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You almost can't say Modern Warfare 3 zombies without mentioning the tombstone glitch and duplication. I would submit that probably over 50% of Modern Warfare 3 zombie players use the tombstone to duplicate items, share schematics, etc. Listen up; one average Dan is in here. The main reason that I use a tombstone to duplicate items is this: right here, you're relatively weak when you start out; this is a gray, not pack-a-punched weapon, and these are some of the better weapons in the game, and you're struggling, but if you have a tombstone, you do, and suddenly life is simple; it saves me 30 minutes every single round that I don't have to grind up through Pack-a-Punch one, two, three over and over and over again, so if I want to go run tier four, dark ether, for example.

I need to get to Pack-A-Punch 3, so if I have a flawless ethereum crystal, I can do that instantly. Or I can spend about 20 to 30 minutes in order to get 30, 000 Essence so I get Pack-a-Punch one, two, and three, or I can just click one button because I put it in my stash and bring it in or because it's in my Tombstone and bring it in so I can get right to the things that I want to get to now my total game of wanting to play took me.

40 minutes, or even 30 minutes total. Instead of having the power to do the same thing that I wanted to do, let me remind you that this is not a skill issue; this is a time issue and a fun issue. I can play the hard modes; I can go in on naked runs like I do on this article up here; we can do that, but that's not what we're talking about.

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Speaking of pack-a-punch, the other very important thing is weapon rarity. If you have a gold ether tool or legendary ether tool, it gives you four times the damage. Check out my article here. That's it one, I got two blue ether tools, and another, I got two blue ether tools, just getting absolute crap.

Loot, and so even if you go through the 30 minutes of grinding, out to get tier three Pack-a-Punch and either an epic or a legendary ether tool to get that Max weapon damage you're not even guaranteed to get; you might play a whole round and only get blue, so now you can just go take on the mega Abominations from the start; you don't have to worry about it.

blow their heads off. You know, normal things like that. Take this disciple here and convert him to my side. Hey, you're missing another head there, buddy. It's going to be okay. Sure, it doesn't look like you're going to be okay. We're going to blow his head off. Yeah, you like that, don't you?

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Now, if I were messing with this game, what I would do to adjust is that there would be a minimum reward system, so if you are in Tier 3, let's say if I do a Tier 3 contract, you are guaranteed that epic or better items will drop now; it's not guaranteed what items I understand having that randomization, as it does help the psychological addiction to keep playing a game because you never know what you're going to get, which is great.

But you got to change it so that the reward is actually worth the time invested, and right now it's just genuinely not that brings me to the next side of schematics and the crafting system. The fact that they put schematics in that you have to fill them successfully to unlock them All of that works phenomenally well and makes the game much more fun to play because there's something to grind for, and then when you grind for it, you unlock that legendary ether tool that makes floss ethereum crystal permanent.

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To be able to craft it on your own for yourself or for other people, which is a great system. I love it. The big issue with it is the cooldown time, so for any legendary item that you're doing, it is a minimum of 48 hours or two full days in a real lifetime to cool down, which is insane, and then for the Flawless ethereum Crystal, it's 3 days, which means if I'm playing Modern Warfare zombies with my buddies Friday night, in the first round, we're going to go beat the red worm and I craft a Flawless ethereum Crystal.

I have to wait until Monday evening. In order to craft that thing again, think of the insured weapon slots. If you've played DMZ, obviously you're playing zombies. If I successfully fill with Essence, kill zombies, complete contracts, etc., that one and a half-hour time to get my insured weapon slot back now gets reduced by an hour with the crafting.

They need to do the same thing when you craft, and you have a one-day, two-day, or three-day cool-down if you fill. And get a bunch of good stuff and a bunch of contracts. Maybe some missions are complete and get a bunch of essence, and then that crafting should go down from 3 days down to maybe 2 days.

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Come on, come on, there we go. Thanks for dying, buddy. All right, let's see what we get. Hey, refined ethereum diagram speed cola. This is a good loaf; this is how it should be every time. The last reason that I use a tombstone is, I think, for many people, why we all use the tombstone. Is the stash and an xfill, survival-style shooter like this, you know, similar to Escape from Tarov DMZ?

In all those kinds of games, you have to have a stash, so the great items that you get in the game, you need to be able to bring them back in when you want, so that way there's a reward for looting. If I get great items, okay. I'm going to save those for later for another mission or for my buddies, or next time I come in to do this and that, now there's no sort of flea market like Tarov has where you can buy stuff externally, and I'm not saying that they should bring that in, although it's probably not a terrible idea, but right now the entire stash limit, for the whole game, is 1 0 10.

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Think about this on a large rucksack like I have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, Nine. I have nine items on my list right now, so let's look at that from two different perspectives. That means if I have a fully loaded stash of 10, I fill up my rucksack to bring all the best items in know for a dark ether ElderSigil tier five round, then I now have one item left in my stash.

On the flip side of that, let's say I play a lot, so I have 10 legendary, amazing items in my stash. I go to the dark ether, and I get all these amazing cases all this amazing. Loot; I can't keep any of it. I either have to get rid of stuff or I'm forced to take it in the next round. My proposition is that the stash should be a minimum of 40 items, and probably more like 50 or 60.

This allows you to get all the best items that you want to keep and to be encouraged again to use them, which should be the point of all. This is why you're missing your head. You probably wish you were dead. You're missing two heads now. What are you going to do? What are you going to do about it, buddy?

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