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I've done individual breakdowns and articles for assault rifles and SMGs, and now it's time to just cover everything else all in one article. The reason I'm doing this instead of going through every single category is that for many of these categories, there's really only going to be like one or two Modern Warfare 2 weapons that I consider to be viable and somewhat competitive with their Modern Warfare 3 counterparts.

In today's article, I pulled out eight more Modern Warfare 2 guns that I consider to be quite good, and like I said, they can compete fairly well with the Modern Warfare 3 guns. Now, just to be clear, I'm not necessarily saying these guns are better than the Modern Warfare 3 guns; it's just that they can hold their own just fine against the Modern Warfare 3 ones.

Best mwii battle rifle

Best mwii battle rifle

Without further ado, let's dive right into the battle rifle category, and in my opinion, the best Modern Warfare 2 battle rifle by far is the Cronin Squall.

And let's first take a quick look at our ranges and time to kill comparison with Modern Warfare 3 Battle rifles. Keeping in mind that this is in full auto, which is why I would recommend using the Cronin Squall, and as we can see, we have a very highly competitive time to kill here compared to the other battle rifles at 267.

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Milliseconds, and the nice thing is that range extends out fairly far as well, out to about 325. M, so this actually kills faster than the MTZ 762 as well as a Sidewinder, and it's even slightly better than the Bass B, which is one of the best guns in the entire game still, so clearly the Cronin Squall is not a bad option at least when it comes to raw power, so let's share my preferred class setup using the Cronin Squall, and with this one I'm using the l4r flash hider, the SL skeletal vertical under Barrel, the Jack glassless optic, the sack ZX grip, and then finally the 30 round magazine.

And with this particular setup you can see it is quite accurate especially for those initial shots that you fire it kicks basically just straight upward, before starting to Veer off to the left more often than not you should have your kill before it starts veering to the left though when it comes to our aim down sight time this is a bit on the slower side at 313, milliseconds so I wouldn't use this as like a hyper aggressive option but it can be great if you're taking your time a little bit more like you should be with many of the battle rifles our Sprint out time is also excellent with this at 134, milliseconds that's very fast for a battle rifle in this game and there's really not much else to say about this we didn't change our bullet velocity or our range values at all with this setup and it just makes for a nice solid option again if you're going to be playing things just a little bit on the slower side and not rushing too aggressively. So that's the one big standout Modern Warfare 2 battle rifle that I actually quite like using in this game.

Best mwii marksman rifle

Best mwii marksman rifle

Next, let's dive into the Marksman rifle category, and the big standout here is the TAC M. Once again, let's have a look at a range and time to kill comparison, and as we can see here, we have an excellent time to kill potential at 260 milliseconds, which is the same as the KVD enforcer for a two-shot kill, and it's got incredible range values as well as the vast majority of your gunfights in 6v6.

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Will be well within that two-shot kill potential for the tacam, and to top this off within that maximum damage range the tacam is a one- shot kill to the head just like the KVD and enforcer so there's actually a lot of potential here whether you're going for body shots or head shots you can definitely compete effectively with the tacam so let's get into my favorite attachment combination with this gun we've got the 15.5 in Theta x13 Barrel, the t51r ability to break the SL skeletal vertical underbarrel, the Jack glassless optic and then finally the FSS combat grip and with this we can see there's not a whole lot of recoil with this there is some recoil but it's within a fairly tight grouping So within the effective ranges of this gun that should be total fine our aim down sight speed is actually very nicely improved at 258, milliseconds so you can actually be fairly aggressive with this especially cuz our Sprint out time is also improved at 200 milliseconds.

And while we are hurting our range and bullet velocity values, these are still going to be just fine for the vast majority of 6v6, maps, and situations that you'll find yourself in. If I were playing something like Ground War, for instance, I would probably swap out that barrel for something else, so I'm not hurting these values at all, but for 6v6.

I really like dropping that aim down sight speed as much as possible, and that's why I went with that barrel, and with this particular setup, you can aim for the head if you want that quick one-shot kill, or if you just want consistency, aim for the body, and you'll get a consistent two-shot kill as well. I would say if you haven't tried this gun out yet in Modern Warfare 3, give it a shot; I think you'll actually be pretty impressed with it.

Best mwii sniper rifles

Best mwii sniper rifles

After that, let's get into the sniper rifle category, and we've actually got two standout sniper rifles from Modern Warfare 2. The first one is the McPr 300.

And let's just Dive Right into my class setup which will also show the one shot kill potential and ranges on it with this set up I like using the 17 1/2 in Orca Barrel the Coro LZ 44 V3 laser the FSS Merk stock the Cronin cheetah grip and the Cronin smooth bolt, with this one we can see from 0 to 53 M it's going to have a very solid One-Shot kill potential anywhere in the Torso as well as anywhere from the elbow and up so you really shouldn't run into too many hit markers while using this as long as you're staying within that range our rate of fire with this is improved nicely at 42 rounds per minute still a bit on the slow side it's not like Longbow level or anything but it's decent, our aim down sight speed is very reasonable for a sniper rifle in this game at 507 milliseconds.

Now that we've covered the best MWII AR and SMG setups to use in Modern Warfare III, it's time to dive into the other weapon categories and today, I wanted to share 8 more MW2 setups that perform really well in MWIII.
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