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Happening, I thought I got [__] temporarily banned or something. My heart [__] sank. I thought I got temp banned on top of my shadow ban on this game's [__], ass, holy, [__]]. Ladies and gentlemen, it is Rick's welcome to a brand new you article, and I'm very excited to bring this one to you guys because I feel like a lot of you people out of nowhere crashed on me.

I have been experiencing this insane situation for the past few weeks. The first two clips you guys saw were from one stream, an hour and a half long stream, and on each of those clips I was absolutely going crazy into the gameplay, and of course Call of Duty servers out of nowhere crash on me now.

I don't know about you guys, but I paid $95 a month for my Xinity contract and gained the best internet I could get. Let's go so the gameplay you're watching here is from my ALT account. absolutely going crazy; put a striker class together. It's one of those bot lobbies that are just going to be, Just going to happen with these new accounts, so don't call me a freaking VPN reverse booster; it's not me.

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It's a new lobster. I'm at level 25 in this article. Get off my ass, but Call of Duty, man, I don't know what is going on with them. I don't know why they are hating sweat so much. I understand it could be annoying. Call of Duty I know the developers are probably terrible at this game. I understand that they might get a little frustrated that they can't be this good, but why do they continue to think that they can just take you out of the game whenever you're going crazy?

I have had multiple game plays where I was on a 20+ kill streak, okay, and out of nowhere they just feel like. Nope, this is not a skill-based match Lobby anymore; he is way too high of a level for the rest of these people. We need to get him out of here now. I'm not going to lie; I haven't experienced this for all the months the game's been out, but the past few weeks are probably 3 to 2 weeks.

I cannot believe how obvious this has gotten because it is happening on a daily basis. I'm going to disconnect you. You have to restart your game and come back. I just can't believe the attack by good players on Call of Duty. I'm reaching out to you. I'm calling you, and I'm doing my main call.


I need to hear and I need to know if this is happening to you on a daily basis because it's happening to me, and it's so obvious when it happens; it's never when I'm getting freaking destroyed or when I only have around 1.52 KD. It's always when I'm absolutely going crazy, and the lobbies just aren't fair.

I'm not reverse boosting, and I'm not doing any of that because I don't need to because I know that I have to get better, so I want to play in these competitive lobbies from time to time, and obviously sometimes I get the decent lobbies where I'm like. All right. I can go a little crazy. I need to know how many of you guys are experiencing this.

I need to know how many of you people out there are the sweats who have buckets underneath their ball sack to collect the ball sweat after the game is finished. I need to hear if this is happening to you because it's so obvious it is. I don't know why Call of Duty has made this turn. Ladies and gentlemen, since I was 9 years old, I have been playing Call of Duty.

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I've been obsessed with it for some reason. I am just addicted to this game. I don't know if it's just the sound effect in this game whenever you kill somebody with a suppressor, like in this gameplay, and you hear that little. Probably not what it sounds like, but you guys know what I mean by the sound effect: when you get a kill, it sounds good, it feels good, it makes you feel great, and when you go on kill streaks, it makes you want to keep on playing.

I don't know; that's just me, ladies and gentlemen, but I just can't believe it out of nowhere. Activision just thinks it's all right or thinks that nobody like us is going to notice that they're trying to [__]] with us; they're trying to make sure that we can't go too crazy because they want the other people in those games to not have to rage, quit, and go play something else, but I'm sorry, that's not how the world works; that's not how a article game should work if I am better at somebody at Call of Duty: Moder Warfare 3, which I'm not going to lie.


I'm better than the majority of people. I'm not saying that in a cocky way. I just know that I've been playing this game for a long time and I know how to use the movement, especially when I am so cracked out on ADHD and so much ghost energy drinks inside me. I just know that I'm going to be ready to go, but I just can't believe it.

I cannot believe that they can get away with this BS. Man, all this stuff started in 2019. I don't know why it was such a big trend to make things or make article games a safe place or safe space, whatever the [__]. You want to call it that? It's like this in college now, too. I was in college when Call of Duty Modare came out in 2019, and this is when I really started to like the show.

In like broad daylight, extremely, bad how soft, this game this country everything about this is gotten you can't see the enemy death until the end of the game you can't talk to them and say they're a baby back [__]] Without getting com banned, you cannot do anything in this game to hurt anyone's feelings because that's how it works in life.

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You're not allowed to hurt anybody's feelings. You know freedom of speech is not a thing in Call of Duty, but man, what has gotten into Activision to now take away good player game plays? I'm not even worried about it for content; I don't give either. I could just make articles like this on it because we all know Activision is a dirty ass company, but I'm just saying when we are just playing the game off stream off of OBS not trying to record a article if I'm doing good, why is it fair if we're talking about being fair if we're talking about having a fair lifestyle?

gaming experience How is it fair to kick me out every time I do good? It absolutely never happens when I do bad. It doesn't happen every time I do good, because that'd be too obvious. You know, Activision thinks a little smart, so we could kind of see what's going on here, but that's not false. Activision I am stupid smart—crazy smart smarter than you'll ever be.

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I could fix this game, but you cannot because you're not smart, you're dumb, you think you're smart, but, like literally, it's so obvious how it happens, and I know every sweat that watches this article, and I know every decent player that watches this article is going to be like, yeah. Rick. It's happened to me too in the past few weeks as well.

Call of Duty Activision continues it's hunt in stopping good players from dominating multiplayer lobbies. They have now made it to where sometimes you will get disconnected from a server while doing good. It is another tactic to try to save SBMM and EOMM in Call of Duty and it is NOT fair.
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