News - Assault Rifle Tips & Tricks To Get To Crimson & Iridescent Warzone 2 Ranked Play


I've been fortunate enough this season to hit iridescent, and there are a few tips within AR. I've picked up a lot along the way that I'm hoping to share with you guys, so hopefully you guys can get to Crimson or Iridescent yourself. If you are an AR player, we're going to go through general tips and tricks that are going to cover all sorts of game modes, and then we're going to go through sort of game mode-specific tips, so hardpoint, then snd, and then finish up on control.

The gameplay we got in the background is a 29 and 5 gameplay, where I go absolutely huge on Invasion. It was a big map, and some of you use some of the techniques I'm about to go through in the game you're seeing, so kicking off with the general tips The first thing I want to say is take the gunfights you're most likely to win and play in the ranges.

As an AR, you shouldn't be running and rushing through buildings because you'll likely die if you come across a rival 9 or any other SMG. You're probably going to die. You want to give yourself the best advantage of winning a gunfight, and that's playing in those longer ranges now. I know that seems very obvious, but the number of people I see pushing.


You know, small buildings with an AR are probably not going to win that gunfight if you come across a sub. The second tip I do have is don't splash, sorry. Don't sprint too much because the sprint-out time is far slower on the AR than on the sub. If you have a feeling where people are going to be coming from, aim In the worst-case scenario, you're wrong.

You waste a few seconds, which is nothing but the best-case scenario. Let's say you're right, you've pre-aimed in the right area, you'll get a kill, and, you know, you can move on if you've watched my spawn guys. If you watched my setup, guys, you'll know the best places you want to be pre-aiming, so you're going to be getting the read.

It's going to be very easy to kill people when you're pre-aiming them, so just take your time to pre-aim a little bit more than you naturally would and then move up the map as you get kills. This leads into my third one, which is to obtain and keep map control. It is the AR's duty to get the map controlled first, as I know it's a team effort, but the AR opens the map so much that you need to.


That's something you have to have in your head as an AR player. You want to open up the map and keep map control. With an AR, you can see a long line of sites that SMG players won't be able to get to, and it's important to keep those lines of sight in your control so the enemy can't push them yourself, so open them up and hold the line of sites, allowing your subs to get aggro.

And the next thing, which is probably the most important thing for things in game modes like hardpoint and control specifically, is that you need to know the spawns so that you can block, rotate, and break objectives. Read the mini-map. Bring up the tack map, see where your teammates are, make calls, and communicate.

An SMG player, a really fast-placed SMG player, or even a fast-place AR player might struggle to do this because they're so involved in the gameplay and the gunfights that they don't have time to do it, which is why typically the slowest AR on the team takes up that in-game leader role, because they have the time, as I say, to read the map, check who's dead, watch The Kill and play, and communicate like that.


Now we're going to be going into Hardo specific tips here and the first one I do have is that you need to play for spawns earlier and rotate to block the enemies at new so as well as anchoring the spawns for your team you'll also be trying to keep the enemy off the hill now obviously it's a team effort and you know some hills you can do this with a sub but generally speaking, someone using an AR is going to do it far more effectively than someone using a sub if we take an example here on, , subbase, this the hill is P4 here, someone out of the back there player where you can see all the arrows coming from they're going to be blocking the back spawns the back spawns sorry as well as looking down all the long liner sides in order for them to be killed and enemy's got to kill them at long range obviously a submachine Gunner back there is going to do less of an effective job, which is why it's more of the Ari role; similar thing with Skido P5.

assault rifle

When you're rotating first, even if you're not getting on the hill initially, you don't have to. As a player, it's your job to open up the map, kill the initial enemies that push you with an AR using those long lines of sight to your advantage, and then allow your teammates to get on the hill behind you.

That's really what you need to be doing. That's sort of a couple of examples of how you can do what I've just mentioned. Now, if the hill specifically needs or specifically benefits from having an AR in it and allowing the subs to push up, then it's the AR's responsibility to sit on the hill, similar to the previous point.


not all Hills are going to be SMG specific not all rotation is going to be just for the AR role it's a team effort you need to know which holes which Hills sorry work best with an AR in it and those which work best with an SMG in it so there's two examples of this obviously there's plenty more but the first example I have is P2 Rio, again we on the red team here you can see this players sat on P2 and watching the long line of SES from here they can only die from long line of sights so they've got you know that's why it's best to have an AR player and from this position they can really allow the subs to push up quite aggressively, towards sort of P4 and to towards box to that sort of area, on the flip side of that going back to skro P5.

It's really great to have an AR on the hill here; realistically, a rival 9 player or an SMG player is going to be pretty useless on the hill unless they've got really good AR players off, but an AR player on P5 skro is going to be able to support the team outwards of the hill as well as be able to, you know, stay in the hill and get the hill time.

Every single enemy push is going to come from a long line of sights towards P5 skro, and that's basically That's the basis, and that's the logic behind that point. The final thing I want to say about the point is that you need to cut the map. What I mean by that is that you want to hold a line of sight between the spawn and the objective and cut them off before they can even reach the hill.


Take the gunfights to them and sit between their spawn and the objective in a long line of sight. I want to prioritize, I want to highlight that, but in a long line of sight, and take the gunfight before they've even been naed to get the hill. The worst thing you can do is sit on the hill and wait for the gunfight.

If you're looking to improve your gameplay with an AR, then this video is for you.
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