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Ladies and gentlemen Before we get into the article, here is the class setup that everybody has been wondering and asking about. If you are not using this class setup, you're wrong. I don't know what you are doing. Figure it out. Try this out. It's the absolute best. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Rick.

Welcome to a brand new YouTube article. We have a very short one today. I am busy. We are going to be flying around all over their universe today because I have errands upon errands upon errands, but before we get into the article If you're not subscribed, what are you doing? Let's get it. Today's article Let's talk about something that continues to be an issue within each and every Call of Duty we have played over the years: the spawn system.

The wonderful spawns that love right when you die, you spawn right where you died and get killed again, or right when you kill someone, they spawn right next to you and then they end up killing you on a kill streak. We love all that stuff, right? I get it, man. I play a lot of small mat msh, but if you guys checked in my stream yesterday, we were playing a bunch of small mat Mosh Pit going crazy, and I ended up dying on a 20-seven-kill streak.

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On ship, miss, the guy spawns right next to me. I feel like it's my teammate in the corner of my eye. I'm like, Okay, my teammate's right there; it's got to be another teammate. Nope ended up being an enemy, and he killed off my streak. I get it, man, but I don't expect certain things to happen.

If it continues to happen, you could be on ship Miss, you could be on Stash House, you could be on Rust, you could be on whatever small maps there are, and you could be on any map if you are capturing a flag if you are on the Hardo. If you are actually playing the objective on those small maps, which is very rare to see, you will still have people spawn behind you.

How am I supposed to capture a as I am on a as it is capturing? You wonder why it takes so long for people to even get a flag and domination on shipments because everyone keeps flipping spawns. They start to capture one and another guy spawning behind him. It's a complete joke, and don't even get me started on rust.


I don't know what the hell's going on over there; the rust is not even like it's four times bigger than a ship's miss or four times bigger than a regular shipment, yet we are still having people spawn right next to you every single time. I don't get it; we could be playing kill. confirmed that all corners of the map are open.

I get a bunch of kills from people just spawning there, and I'm killing him. I get it. I abuse this system as well, but when you are actually watching it and you see how embarrassing it is, it is bad for the game and bad for business. It creates a toxic gameplay where people will not move around because they know damn well if they move around somebody's going to spawn behind them somebody's going to spawn in a toxic spot and end up killing them on their kill streak something is going to happen something's going to go down it's not going to be good.

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That is the issue that I have with this game. The spawns are so bad, and I get it, man. I'm not working for Activision. I'm not working for any of these hoes over there. I don't know how they create spawns, but I know damn well, and I feel like it's pretty easy. All right Let's look at the mini-map.

If the mini map is wide open, okay, we're all in this corner, and the enemy team's over there. Why are they spawning them on the other side of the corner, or why are they spawning them in the corner that we're in? I mean, the map is not always full. It's not always. Want to spawn them? Anywhere, it's just like.

Ah, we'll kill them; they'll spawn there; they spawn there; they spawn there. Why do you think so many people camp that middle building that middle shipment container in the middle of shipments? because they know damn well there's no spawn over there; it's a complete joke; it needs to be fixed. Something needs to happen because I don't know how much longer I can go trying to go for nukes when I get absolutely [__] killed by the dumbest [__].

Like I said, I wish I could do it longer.

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