News - The New Best "battle Rifle" Warzone 2. Jak Jawbreaker Kit Breakdown

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However, with this kit, it's not actually a shotgun; it's much more like a battle rifle, so it's a full-on conversion kit, and let's just dive right into the stats of this.

Damage, rate of fire, & ttk

Damage, rate of fire, & ttk

Keeping in mind that throughout the article, we will primarily be looking at it through the lens of a battle rifle rather than a shotgun since it just doesn't make sense to compare this to a shotgun, but when it comes to our damage values, you can see we're dealing 97 damage per shot; we deal 97 damage to the head up close, which is pretty insane.

But the most important thing that I wanted to point out here is that this is going to be a three-shot kill anywhere to the body at any range, so even to the foot at 100 m, it's a three-shot kill, so this is an extremely consistent gun, and not only that, head shots are really powerful with this within the first two damage ranges, which we'll look at in a little bit.

Mixing just one head shot in with a shot anywhere else on the body will yield a two-shot kill, which is insane. Now, when it comes to our rate of fire, this is quite slow and therefore fairly unforgiving at 428 rounds per minute, and what this means is our three-shot time to kill potential, assuming we're not missing any shots.

This is 280 milliseconds, which is a highly competitive time to kill in this game, and if we manage to mix a head shot in there, we're now looking at 140 milliseconds to kill, which is really, really good as well. However, I do want to circle back. I said this is quite an unforgiving gun due to the rate of fire, and what I mean by this is that if you miss a shot, and now it takes you four shots to kill, your time to kill will skyrocket, pretty quickly up to 421 milliseconds, so definitely more of a high-risk, high-reward sort of gun. If you're missing shots like crazy, you're going to have a really bad time with it, but if you can hit those shots consistently, you'll be able to dominate a lot of situations.

Range & velocity

Range & velocity

As for the next thing I want to look at this is our range values which like I said they're really not that relevant especially with body shots since it is a three shot kill anywhere to the body at any range but I mainly wanted to point out within those first two damage ranges out to 40 m that's where you just need to mix one head shot in with a shot anywhere else in the body for a two-shot kill, so that's pretty crazy to see just how far that stretches out and I just wanted to show what this looks like compared to the battle rifles in this game cuz like I said this is effectively like a battle rifle and as we can see we get a really consistent and effective time to kill compared to most of these at all ranges, the only thing that really beats this out is the S SOA subverter in its maximum damage range so from 0 to 25 met and outside of that this gun just dominates the battle rifles .

Aim assist is different!

Now while we're on the topic of ranges. I do want to talk about our first little quirk with this, and that is the fact that we get shotgun-level aim assist, which means our aim assist range is hard-capped at 50 m. You get zero aim assist. Beyond 50 m with this, whereas for all of the regular guns in this game, that cap is something like 200 m; it's something insane like that, so that is a very notable downside. When you are using this gun, you'll notice that beyond 50 m, you've got nothing when it comes to aim assist.

Hardcore ranges

Hardcore ranges

Then let's have a quick look at hardcore ranges. Basically, I just wanted to let you guys know this will always be a one-shot kill anywhere in the body at any range in hardcore. And I almost forgot to mention here that our bullet velocity is excellent; it's pretty standard for battle rifles at 790 m/s.


Now let's move into one of the big downsides of using this kit, and that is our hip fire. This has horrible hip fire; it's actually worse than most of the sniper rifles in this game. This is a huge downside to this gun, even in really close-quarter situations. Hitfire is a total guessing game with this gun, and it's so bad that it's not even worth trying to put attachments on to improve it because it's going to be terrible no matter what you do.


Additionally, something I would consider to be a downside to this gun is our recoil. This thing does bounce around quite a bit on you. At least it doesn't deviate too far off center, so it doesn't have a ton of horizontal recoil; it has a fair amount of vertical. And mainly, the things you want to focus on with this are going to be gun kicks and firing aim stability.

That's the biggest problem here; it does bounce side to side a lot, so you want to try your best to keep that under control.

Ads spread?

On top of that, another shotgun-related quirk that comes with this kit is that we actually have a little bit of aim down sight spread, so the bullet that you're firing doesn't necessarily go exactly on your point of aim.

However. I do want to mention that it's not like it's a crazy amount of spread; more often than not, you won't even notice this; it's just that for really extremely long-range gunfights, you may notice yourself missing some shots that you could have sworn were directly on target. As we can see here at 40 m, there's really not that much spread.



As for our handling stats, our aim-down sight time is 240 milliseconds, which would be excellent for a battle rifle. It's a similar story with our sprint-to-fire time; it's very good for a battle rifle and much more along the lines of what you'd expect with an assault rifle.

However, our reload ad time is quite slow at 2.02 seconds, so that is something you'll have to plan out accordingly. Also, I haven't mentioned yet that we are stuck with a 20-round magazine on this, so there's no ability to use extended mags or anything; you'll just always have 20 rounds in the mag now.


Finally, for the base stats with this kit, let's have a look at our mobility stats. Unfortunately, across the board, it would be below average for a Modern Warfare 3 battle rifle in this game, so it's not going to be the most mobile gun out there; it's not really super well suited to rushing around like a madman, and that is just something to be aware of while using this kit.

modern warfare 3

So there we go. Those are all of the important stats and little quirks as well that came with this kit, and overall, I really do like the addition of this kit. It's got a ton of potential, and you can definitely dominate with this gun, but you have to be very aware of its downsides as well, and you have to build it right.

This week in Modern Warfare III we saw the introduction of the Jak Jawbreaker Kit for the KV Broadside which effectively turns this Shotgun into a Battle Rifle! Today, I wanted to break this kit down in great detail and share my best setup with it.
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