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While there were some bug fixes and map-specific spawn changes, which I'm excited to check out, that kind of takes some time to get a feel for, so I can't really cover that immediately. In today's article, one of the biggest things they did with this update was fix the aftermarket parts for the tier as well as the AM-9, so they're now actually usable.

In today's article, I decided to go with a deep dive on the Eton kit for the AR9. I will cover the Jack Behold ER kit just alongside the gun guide for the tier since I haven't finished that gun guide yet, whereas I have finished a gun guide for the AR9.

The ettin basics

The ettin basics

And I got to tell you guys up front that this kit is laughably bad, but let's dive into exactly why it's so bad. When you read the description for this kit, it mentions that it's two stacked barrels that fire simultaneously.

Which offers twice as much downrange damage but impacts accuracy; additionally, when we look at the advanced stats, it just breaks the Recoil control section, so you can't actually see what it's doing to the Recoil control there; and also, the rate of fire here displays weird because this is technically a burst, and burst guns don't display properly when it comes to rate of fire within the advanced stat, so you can pretty much ignore that.

I'll cover the actual rate of fire values in just a second, but it's also worth noting that this absolutely destroys our hip fire and attack stance.

Damage, rate of fire, & ttk

Aside from that, everything else appears to be the same, at least according to these advanced stats , so let's dive into the actual values that I tested in the game, and it turns out the advanced stats are correct; the damage values don't change at all; they're exactly the same as the base am R9, so it's still going to be a 5- to 7-shot kill to the body, so let's move into our rate of fire, which, like I said, is actually technically a two-round burst instead of the barrels actually firing literally simultaneously, as in you pull the trigger and two shots come out literally on the same frame, that doesn't happen; all you've done is converted this into a two-round burst. And that same trend applies to all of the ranges we are going to be killing a little bit slower.



And speaking of ranges, let's have a look at it right here. Again, nothing changed with our range values here, so it still takes the same number of shots to kill within the same ranges, but we're now killing noticeably slower than if we were just using the regular AR9.


so far, it's really not looking too good for this kit, and I know the description said that it harmed our recoil, but as I was looking at these values that I collected. I was thinking. Well, maybe the description is just wrong, and this actually significantly improves recoil, and that would maybe make up for the fact that we have a bit of a slower time to kill.

So just a little recap here: This is what the Bas AR9 looks like with no attachments, no conversion kit, or anything, and it's actually quite an accurate SMG. This is actually one of the only really good upsides to the AR9. Compared to the other SMGs in the game, it's quite accurate. Now let's have a look at the recoil with this Eton kit on, and as we can see, that is absolutely horrible recoil.

It climbs so much faster, and on top of this. I was quite surprised to find there's often a lot of recoil within each little burst itself, so you would think those two bullets that are firing quote unquote simultaneously, even though we know that that's not simultaneously. You would think that at least those would be grouped really tightly together, and then you just have gaps between the bursts. And that's not the case; you can see that even with individual bursts, you can get a massive jump from one shot to the next, which makes this wildly inaccurate compared to the base version of the gun.

My thoughts on the ettin

My thoughts on the ettin

And as a result if you really like taking a mediocre gun and making it worse in several really important areas without improving it in any way you're really going to like this Eton kit because that's exactly what this kit will do for you, now honestly after looking at all of this I think this attachment must be bugged and not working as intended there's no way that someone designed this to work in this manner, and thought yeah that's good people are going to enjoy this kit because there is literally zero upside to useing this kit like not a single stat is improved when using this, and yet several very important stats are very noticeably harmed while using this kit now my best guess is this was intended to be working very differently.

modern warfare 3

I'm assuming that with that little two-round burst with this kit, I doubt it was intended to be firing at the same rate of fire as if you just fired the gun full auto. Instead. I think that little two-round burst is meant to be firing noticeably faster than the standard rate of fire of the gun, but for some reason that bugged out and it's not working as intended because, in that case.

I could actually see some interesting trade-offs with a kit like that if those two bullets came out significantly faster than the full auto fire rate of the gun. Not only would they be grouped a little bit tighter together with the recoil pattern, which would make it a lot more viable, but they could still have high recoil between each of those bursts.

That would also make for a much more viable time to kill potential, and perhaps even a slightly better time to kill potential than the base version of the AR9. With the big trade-offs being the fact that you have a burst delay so it might be a little unforgiving in certain situations, you have higher recoil and you have worse hitfire spread combined all that together, and I think that would at least make for a balanced and interesting kit that wouldn't necessarily be like amazing or overpowered; it would just offer a different way to use the amr9 that some people might actually enjoy, instead we gain no rate of fire or time to Gil benefit whatsoever, we significantly harm our recoil and we also hurt our hipfire spread, so that's a kit and my thoughts on it If you guys want to check this kit out for yourself just to see how terrible it is. I did create a class setup, and honestly, this is about as good as you can get with this kit, unfortunately.

"best" setup with the ettin

"best" setup with the ettin

I'm not saying this is a good class setup by any means, but here's the class setup I've got for you guys, and with this, we're just trying to cut down on recoil as much as possible. I should also mention we're locked out of the muzzle and barrel section, so you can't even use this suppressed, and you can't use the muzzles that significantly help with recoil; those are locked out completely, so all we've got here is the Brewi heavy support under barrel grip, which is going to give us the best overall recoil control possible with an under barrel grip.

Today we got a small patch in Modern Warfare III and as a part of it, the JAK Beholder Kit for the TYR and The Ettin Kit for the AMR9 can now be properly unlocked and used. In this video, I dive deep into the stats for The ETTIN Kit.
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