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Ladies and gentlemen It's Rick. Welcome to a brand new YouTube article. We are now in 4K resolution, and the article should actually look decent now that I have a brand new article editor. I hope it looks good for you guys. I think it's going to be great, but before we get into the article, if you guys haven't subscribed, what are you doing?

You guys know it's free, and you can see me every single day. I see this beautiful face almost every single day. I promise you, I will continue to push out the content. Let's continue to make this community grow. Let's get it. But what I want to talk about today is that I talked about this in the past a little bit in a article, but the solo experience within Call of Duty continues to be a problem.

The matchmaking process within this game is a huge issue. I am a solo player, and I admit it, man, I'm getting I'm getting old. I'm 23 years old. I continue to get older. I'm not getting any younger. All my friends are getting girlfriends, wives are getting wives, and kids, man, it's insane. We are getting old, and not many people are doing this YouTube thing.

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Not many people that I know are even doing the YouTube thing, so I have a reason to play this game. I'm trying to make a community. I'm trying to grow, but as I get older, I start to realize I'm starting to play by myself quite a bit, and you can't make any friends within this game. The matchmaking process, the way they disband lobbies—you're not making any friends over the Internet anymore, so all I can really do is either play with my viewers or play by myself, and I play by myself quite a bit, and it's kind of a struggle.

I'm not going to lie; you see the issue as I play this game. I am having a [__] problem, always having to carry my team. Now the gameplay you're watching today is an absolute [__] show. I make these dudes my absolute, [__]] first game of the day, literally today, and they are getting [__]] dropped like there's no tomorrow.

I'm having a blast, and my movement's insane. The frames per second are [__]. Flying off the board, they can't compete with me, and I feel pretty good. Miss I mean, I want to do really well, but usually. If I have a competitive game, which this one was not, I'm admitting it, but if I have a competitive game, I am always on top of the leaderboard.


Let's say I have 70 kills and the next guy is around 40. And everyone on the other team, everyone on the opposing team of Rick, everybody that's facing me is around the same exact kills, but on my team, it's me. And everyone else, I'm not saying that in an arrogant way. I'm not saying that in a bragging way; I know I got my [__] games.

I rage quit all the time, but all I'm trying to say is this: As long as you play as a solo player and you guys continue to play by yourselves, the game will be permanent. [__]] you up, the game will put you in a game that's either already started or the second you spawn in, you're getting [__]] railed by a vetor or Raad by a [__]] Chopper gun, or whatever the case may be, or they put you in a brand new game with a bunch of [__]] timmies on your team and a bunch of sweats on the other.

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That's the way it [__] is; they don't give a damn. Activision, Has no clue or doesn't even care about solo players anymore; it's gone. You used to have a thing where you could play solo and make [__] friends and then party up with people you liked. If you played the game for hours, you would stay in the same lobby, you would have friends, you would have enemies, whatever the case may be, you would party up and have a good time, but nowadays you play solo; it's new Lobby here, new Lobby there, new Lobby here, new Lobby there, it doesn't matter, and then they just rail you like you're Lisa and getting [__]], plumber by an 8 in.

I'm not going to put that in there with what I just said, but you guys know what I'm talking about. It's an absolute [__] show, and it needs to be fixed. As a solo player. I want the game to be fun, and this match you're watching was fun, but I guarantee you that if I play another one, which I'm not going to.


I want to make a article, and that's that for the day, but if I were to play another one. I would be having to sweat my balls off the bucket that's already in the corner. I can show you right now if I want to; it's waiting for me to put it under my chair because the ball's going to be dripping. Now I'm telling you it's dripping.

You know, I'm not even going to go into any further, but you guys know what I'm talking about: it's insane. The type of [__]] that we have to continue to do within this game as a solo player as somebody that has to [__]] fly around just to make something happen is insane. I had a gameplay yesterday that I wanted to make for this article; unfortunately, the gameplay didn't save any [__] idea what happened.

Who the hell knows? It had the perfect scoreboard. It was the 12 vs. 12 mhit i know it's not the best game mode to talk about, but the point is still there. I had 90 kills. We lost the game, by the way; it was dominance. I had 90 kills; everyone else had 30 20 10 no [__]. lie all the 12 V12 the next guy was at 30 [__]] kills swear on my life everything hope to God [__]] strikes me down if I'm lying 90 30 20 and so on dog [__]] players on my team you want to know what the am team had 65.

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64 61.50 something 50 something 40 and then the [__]]. That's what it was, so how the hell am I supposed to win a game? Activision I think you have a YouTube channel. How am I supposed to compete with the average team of the enemy? Their skill-based matchmaking worked; your algorithm worked for them; they're all around the same [__]] level, and then you got me and all the [__]] little timmies with no damn fingers, no damn thumbs.

They're playing with their elbows, trying to work with the damn controller, trying to get a [__] kill on my team. How is that supposed to work? I'm asking you a simple question: how in the hell am I going to win a game? How am I ever going to compete in a team-based game? as a as a trying to win the game an objective-based game, how am I supposed to do that with [__]] dudes that have no idea what they're doing, it's no I'm nothing, nothing going against those dudes.

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I know a lot of people don't play this game; it's 12 vs. 12, but the point is still there. Why is this happening? What's the issue? Why does it continue to be an issue? Why is it even a problem? Can we fix something so it's just hey? Think about this division. Let me get on board. We already talked about this the other day.

Let me get into the meeting one more time. How about we fix something? Let's figure something out about where the Ping is, that the connection is all that matters, and then if you get him, if you get Lobby, then just average it. One KD here, one KD here 2 KD here 2 KD here 3 KD here 3 KD here and so on—is it that difficult instead of potting?

Activision has officially KILLED the solo player experience in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. It is offically done, it is unplayable.
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