back [__] thing to do baby back.

[__]] thing to do full-blown. There's not even a question about it, and it's just stupid. It ruins the game and the experience for everybody. I don't care what you think. If you truly think it is okay to die 70 times because you're a dog [__] at the game and 70 times you throw a [__] stun, sometimes 140 if you have two attached or two equipped because you have that one stupid ass perk on, that's an issue.


I don't care what you say or the fact that you can put a gas mask on and it does absolutely nothing; it maybe saves you a second from being stunned or a second from being flashed. That is an issue. The only thing that works in this game, and I guarantee that everybody will agree with me, is EOD. You can have a seex at the bottom of your feet; you'll still survive.

You can get hit by a freaking grenade behind you in front of you; side or side doesn't matter; you'll survive, but the second you get stunned if you're in full-blown sprint mode, like you're saying bolt ready to win the [__] Olympics, you will get slowed down like you're in a wheelchair. Now, what's the point of even having a gas mask?

What's the point of even having anything equipped to try to counter any of these freaking spam-throwing TCHs? [__]] In the game, it's a waste of my time; it's a waste of the game's time, and you guys will continue to see that it's just the prime example of how this game is for us solo players. When we play this game, it's dudes on the other team that yeah, they might be decent, but then when they get absolutely bulldozed, by your skill, by me basically.

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Then they have to start going to shotguns, then they got to start going to long bows, then they got to start by hiding in corners with the knife, then they got to start by spamming tacles, then they gotta spam grenades, then they got to sit in the back of the spawn, just waiting for you to push them.

It's a complete waste of time. They're holding hands with one another; they're playing like baby backs. And that's the way it is with skill-based matchmaking and solo queuing as you play this game. Like I said. I just listed a bunch of [__] problems within the game, but there is no other problem that I cannot express enough issues with, or that or just stressing me out more than this spam, throwing, tactical, dudes that just have no idea how to play this game, and then even if you put on a gas mask, which is supposed to counter it, it still will not help you out.

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It's still like your ads: if you're trying to move a second, you get stunned. You just move like you literally have no idea what you're doing. The hell you're doing literally looks like you have no control over your body. It's a joke. It's a complete issue. Now everybody's going to say it's a skill issue.

Rick, it's a skill issue. There ain't no [__] skill, and pressing the L1 button down the middle of the map, hoping you hit somebody, there ain't no skill in freaking out and throwing smoke in the middle of the map to try to make sure nobody in their mother can See, there's no skill in it. I don't care what you say.

Hi, nothing new here! Just the same old issues in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Solo Players are given no chance to succeed unless they sweat their ass off.
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