News - Huge Haymaker Kit Nerf, Striker Buff, Much More. Warzone 2 April 16th Patch Details

Mtz-556 buff

Mtz-556 buff

So let's just dive right into it, and we're going to start off with the MTZ 556. Surprisingly, this got a little bit of a buff to its bullet velocity before this update; it was 650 m/s; now it's 690 m/s. While this isn't a massive buff to the MTZ, honestly, I'm a little surprised by it. I still think this is one of the best guns in the game currently, and it really flies under the radar.

I'm surprised we don't see more people using it, and now it's going to be just a little bit better after this update.

Holger 556 "buff"

After sticking with the assault rifle category, the Hogar 556 apparently saw a slight buff to its recoil; the patch notes mentioned they adjusted recoil and gun kick to decrease deviation.

Allowing a more predictable pattern, in saying that when we look at prepatch versus post patch, post patch looks very noticeably worse than pre patch, this definitely appears to be a NERF rather than a buff to The Recoil for the Hoger 556. And trust me. I didn't mix these up or anything; I actually went back and double-checked and triple-checked to make sure that I didn't actually mess up my files, and the pre-patch is actually the post-patch; this is actually what happened before and after the update, so the Hoger 556 is going to be very noticeably worse in the Recoil Department after this patch.

M16 buff (recap of hidden change)

M16 buff (recap of hidden change)

As for the next one on this list, this was just a recap of a hidden update that took place that I've already covered for MC 16. This is something I made a article about a couple days ago, but just as a really quick recap, they very noticeably improved horizontal and vertical recoil, gun kick, and visual recoil on the M16.

And like I said in that article, this actually makes the M16, at least in my opinion, the best burst assault rifle in the entire game, so the M16 is definitely worth checking out after this update, and if you guys haven't leveled it up yet. I would highly recommend doing so since we are expecting an aftermarket part for it at some point throughout season 3.

If you're interested, I'll just quickly show the build that I put together as well for the M16. I'm not going to read everything out and go through all the details since that's not the purpose of this article, but if you want, you can screenshot this.

Ram-9 nerf

Try this buildout; I think you'll be pretty impressed with it, and that's going to wrap it up for the assault rifles.

Now let's get into the SMG changes. The first thing that was changed is the ram 9, and the patch notes mention a decrease to minimum and maximum hipfire accuracy. Looking at the stats, the spread values haven't changed at all, so I don't know exactly what they mean by accuracy. In this case, since the spread itself hasn't changed, I don't have any way to really properly confirm whether or not this change took place. I guess we're just going to have to take their word for it, but the spread values are the same, and then on top of this, they shortened our aim-down sight time a little bit; it went from 200 milliseconds pre-patch to 220 milliseconds post-patch.

Striker 9 slide nerf

Striker 9 slide nerf

After that, with the striker 9, before this update, it had a unique ability in the SMG category: you could aim down sight while sliding without having to use the tactical pads.

Unfortunately, with this update, they removed that special ability with the striker 9, and you will go into T stand while you're sliding and trying to aim down sight, just like most of the other SMGs unless you're using tactical pads, and the reason I say most is the brand new FJX. Horus also had this ability, and it still does after this update, so it's now the only SMG in the game where you can aim down sight while sliding without having to use tack pads.

Striker (.45) buffs

Let's move on to striker 45. And this one actually saw a couple Buffs first off; its aim down sight time was buffed from 215 milliseconds down to 204 milliseconds; that's pretty slight, but it is an improvement, and then our bullet velocity was also slightly buffed from 540 m/s up to 570 m/s.

Wsp swarm flinch nerf

And then finally, for SMG changes, we've got the WSP Swarm; this one actually saw a Nerf to its Flinch resistance. Pre-patch, our Flinch resistance was 8 Newtons, which was very, very good. Post-patch, it's now 0.15 Newtons, which is now much more in line with the other SMGs in the game. This was a standout before this update, and while this is definitely a Nerf to the WSP Swarm.

I don't think this is the type of thing that's going to have a really severe impact on the effectiveness of this gun when you look at most of the other SMGs that have this same Flinch value. Flinch is rarely a big issue that's causing you to lose gunfights with those guns, and I don't see that story being any different here with the new Flinch values on the WSP Swarm.

Haymaker jak maglift kit nerf

Haymaker jak maglift kit nerf

Next up, let's get into the shotgun category, and the Haymaker, with the Jack mag lift kit, saw some Nerfs to its pellet count, its near medium damage, and its near medium damage range.

And the easiest way to display this for you guys is to just look at the range values and the consistency with those ranges, and you can see this was actually a very significant Nerf to the Jack Magift kit's two-shot kill potential when aimed down site while using a choke, assuming we're not using any attachments that boost our damage range.

This is just 6.4 M, whereas previously it was 12 M, so it's going to be a lot more rare to get those really quick two taps, and not only that, our really consistent two-shot kill range is something you don't even really need to focus on. Landing a lot of pellets, you can mainly just hip-fire; previously, this was 6 m; now it's about 2 m or so, so you have to be a lot more precise with this or just a lot more span you with it and go for that three shot kill.

Mors sight alignment fix?

Next up, let's get into the sniper rifle category, and with the new Moors sniper rifle, they just mentioned they corrected an optic misalignment. Causing shots to travel slightly off center and I'm not too sure if this is tied to a specific optic or the default one since I didn't mention so I did do tests with the default optic at 40 m, and both pre patch and post patch if anything it seems like it's shooting, very slightly to the right of where I was aiming but not really enough that it should make any noticeable difference in a 6 V6 environments at least and like I said this was pre patch and post patch so honestly with how vague the description was in the patch notes for this perhaps I'm just testing this wrong maybe it was with a specific optic or something but in either case I was unable to find any difference in your site alignment.

Today in Modern Warfare III, we got a surprise update that included a handful of weapon balancing, some equipment changes, and a pretty big change to Ranked Play.
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