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Much of this is just going to be a recap since with the season 3 blog they went over a bunch of the things that we're going to be seeing in season 3 Reloaded, but there's definitely some new information mixed in here as.

2 6v6 maps

2 6v6 maps

Well, let's dive right into it with the two new multiplayer maps that we're going to be getting; both of these are for 6v6.

The first one is Grime which is a brand new mediumsized 6v6, map and we can see the overhead view of this we have seen this overhead view although some of these images are new and with this one it is set in London one of those Lanes has a swimming path as well so there's going to be at least a little bit of swimming on this map although it looks like you can avoid swimming entirely if you wish and at least so far based on what I'm seeing here I quite like the look of this layout whereas the next map is a repurposed, map it's actually a chunk of rebirth Island and this one's called checkpoint and this one is described as a mediumsized map and we got a few more images of it here as well as once again that overhead view and just like I said at the beginning of season 3 when we saw this overhead I am a little bit skeptical about how this one is going to play since they're repurposing, a chunk of rebirth.

And it's pretty clear that this chunk wasn't really designed to be made for multiplayer from the ground up, and instead, it looks like they're just going to make this area work for multiplayer. I'm sure they added some points of cover and changed a few things to make it work, so we'll definitely have to wait and see. I will keep an open mind when it comes to this one, but my initial impression just looking at the overhead head is not great when it comes to checkpoints, and I'm definitely looking forward to Grime much more than this one.

Arcade playlist

Arcade playlist

Next up, something that I don't believe they talked about with the launch of season 3 is the arcade playlist that's coming with season 3 Reloaded.

And this one sounds pretty interesting; it supports a variety of maps and modes. But the unique part of this is that it features powerups and special weapon pickups, so when it comes to the powerups, when you kill enemy players, they will drop a powerup where they fall, and it will grant you one of two abilities that are temporary.

By the way, I don't know if it's a time-based thing or if it just means it goes away when you die, but these abilities are unlimited ammo or unlimited grenades. On top of that, there will also be weapon pickups scattered throughout the environment, and from the sounds of it, these are kind of super weapons, so we've got the punch knife with a dramatically increased lunge distance.

That sounds a little frustrating to deal with, but hey, if it's a pickup that they have to actively get toward. I think that's perfectly fair and balanced for a mode like this, and then on top of that, there's also going to be the sniper rifle and Riveter shotgun, loaded with explosive projectile rounds, and also a minigun that provides a constant battle rage effect for improved health regeneration.

Resistance to tactical equipment and constant refresh on your tactical sprint So this is a playlist I'm actually looking forward to checking out quite a bit. It seems like it'd be a fun change of pace. somewhat reminiscent of the old school playlist back in the day with Call of Duty, although not exactly the same thing you're still sort of playing for those powerups and pickups.

New game modes

New game modes

Around the map next, let's get into the two game modes we're expecting for season 3. Reloaded, first we've got minefield.

And with this one, when you kill an enemy operator, they will drop a proximity mine, and this mine can't be picked up, and it's deadly to the Fallen Operators team, so the more you kill enemy players, the more mines are going to be dropped on the ground that they have to deal with, and these mines won't affect you at all; you'll only be affected by the minds that your teammates drop when they die.

And I'll be honest, I'm not really looking forward to this one a whole lot personally; it just sounds like a bunch of chaos to me. I'll definitely check it out, and maybe I'll be proven wrong on that, but I'm much more excited for the second game mod that we're expecting for season 3, and this one is escort.

Now with escort, we're playing on the regular multiplayer maps, and the attacking team has to escort a mo through an environment, and you have to hack three points across the map, so it seems like those are going to be checkpoints. As you move forward, and it's pretty straightforward, kind of like the Safeguard playlist back in the day, you have one team attacking and trying to escort that maw, and then you have the defending team trying to stop them from escorting that maw from point A to point B, and this is going to be a round-base mode, so each team will have a chance at attacking and defending.

And I just really missed this style of mode from back in the day. I really enjoyed Safeguard, for instance. I found that to be a really fun and enjoyable mode, so I'm definitely looking forward to this escort mode.

Vortex returns

Vortex returns

On top of this, they are bringing back the Vortex playlist for season 3 Reloaded, so it's just that playlist where we're playing on alternate versions of various maps in the game. There are no new maps that are being added to this Vortex playlist, though they're the same ones that we've been dealing with in the past.

New field upgrade & tactical equipment

After that, we've got a new field upgrade coming, and this is enhanced vision goggles, and we actually got this screenshot from the season 3 blog that shows us what this is going to be looking like when you activate it, but with this, they mention you get improved target acquisition while this is active.

However, it does have a limited battery, so you have to charge it up like any other field upgrade. You can use it, but only for a short period of time, and I'm really curious to see how impactful this is actually going to be. Will it allow us to see enemies through walls at all, or does it just slightly highlight them and make them a little easier to pick out than if you weren't using these?

Sincerely, I don't really have that much of an issue with Target acquisition in this game, so I don't see myself ever using this, but I guess time will tell on that one. Next, there's also a new tactical coming: the EMD mine. So just like the EMD grenade where you throw it and then it attaches a tracker to enemy players that are within the radius when that goes off, and then that shows them on the mini map, but they can remove that tracker at any time, this is the same thing but instead of a throwable piece of equipment, this is a placeable piece of equipment, so it triggers when they walk past it, and as much as I generally don't like placeable equipment, this one seems totally fine, and I don't think I'm going to have any issue with it whatsoever.

Season 3 Reloaded for Modern Warfare III is coming next week and today, we got a blog post with all of the details on what to expect for the remainder of Season 3.
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