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Ladies and gentlemen It's Rick, and welcome to a brand new YouTube article. I can't wait to bring this one to you guys because I feel like a lot of us are going to have the same exact issue. A lot of us are going to be able to agree with this article, and I think I made a article on this in the past, but it continues to be a problem within Call of Duty: Mover 3 that I have to make another article about it today.

Of course, as always, before I get into the article. Come on now, ladies and gentlemen, as I continue to play this game, I'm not going to lie. I sweat my ass off every single time the article you are watching right now is 147 kill gameplay on shipment, 24/7. Okay, I don't know what else to say other than that I am sweating my balls off.

I don't care when people play like baby back [__] when people sit in the back with a sniper, or when people sit with a shotgun. Whatever the case may be, I'm going to pull out my Ram 9. I'm going to rush you. I'm going to make you my [__]. I'm going to make sure you understand that you're my [__].

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I'm going to make sure that you know that in the future, if you see me again every single time you play in my lobby, whatever the case may be, you will be. My [__]], that's simple, and I get all the comments, man. All you do is overpower guns. All you do is use the RAM 9; you only play shipment; it doesn't matter; it's my channel; I had fun with it; I'm having a blast; I'm dropping these dudes like no other; it is what it is, man, but we're not here to talk.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're not here; usually, I like to talk. I'll say whatever I want to, but I'm going to say this right now, here and there, ladies and gentlemen. I took two screenshots. Here we're going to start off with the first screenshot. This is one round of War Mode. Now I get it before I even say it or even show it.

I understand War Mode is not the best. The people that play war mode are usually not the best either, but ladies and gentlemen. I do not care because the matchmaking system within this game continues to be a problem not only in war mode but also in the gameplay you're seeing now. This screenshot right here, as you are going to see, is the first round of war mode.


Me and my boy K2 are playing together, so it's me and him and then four other randoms on our team, and boy boy, was it absolutely disgusting what we were doing that we hadn't combined? 145 kills in one round of war mode between the two of us. 145, the other four teammates. 29, kills combined, not each 29 kills combined, 145 to 29 for all you uneducated [__]] that don't know math haven't passed Algebra 1.

Algebra 2, even first grade math, whatever the case may be, 145 to 29 This continues to be a problem, and not even just in war mode. In the game you're watching right now, I had 147 kills. Yes. I'm playing my boy K2, but he's sniping, so I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he was still in second place with 62 kills (147, 62 with the sniper), and everybody else was under 60 kills for this entire game.

Now we have the second round of war mode. We played a little bit slower and didn't get as many kills because I think we were defending. It was only one round because they couldn't even capture the points I had (126), K2 had (81,207), and kills combined between the two of us for our teammates. 47 now, in a way, I'm not really always complaining because, yes, I love taking all the kills.

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I love having the majority of the kills in every single game of mine, but what I'm here to say, what I'm going to say within this article, is L and gentlemen. This happens every single game, whether I'm playing solo or playing with people; it doesn't matter. I am always at the top of the leaderboard.

Now, sometimes it's closer if it's me, my boy K2, or Zo. The three of us are very similar in skill, but if I'm playing by myself,. Every single time, it is always 30 to 40 to 50 kills from the people below me; to me, it's absolutely insane. Now, why am I complaining? Why is Rick bitching again?

Why is he having this whole entire article talking [__] about how he is so upset about having the most kills on the team? yada yada, and all this—listen, ladies and gentlemen. Let's get into it when you play solo, and I know a lot of you guys do when you play solo and have to continue to carry the load every single time, and the players on your team are absolute dogs every single time.


The [__]] can get old real quick. It always seems like you are the best player on your team, but by far it's not even close, and now yet again, that's not an issue all the time, but when you are trying to win the game when you are facing a six-stack when you are continuing to face very good players on the enemy team but they're never on your team, that's when it gets you pissed off.

You want to be able to compete as a Call of Duty player. As somebody who has been playing this game for 15+ years, you want to be able to compete now. Yes, am I making it my [__]? Of course I am; it's nothing new with me, but ladies and gentlemen, as you continue to play, you want to win the games.

You can't get all these kills and play hardpoint and lose the game because if people don't get on the point while your streaks are going, or if you get on the point and always have to end up killing everybody, or if you die and no one else is helping you, you will lose the game. I'm sorry; I don't care how good you are.

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1 V6, 1 V5, 1 V4 Whatever the case may be, I don't care how good you are at killing; if you don't have people to help you at some point, you're not going to win the game with dominance. With all that stuff going on, you need your boys. You need your guys to help you out within your team. But within Call of Duty: Major Leagues 3, within the games recently Within the past couple of years, you have continued to see the steady, smoothness.

Within this Call of Duty matchmaking system, they're like, All right, you're the best player by far. On this Lobby, whatever the hell you want to say, you're going to be paired up with the worst dudes on your team—the five worst dudes on your team. Sometimes you might get a decent guy, but decent is still 30 to 40 kills below you, and everyone else on the other team is around the same.

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Let's say this: for example, I'll have 90 kills on Shipman, the rest of the people around me will have 60 or 50, and then below, but everybody else on the enemy team is around 60, 50, and 50. The top four dudes on their team are always around the same exact kill mark; now is that a big deal? It's very hard to make the matchmaking system perfect because of the way they do skill-based matchmaking.

It's difficult to make it perfect. I get it, man. I'm not stupid. I'm not dumb; I'm not lost. I'm here i'm ready to go, but man Ladies and gentlemen, it is a simple fact that this continues to be a problem, and yet again, ladies and gentlemen, am I a guy that wants to have no skill-based matchmaking?

Matchmaking with SBMM continues to be a problem in Call of Duty and Activision can still not fix it. If you are the best player in the lobby, expect bots on your team always. It is not fair.
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