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All right now. I appreciate everybody that stops by the article today if you're into zombie content or anything Call of Duty. We just hit 177, 000 subscribers. I cannot thank everybody enough for all the insane support we're going to be getting into everything about this absolutely insane sniper, but really quick.

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I remember trying this sniper out quite a while back, and I don't remember it being this damn good now. Granted, we did bring in a legendary ether tool to slap on this thing, but we only had it at pack-a-punch, and it dealt with those hpts in the second tier zone really well. We finally got this thing up to p 3, and I came out here to the red tier zone, and I was testing it out on this Mega Abomination, and this guy was honestly just ignoring me.

He didn't want to look at me, but when I did have the opportunity to shoot one of those heads off, it did really fast, and I was like. Wait a minute, this is almost damn near instant, like if we can get lucky and actually get him to fully open up his mouth, you know, no Diddy, but this just might be the fastest way to kill Mega Binations.


Right up there next to the one I showed you guys yesterday, now we're over here at our second mega-abomination. And this guy did exactly what I wanted him to giving us absolutely, clear open shots into those mouths of his we were able to delete this guy in 10 seconds and I actually ended up missing one of those shots too if I would have hit all of those man this would have been fast from my experience what you guys are going to see here it usually does take at least four shots but I think if you're able to get lucky enough you could pop off all three heads in three shots, yeah this thing is that crazy just like with the load out that I showed you guys yesterday we ended up doing the same thing we got the incendiary, bullets on here and then plus we also got the Napal burst those are definitely helping out here but the power behind this sniper is just crazy, there is a few cons to this weapon and I will tell you guys and that is just the fact that it is a sniper maybe unless you guys put those explosive bolts on with maybe like the dead wire detonators or something give you a little bit more crowd control.

These things really stink for just killing hordes of zombies, especially if it's the only weapon that you plan on bringing in. It's not really ideal for going into places like the red tier zone or into the dark ether and dealing with all those zombies that are going to be in there just because. It can, but you're going to be struggling just a little bit with those single shots.


Also, yet again, it is a sniper, so it is just naturally slower. It is heavy now, but if you do replace the optic with a more close-range optic, you will be able to make use of Deadshot and Daquiri. But fortunately, with a sniper scope, you're going to end up losing that a bit, so I think the fact that overall you will be just a little bit slower when you're rocking a sniper rifle and then, on top of that, definitely be smart to pair this thing up with something else to make it more viable for you to use out in like those higher tier zones is a tiny bit of a knock against it, but at the same time, there's not very many weapons in this game that are doing what this sniper's doing right now.


Who knows it just might be worth it for you guys to rock. I mean, especially if you guys want to take out some of these bosses from far away, this might just be the weapon for you, and it is cool to actually see this gun. finally Shine for a little while. This was actually one of my favorite weapons to rock pack in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, and it's always been absolutely just dog water in the war zone; the gun just stinks.

To actually see it get some love over here in Modern Warfare zombies, and just the fact that it's able to almost instantly delete these Mega Abominations, like the other bosses and stuff, is really cool to see, so I don't know if you guys have seen this. I'm probably going to end up talking about this in the next article, but we're getting the car 98 back with the next season, which is going to be really cool.

I can't wait to rock that thing, man. I miss sniping people out of the sky on rebirth, but honestly, more excitingly for zombies, ad miners have leaked out that there is going to be these so-called unstable Rifts that are going to be coming in season 4, and these are supposedly supposed to be like round-based areas kind of similar to the void objectives that we had in Vanguard.


I think it would be really cool if they actually made it so that we went through one of these portals and they ended up taking us over to like those Vortex maps that they worked on—you know, those reworked multiplayer maps—and they gave them like a horror theme to them. They'll transport us to those and then just give us absolute straight-up round-based I think that would be really cool.


All they would have to do is just give us, like, the necessities. Put them in there like give us the Pack-a-Punch, machine and a perk machine bringing in your ether tools would be on you or hell you can even come in here and just be completely stacked right off the bat I think that would actually give the round based zombies formula a nice little twist to it like not only if you could actually do it like the traditional, way you could go in there with absolutely nothing and just start from Ground Zero you could go into the portal and start your round base match with absolutely, everything you got your pack three Crystal you got your legendary ether tool maybe you got golden armor plates and you know you actually want to go for some like really high rounds so you go in with all of that stuff I think that would be really cool; it would just add another really nice layer of replayability.

I mean, I know everybody's not really too excited that this is coming to zombies, but I mean, I'm a fan of War Zone and I'm a big fan of zombies, so I would be really curious to try it out. There seems to be some pretty big confusion, like everybody seems to think that if we get PVP, it's going to be in the maid mode, but it's not; it's going to be completely.

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