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Today we're going to be covering all of the weapon balancing that took place with the season 3 update, and without further ado, let's just dive right into it since we have a lot to cover today.

Mwii weapon vfx changes

Mwii weapon vfx changes

The first thing I wanted to point out is that they mentioned they decreased the obstructive and visual effects while firing Modern Warfare 2 weapons to align with Modern Warfare 3 standards.

And let's take a look at this side by side using the M4 pre patch versus post patch, and if you pay really close attention as you're firing on the left-hand side of the pre patch, we can see a lot more smoke when you're firing your gun, and that smoke actually seems to get in between you and your gun, whereas post patch there's barely any muzzle smoke here at all.

And I believe that was the primary thing they changed with this, and if we look at a screenshot here, the moment a shot is fired before and after, you can definitely see it's a lot hazier on the left side compared to the right side where things are much more clear, so definitely a nice noticeable change here that applied to all of the Modern Warfare 2 Guns as far as.

Idle sway adjustment

As far as I can tell, next up across the board, they removed the variance of aim down sight idle sway to allow for a predictable sway pattern, and when we look at it pre-patched here, you can see it follows kind of a general figure-aish pattern, but there's a fair amount of variance within that and some randomness programmed in, whereas post-patched we still see that same general pattern, but now there's no variance mixed in there; it's always going to follow that same predictable path over and over again, and for me. I think that's great, eliminating the randomness from that equation.

Ram-7 nerf

Ram-7 nerf

Now let's dive into the specific weapons, and we'll start off with the assault rifle category. The first thing that changed here is the ram 7. What they've done here is they've just decreased the neck damage multiplier; previously, it was equal to our headshot damage multiplier, whereas now it's equal to our torso and arm damage, and this will just mean that it'll be slightly less frequent that you'll get a four-shot kill by mixing a neck shot in because now you have to hit a head shot rather than a neck shot to get that four-shot kill ; then after that, with the hoger 556, they've increased our leg damage multipliers.

Mcw nerf

modern warfare 3

Prepatch we actually dealt the same amount of damage anywhere in the body and then we had a separate headshot multiplier, post patch we now just deal less damage to the legs and therefore it's going to be a little bit less forgiving there you want to make sure you're hitting torso and arms which is still pretty easy to do but leg shots will be punishing now, then the MCW saw a huge Nerf they actually eliminated its headshot damage multiplier and we now deal the same amount of damage to the head as we do to the upper torso and arms, and previously one of the big upsides with the MCW is it was one of the few guns where you only needed one head shot mixed in with those upper torso shots to reduce the number of shots to kill and that's obviously no longer the case since we don't even deal any extra damage to the head so this was actually a pretty massive Nerf to the MCW, overall.

However, a big thing I want to point out here is that this Nerf did not apply to the Jack Raven kit. We have the same damage multipliers with that kit as we had with the pre-patch, and as a result, we can still reduce the number of shots to kill by just mixing one head shot in there with the Raven kit, so the Raven kit is the clear choice in public matches now.

I would never even consider using the default MCW. I'm always going with that Raven kit, and honestly, I think they took this Nerf too far with the MCW. I would have been fine if they reworked the damage profile to make it so you needed multiple head shots mixed in with body shots to reduce the number of shots a kill, but making it so you don't deal any bonus damage at all to the head was a bit too much in my eyes.

Dg-56 nerf

Dg-56 nerf

In either case, the last assault rifle change here was to the.

Dg5617, mill seconds to 199, milliseconds, and while this isn't a massive Nerf by any means, it is a little bit puzzling; I didn't really see it, dg5617.

Bas-b nerfs

Milliseconds up to 290 milliseconds so that's a noticeable Nerf to that and our Sprint out time was very slightly nerfed however that is a lot less noticeable than the aim down sight Nerf then after that we saw some very big Nerfs to the bass B the first thing they did here is they cut our rate of fire from 667, rounds per minute down to 600 rounds per minute which means our new time to kill potential up close is 300 milliseconds, which isn't really a standout anymore it's not a bad time to kill but it used to have a standout time to kill and that's just no longer the case but that's not all they did with the bassb they also decreased our recoil Center speed by 6%, and when we look at the recoil pre- patch versus post patch it doesn't really look much worse post patch and the reason behind this is we also have a reduced fire rate and the slower your rate of fire the more time you have to reenter between shots and I believe that's why they decrease The Recoil Center speed is more so just to balance out the recoil, so it wouldn't change too drastically.

With that rate of fire adjustment.

Season 3 of Modern Warfare III cam with a bunch of weapon and attachment changes and today, I wanted to share all of the details with before after comparisons whenever possible.
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