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This is something I haven't done in quite some time. Many new guns have been added, and there's also been plenty of weapon balancing since the last time I made a article like this. Before we start getting into the list, I just want to point out a few things. First off, it was very difficult to narrow this down to just 10 guns, honestly.

I could easily make it into the top 20. These are the guns that I'm enjoying the most at the moment. And it's totally fine if you disagree with any of these. If you don't find your favorite gun or what you consider to be the best gun in the game right now on this list, it doesn't mean it's a bad gun; in fact, I may also love that gun.



I just had to weed a bunch out in order to narrow this down to 10, and with that out of the way, let's get into the first gun on my list here, which is the Rival 9. This gun has always been solid throughout the entire life cycle of this game it has caught a few Nerfs here or there over time so I'd say it's not quite as good as it used to be that's one of the reasons I have it pretty far back on my list here but in saying that it's still an excellent gun and this is the current build that I've been enjoying using, so with this we're using that ECS required a suppressor since we get some additional benefits outside of just being a suppressor and the only downside, is a laser that isn't actually visible despite what the menu says, on top of that we have the Rival C clear shot Barrel the 40 round mag the Rival Vice rear grip and the MTZ Marauder stock and with this you can see we've got a pretty accurate gun on our hand it will zigzag on us a little bit but we've improved that nicely, our aim down sight speed is still great at 196.

Milliseconds, the same thing with our Sprint out time, which was very solid at 12–23 milliseconds. We're also boosting our ranges and our bullet velocity with this setup, and it's a stealth build, so we will be off the radar when firing.


Then let's get into the next one on my list, which is the SVA 545.



That's okay especially after the buff since we still get a very impressive range and time to kill profile with this setup and this is one I just wanted to make sure I was sharing in this article largely because I don't see it used very much and I do consider it to be one of the better guns in the game currently, as long as you're fairly consistent with hitting those first two shots when you pull the trigger after that we're going to move on to a gun that I included on this list mainly for variety's sake I will be honest I don't use this one quite as much as many of the others on the list but out of the battle rifle category I do consider the SOA subverter to be the best battle rifle in the game currently, after the BBY Nerfs, and I actually did make a slight adjustment to my stealth build on this and I wanted to share that in today's article so with this we're using the shadow strike suppressor combined with the Dozer 90 long barrel we have the SL skeletal vertical under Barrel the 30 round mag and then finally the st88.

Precision stock, and with this one my previous stealth build had a much better aim down sight speed but the recoil was much more difficult to control so I decided to slow things down a little bit with this one so our aim down sight speed is 308 milliseconds which is quite slow, and you will have to compensate by slowing down your gameplay a bit our Sprint out time is improved slightly from the base but still not great at 258, milliseconds, we do get a 10% range boost with that Barrel as well as a boost to our bullet velocity, and this gun is just incredibly consistent at killing very fast as long as you keep yourself within that maximum damage range so if you're somebody that doesn't like rushing around too crazy and you like playing a little bit more methodically. You should be able to find a ton of success with this particular build.



Now let's get back into the SMG category, and I had to include the brand new SMG that came with season 3. This is the FJ X Horus. In my opinion, this SMG is awesome if you can get a handle on the recoil. The recoil definitely holds it back, but once you get a good feel for it, I just find it to be such a good gun at close to mid-range.

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And this is my current favorite build to use with this gun so with this we have the ECS requir suppressor, the Martis heavy barrel the ftac sp10 angled grip the Lopper lxd stock and then finally the lull 9M grip and with this one it does get the recoil under control fairly nicely although there's always going to be a decent amount of recoil with this that you have to compensate for our aim down sight speed is really solid at 194 milliseconds our Sprint out time is incredibly fast at just 93 milliseconds, we got a solid aim walking speed with this as well and we're off the radar when firing with this so it's just an excellent stealth build for getting around the map and just as a general all-around SMG setup , as for the next gun I've got on my list let's get into my favorite sniper build in the game currently and this is my Moors all-around build now this is the exact same build that I shared on my gun guide just recently for the Moors but I figured I might as well show it to you guys anyway here so we've got the downfall light Barrel the hppp antimaterial.


Ammo guarantees a one-shot kill anywhere in the body at any range. We have the Icarus light stock, the quick bolt, as well as the CNTr 6 rear grip, and if you combine this with the mag holster or the Gunner vest, we actually get a rate of fire of 64 rounds per minute, which is pretty fast for a one-shot kill anywhere in the body.

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Our aim-down sight speed is also very solid at 475. Milliseconds, our sprint out time is not really relevant, but we have improved it nicely with this, and our Flinch resistance is also cut down nicely, so this makes it a nice Balan build where we don't have to worry about Flinch nearly as much, and while we are hurting our bullet velocity, it's just 751.

Since the last time I shared my top 10 favorite setups in Modern Warfare III, many new guns have been added and many changes have taken place so today, it's time for an update! Keep in mind, these are just my top 10 and there are plenty of other guns that I also love that didn't quite make the list.
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