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Ladies and gentlemen It's Rick's welcome to a brand new YouTube article. I hope you guys are having a wonderful Monday. Man, we have finally gotten over the shadow band within the weekend, and our weekend was very busy, so it's very limited to how much we could play, but this is one of those game plays where I use the MCW because people said I couldn't use an AR or whatever, so of course I'm going to pull out the most overpowered AR and use it on the smallest map and play like a baby back [__]].

Now, before we get into the point of the article, before we get into why I said in the title Are you bad at Call of Duty, we're going to say one thing if you're not subscribed. Join Discord in the description below. We have a wonderful community down there, and let's continue to grow this thing. Come on, let's go now.

Ladies and gentlemen This game has been in my possession. I have been playing Call of Duty for 15 years. It has been a long, long journey since I've started playing Call of Duty, and man, it's been a blast. By using these guns all the freaking time, people get upset that I am sliding, jumping, and doing whatever it takes to win the gunfight within this game.

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Now, yes, I understand it could be very frustrating. I understand it could be frustrating to get [__] on it. I understand it could be frustrating to lose many gunfights because you're just not on that tier or that skill level yet. I understand it. I'm not saying this in an arrogant way. I'm not saying this in a cocky type of way.

I'm just saying this like this, ladies and gentlemen. You need to realize something. You might just be bad at Call of Duty. You might be bad at the game. Now it's okay. We have plenty of time to get you better. We have plenty of ways to make you better. I'm not talking to those who just play the game on average.

I'm not worried about you. I respect you. I love you. The dudes that love to say that bunny hopping dudes like me are a bunch of [__]] people that like to say that if I jump in a gunfight. I'm a [__]] bunny rabbit hopping [__]], those type of players that don't know me, those type of people that come to my comments, and they see my article and they see the way I play, and then they start talking [__]] without even knowing me.


That's the people. I have a problem with the type of people who always claim that just because somebody shits on them that they're a cheater, those people, ladies and gentlemen, are a true, toxic part of the Call of Duty community within the Call of Duty game; they are the true reason. Why is this game going downhill?

not people like me, not people like me I, who have been playing this game for 15 years, have been loyal to it for a long time, yet somehow now I'm cheating because I'm just better at it than people. It makes no sense; we need to understand something. Everybody, take a deep breath. Understand that this game has a lot of movement to it.

Understand that this game has a lot of guns with very little recoil. Just because a gun within a kill cam is not moving a lot doesn't mean somebody's cheating. I don't think you guys understand that there are a lot of broken attachments. I don't think you guys understand the MCW, the Ram 9, the hoger, or the [__] SVA.

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The HRM has a lot of these guns. I have very little recoil, and I'm sorry if you use a gun for a long time. The recoil of the gun: if the gun pulls up to the right, you're going to pull down to the left as you're shooting. It's not hard to learn the game. I'm sorry if somehow you're having a problem recoiling this game with the ARs and SMGs.

I don't know what to tell you; they're all broken. Every single AR and every single SMG are good in this game. Every single one of them. I don't care what anybody says. Don't listen to these top content creators. There's no such thing as a meta. You need to listen to me. Listen to Rick, and let me tell you something: Every single SMG and every single AR within this game are very, very good.

If you are having trouble with the guns, if you are having trouble with the damage on each gun, you need to go look up some articles, get some class setups, and now don't make the mistake like everybody else and go to these top content creators and see what they're using. They're playing against bots.


Go watch somebody that actually plays against Real players have real skill-based matchmaking lobbies, and then you'll understand what guns and what attachments are best for you, but I can't believe we still have this type of community within Call of Duty. I cannot believe that we have people bitching and complaining about people jumping, using the movement to their advantage, and bitching and complaining about somebody's gun not moving.

Ladies and gentlemen If you watch the CDL, Optic, and FaZe, they were in the championship yesterday. I was watching it all streamed. I was watching the Optic Price stream. They use a lot of movements; they're jumping, they're sliding, they're bunny HPP in, they're diving whatever you want to call whatever you want to call it, they're cheating.

Are they baby back [__]? Just because their guns aren't moving when they're on land when they're playing next to one another, are they now cheating? Wake up, watch something, and understand how easy this game is actually to play now. If I ever play a rank game, I get absolutely demolished once I get to a certain level because I don't play rank like that.

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I don't play Call of Duty like I'm a pro. I don't do that. I go to pubs and I casually play and casually drop [__] great kill streaks on people; that's what I do; that's me, but man, that's basically this whole entire article. It's just really exposing those who are actually really bad at this game.

You're really bad at this game if you truly have a problem with the way I play. I understand, ladies and gentlemen. I'm going to go ahead and say this: A lot of people do have a problem with the way I play. I understand that, to a certain degree, it could be annoying to play against somebody like me all the time.

That's why they're skill-based matchmakers. How do you think I feel? I play against dudes like me all the damn time, all the damn time, because I don't reverse boost. I don't play like a baby, like these other top content creators. I'm just me, and I'm just saying. Hey, yeah. I get annoyed by it too, but I would rather play somebody who jumps slides, whatever the case may be, than somebody who throws smoke or somebody who throws gas grenades.

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If I play dudes like that use riot shields and shoot shotguns, whatever the case may be, yeah, I would rather play dudes like me 24/7; I would rather 100%. Who's really bad at the game—someone that can use a gun and actually use skill to use the movement to their advantage—or somebody that has to sit back or only push up when they have a shotgun?

This video is for those who love to talk st in my comments about the way I play. sorry you are just bad at Call of Duty.
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