News - The M16 Is Now The Best Burst Assault Rifle Warzone 2. Hidden Buff & Best Setup

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It seems like the recoil is a lot easier to control, and at least part of that would make sense because in the season 3 update they mentioned they reduced visual recoil for many of the Modern Warfare 2 guns.

Did the m16 actually get buffed?

Did the m16 actually get buffed?

In saying that, though some people were saying. I swear it's not just visual recoil; this actually has less recoil now after season 3, despite the fact that in the patch notes there was no mention of a buff to the M16, so I decided to put this to the test, and it turns out those people were right.

The M16 did get a hidden recoil buff, and it's not just for visual recoil. As we can see here, we have significantly less recoil with the M16 now in season 3, and this suddenly makes this gun a whole lot more viable. Before this update. I really didn't even consider using this just because the other burst guns were more accurate and better all around, but now that this is much more accurate.

I decided to break this down in a bit more detail, and I wanted to share a great setup for you guys as well, since I do consider the M16 to now be one of the better burst guns in this entire game.

Damage & multipliers

So, diving in a little deeper, let's have a look at our damage profile. With the M16, we deal the same amount of damage anywhere in the body, which means you don't have to worry about hitting the right multiplier or anything in order to get the best time to kill possible; you just need to hit your target.

And it's going to be a four- to six-shot kill depending on our ranges, as for the head shot in that maximum damage range. If we mix two head shots in with a body shot, we can get a three-shot kill, which means a one-burst kill for a really crazy time to kill potential that we'll look at in a little bit.

Although I do want to be clear, it is pretty difficult to be hitting two out of three shots to the head while landing all three shots at least somewhere on the body, just due to how recoil works, and when you factor movement in as well, it does make it quite difficult. I just wanted to point out that the potential is there for one burst.

Rate of fire & time to kill

Rate of fire & time to kill

Next, let's have a look at our rate of fire. This is 811 rounds per minute within each of the bursts, and then we have a burst delay of 80 milliseconds. And what this means is that with a four-shot kill, we're killing in 300 to 2 milliseconds, which is a little better than average for assault rifles, and you'll see in a little bit that this is noticeably better than the Modern Warfare 3 Burst assault rifles.

Also, like I said, if you manage to get that one burst kill by landing at least two of your three bullets to the head, we can get a time to kill potential of 148 milliseconds, which is insanely fast, but again, just a reminder that's not going to be an easy thing to do, and generally speaking. I'm not going to bother trying for that.

I'd much rather aim for consistency with those body shots.

Ranges vs other burst ars

modern warfare 3

As for our ranges, our maximum damage range, where we have a solid time to kill potential, extends out to 29/2. M, which, compared to the DG 56, is a really big improvement to our four-shot kill potential; however, it doesn't quite match up to the fr556.

But, then again, when we look at the time to kill potential, it's noticeably faster within this four-shot kill range. Now, I also decided to throw the Hoger 556 Jack signal burst just to be thorough when it comes to assault rifles that can use a burst function. However, with that one, it is different than the others because it is a burst assault rifle, and therefore we can get a really good time to kill potential with a burst kill.

However, it can also be pretty tricky to get a one-burst kill with that Jack signal burst, so that might be a little deceiving there. It's generally not going to actually kill in 240 milliseconds, but it's got the potential for that. Another thing that's worth pointing out as a bit of a downside with the M16 is the longer ranges.

We do drop off to a six-shot kill, which none of these other burst rifles will do, and therefore, if you are trying to challenge, like in extreme long-range gunfights, you are going to be better off with the DG5617. In saying that, though, for 6v6, it's very easy to keep yourself within about 30 m more often than not, and in those ranges, this is where I would say the M16 is now the best out of these options.

My best m16 setup!

My best m16 setup!

Now that's about as deep as we're going to get with the M16. And with this particular setup you can see that we've really nicely taken care of that side to side bounce and any sort of horizontal recoil it kicks very nicely fairly straight up with just a tiny bit of side to side bounce within 30 m this should be very manageable, super accurate and easy to control our aimd down sight speed is basically the same as the base it's only 2 milliseconds slower, our Sprint out times very nicely improved here we do get a 15% boost to our range due to that high grain ammunition and also our bullet velocity is boosted nicely, and overall I played around with a bunch of different combinations and this is the one that I just felt was best all around to get a nice balance of all of your stats and if you do want to try out the M16 after this hidden buff that took place definitely give this setup a shot I think you'll be pretty impressed with it if you like first guns , now at the end of the day is this going to be like a top tier metag gun probably not.

Wrap up

Wrap up

I would definitely still rather go with one of the many full-auto guns in the game that are going to be killing very consistently. A like rating is always appreciated, and don't forget to subscribe for more. If you haven't already, I'll talk to you guys next

Since the launch of Season 3 of Modern Warfare III, many people have been claiming that they feel the M16 was buffed and feels much better but the patch notes didn't mention any specific changes to the M16 so today, I wanted to test it out to see if it was actually changed and then I wanted to share my current best M16 build to use in MWIII.
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